Hank Still the King

I don’t care that Barry has more homeruns, Hank is still the king. I hope the Braves leave that wonderful “755” up at the Ted.

This is a sad day for baseball (and Georgia).


  1. rightbeforeleft says:

    hank is truly a giant, he taped an amazing message to barry that could not have been more respectful and classy. I doubt Barry would ever do the same

  2. Demonbeck says:

    I understand Canada is pushing to have Ben Johnson’s record and Olympic gold medal reinstated.

  3. David says:

    Can some of you who follow the steroids issue help me? Is Bonds accused or suspected of taking injectable steroids or just the Andro type powder supplement that was legal, although frowned upon, when Mark McGuire was doing it too? Thanks.

  4. rugby_fan says:

    He is suspected of using “the juice” because in one year, all of a sudden, his power just surged at an age when it should have been declining.

    In fact, his performance was far superior to that of any other stars who had power and were at the height of their careers.

    Never failed a drug test (of course tests were implemented after his power surge) and I don’t think ever took one. Worth noting that once drug tests were put in place his power slumped and he sat out more games.

    This is one of those cases where you just have to say hmm.

  5. drjay says:

    also if the writers of a book about bonds are to be believed, bonds in (leaked?) grand jury testimony apparently conceded that he may have unknowingly used a steroid ointment given to him by a trainer thinking it was something else. of course i think this is all irrelevant–this period in baseball will be known as the “steroid era” as many, if not more, pitchers have been busted as position players since testing did begin–its dificult to compare eras any way, cheating, of various kinds, has often been given a nod and a wink throughout baseball history (think gaylord perry and a nail file) the league itself likely “juiced” the baseballs during the 90’s after the 94 strike so damaged the game–i could go on but i know i’m in the minority on this so i’ll spare everyone the rest of my opinion on things like how many homers josh gibson might have hit had he been allowed to play in the majors, etc…

  6. jsm says:

    I can’t imagine the Braves would ever get rid of the 755 Club or any of the markers inside the stadium. Even if there were no shadow on Bonds’ record, Hank still held it a for a long time, and he’s deeply rooted in Atlanta’s baseball tradition. He’s the kind of guy that Atlanta can always be proud to be associated with.

  7. buzzbrockway says:

    Terence Moore was on ESPN last night and said that every baseball player of this era, fairly or unfairly, will be tainted with steroids.

    Moore also said Bonds is the man with the record but Aaron is the man with the stature.

    For once I agree with Terence Moore.

  8. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    The bottom line is that Commissioner Selig and MLB, the Player’s union and team owners and coaches tacitly allowed the steroid problem to spread by doing nothing at all to prevent it. Anyone who doesn’t believe that McGwire, Sosa, Bonds, Giambi and dozens of others weren’t taking something, whether legal or illegal at the time, isn’t paying attention or just didn’t care. I’m no fan of Bonds, but cut the guy some slack, MLB allowed, so the record is legit. Shouldn’t Aaron be penalized because MLB decided to LOWER the mound in the late ’69 from 15″ to 10″ to improve hitting statistics and give hitters a better advantage against pitchers? Ruth, of course, was forced to bat against pitchers using the higher mound.

  9. drjay says:

    additionallly–while i love me some hank aaron as much as any braves fan–i have a framed aaron poster in my office next to my atl braves clock– he spent most of his final year back in milwaukee w/ the then AL brewers–playing a lot of dh for his final 20 or so homers…like i said i could go on about this for a while…

  10. gatormathis says:

    Whether baseball is played at all, my day will still go on. I just really don’t see any need or have desire to pay reverence to people who have no idea if I am even on the world or not.

    All that said, records are set, and from time to time are broken. Someone may break Bonds number, yet he also has the rest of his “playing” time to keep moving up the bar. Now that the “bar” has been raised, and the greatest part of the “pressure” has been removed, he may become settled and really knock runs out.

    As far as the 755 Club, that is Aaron’s mark. He was a Brave when he did it, so it will always be considered a “team” milestone, hence the Club is still revelant, and aptly named.

    Plus that sounds better than the Braves Beer Joint, or Knokahoma’s Knock One Off Bar and Grill.

    When you look at the number of players over the past hundred years that have hit over 700 runs, you can count them on two hands. Considering the number of players over that period, it takes persistance, pride, and preserverence to accomplish anything near this milestone.

    Like him or not, Bonds rose a lot of mornings and put forth the effort to reach this number, as did Ruth and Aaron.

    And all of our backseat “dugout” reasoning comes nowhere close to the effort these guys put forth to accomplish these milestones. However they did it.

    Mmmm……..kinda makes me wonder how many steroids I’d have to take to even hit one homerun.

  11. I Am Jacks Post says:

    “Bonds rose a lot of mornings and put forth the effort . . . ”

    Yeah, you know what makes it a lot easier to get up every morning and put for the effort?

    Steroids and HGH.

  12. Doug Deal says:

    It probably will not matter much in the long run. Alex Rodriguez is on a pace that could easily top him (he’s at 500 at 32). Assuming he plays till just 40, that’s only 30 a year, and he is hitting them in the 50’s right now.

    Also Ken Griffey Jr. is only 38, and is about to hit 600 (probably by the end of the year). If he stays healthy, and finishes back in Seattle (where he could DH if he had to) he could play to Bond’s age (43). That

  13. drjay says:

    bonds has just over 2900 hits and has stated that he would like 3000 which would likely require him to play at least another year unless he really finished this year on atear…

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