The Politics of a Smear

On Tuesday we have a runoff election here in Macon between Willette Hill-Chambliss and Miriam Paris. It’s been an interesting study in the art of a smear.

As regular readers know, Macon just approved a boondoggle of a hotel deal that has the potential to bankrupt the city. Ms. Hill-Chambliss, as the Chair of the Property Committee, pushed the deal through. She also took $1000 from the hotel developer.

Miriam Paris not only voted against the hotel, but she spoke out against it and refused to take money both from that hotel developer and the opposing hotel developer.

So, what’s happened?

Naturally the Hill-Chambliss campaign has been spreading, with gusto, the rumor that Miriam Paris was bribed by the competing hotel developer. Oh, and if you troll the comment boards at the Macon Telegraph, Miriam Paris is also accused of having an affair with the competing hotel developer.

It’s pitiful actually. The candidate who took the money and voted accordingly is trying to smear the candidate who refused to take any money.

That’s the way gutter politics works — attribute to your opponent all of your own sins.