1. Icarus says:


    This is the second post in a row where you’ve referred to someone as a “bubba”. Not everyone that lives outside the perimeter is a bubba. Some of us are Billy-Bobs, some are Larrys, and some are Darryls. We celebrate diversity out here too, believe it or not.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    Icarus, right you are as always. And you should see the Trailer Trash Queens (TTQs) who live ITP… not that I’d know any personally, of course.

  3. rightofcenter says:

    Not to stifle your creative instinct, but down in Mr. William’s district, they get their water from the acquifer. So they probably don’t give a rat’s patooey about the quality of Atlanta’s water. As long as the Altamaha is clean enough to fish.

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