This is not the news you want coming out two days before early voting starts.

Macon City Council candidate Gerald Harvey was arrested nearly eight years ago while living in Lake Mary, Fla., and charged with battery, attempted sexual battery and extortion, according to court records.

Harvey was acquitted of the attempted sexual battery and extortion charges in November 2000, Seminole County court officials said. In February 2001, he pleaded no contest – neither admitting guilt nor proclaiming innocence – to the misdemeanor battery charge. Harvey, 57, was sentenced to three months of unsupervised probation.

Apparently he was a substance abuse counsellor and one of those he counseled told the police Harvey offered to cover up a positive drug test in exchange for sex.

Harvey pointed out that some of the people he admires most – from the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to U.S. Rep. John Lewis to former South African President Nelson Mandela – have arrests in their past. He had no control over the woman’s decision to make the accusations, he said.


  1. Rick Day says:

    I see him as another victim of a failed policy.

    The obvious solution is to eliminate probation and drug testing within the courts, and regualte and tax drugs, instead of tempting ole cooters with young pot heads.


  2. liberator says:

    I overheard a Watkins supporter talking on a cell phone 3 weeks ago saying that dirt needed to be dug up on Harvey since it was reported Watkins had been arrested in Florida in the past. This is dirty tricks politics from the Ellis (Watkins) camp.

  3. Doug Deal says:

    I am so sick of this sort of bombshell politics, I think I would rather have the smeared politican in office than the politician doing the smearing. No wonder “good” people do not want to serve in office.

    If it was such a pressing issue, it should have been mentioned in June, not August. If we want to keep rewarding the piece of filth politicians of the world, elect Watkins.

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