From a Tipster on Vernon

Vernon is still up to his same old tricks. I just saw him at TWIST, a bar and restaurant at Phipps Plaza Atlanta, trying to pick up some girls at the bar. At exactly 7:50pm he left and walked across the hall of the mall to The Grape and started moving around the bar there until two young girls, one brunette and one blonde, accepted his advances and then my wife and I had to leave. It’s disgusting to see someone who wants to be a US Senator behave like this.

By the way, he still had his security detail with him in Fulton County, which the taxpayers of DeKalb County are paying for. The only difference was that one was wearing a Hawaian shirt like Vernon, so he looked like a buddy.

I see him out in Buckhead constantly in the same situation.


  1. Rusty says:

    I don’t like Vernon. I think he’s a terrible candidate and a sociopath. But what’s illegal or even extraordinary about a single guy trying to pick women up at a bar?

  2. Trackboy1 says:

    Is he practicing his efforts to reach out to female voters in the 18-35 bracket…or is he just incredibly horny?

  3. Rusty says:

    Oh, and your boy Fred Thompson admitted to the chasing women too. If this is behavior unbecoming someone running for Senate, that makes him no more fit than Vernon. Consistent standards please.

  4. Trackboy1 says:

    A single guy out in Buckhead on a Friday night looking to meet a young lady (or two)? More power to him.

    I guess the point here is why is his taxpayer funded DeKalb Police bodyguard patrol present when he’s out trolling for another menage a trois? If he wants to try to get some strange on a Friday night in Buckhead, that’s his right. I thought he’d be somewhere outside the metro area campaigning to be a United States Senator.

    A guy has needs. So be it. But don’t have taxpayers paying for a county police officer, most likely overtime if it’s a Friday night, while you’re out making moves.

  5. Rusty says:

    I agree it’s ridiculous that he even has a security detail, and it was even worse that it took a grand jury to bring any transparency to that expenditure. But, it’s in the open now, and if he’s going to have a 24-hour detail, it shouldn’t really matter what he’s doing while they’re on the job.

  6. Trackboy1 says:

    Point taken. I understand the need for a security detail for certain elected officials in official work situations, whether it’s Saxby, Shirley or Sam Olens. But for personal time off the clock, whether it’s out at a bar or at church on a Sunday morning, should police officers be on the clock on the tapayer dime, providing security in such circumstances?

    Shirley Franklin should have a police officer next to her for any of her official mayoral duties. But when’s she’s off the clock and home on a Sunday afternoon, should an Atlanta police officer be sitting in her driveway? Tough call.

    And when Vernon is officially out and about campaigning to be a U.S. Senator, should his campaign pay for security, or should DeKalb taxpayers foot the bill? Worthy of discussion.

  7. Rick Day says:

    Ahh, he’s just shagging for votes.

    With your wife? “Oh how dare he” you self-righetously huff?

    Mandingo make your blood boil, oh noticer of ‘hair colors’?

    or simply, hmm, a bit of male envy here?

  8. Icarus says:

    I have made, and will continue to make, snarky comments about Vernon’s personal escapades. Vernon’s dating habits, and resulting criminal allegations, will be a major source of conversation during his campaign, given the multiple sources of public records detailing his lifestlye.

    That said, the above “tip” is laughable. Why is it important that we know vernon switched restaurants at “exactly” 7:50 p.m.? The tipster is writing like he is trying to prove a legal case, but ends with “and then my wife and I had to leave. ”

    So, basically, this person witnessed Vernon talk to a few ladies, observed that he apparently received some form of interest (they accepted a drink? continued conversation past the first exchange?) And then the outraged poster left before anything happend.

    My guess, and mine only, is that the tipster is upset that Vernon had the gaul to hit on attractive white women, basing this on his descritive words of “two young girls, one brunette and one blonde”

  9. RuralDem says:


    Part of me wants to thank you for being one of the few people on here to realize Rural Dems still exist.

    However, the other part of me does not like what I believe you are insinuating 🙂

  10. gatormathis says:

    I said it once, I’ll say it again………

    Jones campaign now official
    July 21st, 2007 by Jason Pye

  11. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Black man with white women! Oh the horror. Love that not-so-subtle reference to 2 white women by referring to their hair color. Geez, this post is as sad as SpaceyG’s “Racist Bubba v. innocent Middle Eastern men” post.

  12. Romegaguy says:

    I bet the tipster’s wife went home and fantasized that she was with Vern and not her hubby. I mean she obviously dragged her hubby from Twist to Grape so that she could watch him and get more visuals to use later that evening.

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