An Open Invitation and perhaps a daily open thread…

If you are an elected Republican that is going to be in the Savannah area, the Savannah Area Young Republicans will put together an event for you with us.


  1. TPSoCal says:

    Well, since it’s an open thread, I would like to share. I just got back from a trip to Kansas City to see Erasure in concert. Since we were there, we decided to visit some libraries. First we went to Ike’s in Abeline, Kansas, then we went to Bob Dole’s (who knew?) at the University of Kansas. Both were good. Then we went to Truman’s library. What was amazing about it was how similar Bush’s presidency is to Truman’s. It was like being in the twilight zone.

    Truman got us involved in Korea to stop a threat to the U.S. The war went well at first, until the Chinese got involved, then it didn’t go so well. The war became unpopular and his approval rating went south. The libs hated him for getting us into a war, and the conservatives hated him for increased spending on domestic programs. Also, his support for Israel was criticized, including resgnations from his cabinet. The most similar aspect was a portion of the exhibit that covered Truman’s final year in office 1952. The museum titled 1952 as affluence and anxiety. It seems the economy was great, yet the population was uneasy due to the war. In fact, Ike ran on the platform that he would “end the war”.

    Anyway, just thought I would share.

  2. drjay says:

    btw–is moose gonna end up needing to make some sort of announcement of some sort after all???

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