1. Demonbeck says:

    Erick is too busy swirling in the Pacific to respond to your comments drjay, try the Lucid Idiocy link in the blog roll

  2. I don’t get it. I’ve been watching that post through bloglines, but I must be missing something.

    What are we suppose to do with that post he wrote before he went on vacation?

  3. I just noticed something about the banner on peach pundit. Didn’t there use to be more campaign signs up there, and not just Sonny’s?

    Probably not the place to post this, but this is where I was when I noticed it. 🙂

  4. Icarus says:


    parinoia is a normal reaction to the “special” cookies being served around here this week. Just get a bag of Cheetos, put on a Pink Floyd CD, and it will all be fine when you wake up in the morning.

  5. Icarus says:

    O.K., Seriously,

    For the love of God,

    (Both mine and GOPeach’s),

    How did I become Mr. Hand, and every other Poster become Spicoli?

  6. Who is Mr. hand and Spicoli?

    I’m also still trying to figure out what the unnamed tournament is all about, but I think I better give up trying to learn politics.

  7. Demonbeck says:

    “Who is Mr. hand and Spicoli?”

    I was going to defend you FTS, but it’s no longer possible to do so.

  8. LOL Demonbeck.. See how pitiful I am in politics? I’m trying to learn. I’ll tell you what… I’ll google the names and get educated, and you forgive me for being ignorant OK?

    I’ll go find out who they are.

  9. Well, alrighty then! Mr. Hand and Spicoli are not politicians. They are characters from a TV show I know nothing about.

    Great… now I stink at politics and TV. I should run for President!

  10. drjay says:

    in fairness to fts–i do believe an attempt was made at a fast times tv show in the mid 80’s w/ walston reprising his role as mr. hand–and some schmo playing spicoli

  11. Thank you drjay.

    Demonbeck, come on! You have to give me credit for attempting to learn.

    So, now in all fairness to me for going on and learning about Hand and Sicoli, even though I don’t understand what that had anything to do with the topic of my replies, I think icarus should explain what the phrase meant about carpet and drapes and having to do with my posts. Or for that matter, what Hand and Spicoli had to do with any of this.

    Am I missing something here?

    I’m lost.

  12. Mike-El, is that to me? I didn’t find the right Hand and Spicoli they were referring to?

    Ok, I quit. I’m taking my toys and going home. They aren’t my friends any more.

  13. Demonbeck says:

    Spicoli was a pothead slacker and Mr. Hand was an overzealous teacher who was hard on him. Icarus was merely stating that he felt like he was the teacher (Mr. Hand) who was trying to explain things to a dense audience (Mr. Spicoli, the slacker pothead who wasn’t very bright.)

    The carpet and drapes reference requires an explanation that could get a bit hairy. I’ll let someone else explain that to you privately.

  14. Icarus says:

    Clearly I am not allowed to spend mornings out of the office any more. Especially on mornings after I spent the previous evening moderating “Peach Pundit After Dark”.


    We’ve spent the last week celebrating stoner culture here at Peach Pundit, in honor of Paul Broun’s first vote in support of Medical Marijuana.

    The fact that you didn’t get most of the references should make your mother proud. The fact that you also didn’t get the other reference means you probably should get out more, even if it’s to do other things than drugs.

    The reference that you’re still missing, well, I’ll follow Demonbeck’s take on it and let you ask a trusted friend. I don’t need Erick playing heavy handed moderator when he’s trying to get ready for Britt Hume.

    That would be an excellent question for Erick to try and work into the program, however…

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