1. Common Sense says:

    A doctor giving a passionate explination why children shouldn’t recive healthacare. Wonder how much insurance money he’s recived?

  2. Bill Simon says:

    “Good congressman?”

    Surely Erick, after your awe-worshipping post a few months back praising Price as the “best”, you can come-up with a better accolade than plain ‘ole “good congressman.”

  3. kspencer says:

    In Rep Price’s passionate article, he wrote:

    An SCHIP expansion proposal in the House of Representatives would make children from families with an annual income of 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) – approximately $82,000 – eligible for government run health insurance. This means 71percent of all children in America could be placed in government-run, centralized medicine. This is an income level where, currently, 89 percent of children already have private health insurance. So why would anyone want to do this?

    I’ve emphasized the reason his argument weakens his position. Look at it again. If we use an income line of $82,000 per year, 71% of the children qualifying are uninsured.

    That’s an emotional argument which is difficult to counter with facts. And the facts are ugly enough. Approximately 3/4 of the US population makes below $82,000. And just under 3/4 of them do not have insurance for their children. And Rep Price is proposing that what we continue on the same path, talking about it all some more.

    Expanding SCHIP may be a bad idea. But the framing makes it a freight train rolling down the tracks. Rep Price’s needs to do a better job of which facts he lays in front of his constituents.

  4. GOPeach says:

    SCHIP is ” Hillary-Care”.

    SCHIP is AKA Peachcare in GA. In fact S-CHIP funds Peachcare.

    This is something to watch like a hawk!

  5. John Konop says:


    You are right! The problem is the intellectual dishonesty of lawmakers from both parties on this issue. The real truth is we do have a dysfunctional form of socialized medicine between programs like this and free healthcare via county hospitals like Grady. And the system will bankrupt and or people who do pay via taxes and health insurance will keep seeing the cost go up and quality go down.

    You cannot fix a problem with talking points from both sides and not being honest about the issue.
    That is why I support mandatory pay health insurance for people who can afford it. We cannot have a system of using tax payers and people who buy health insurance as an emergency back up plan for people who do not.

    We must open up the system to let employers and individual have a choice to buy the same plan lawmakers, vets and federal workers receive. This would pit private against public and let us see who wins.

    We must eliminate all exclusions which would force preventive medicine which is less expensive and better for the consumer. At the same time people must pay extra for life choice behavior to give an incentive to work on bad health choices and promote fitness.

    This is just a start.

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