Troubling Crime News

This ain’t good.

Georgia and five other states had the seventh highest number of drive-by shootings during the second half of last year, a study released Monday found.

There were 14 such reported incidents in the state during the six-month period, with five people killed and 12 others injured, putting Georgia on par with Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York and Tennessee.


  1. gorgonzola says:

    Ok.I think there is no alternative opinion than to jugde and hate “Drive-by shootings”…

    My question is: Can executions of obviously not guilt people…like in the case of Troy Anthony Davis….be the answer?!
    The answer to spreading and growing violence?
    What is a society worth to live in,when public murders were brought on death rows and institutions like police,lawcourt,jugdes can do how and what they want!
    The greatest enemy of a democrazy is not violence…it is IGNORANCE against (any kind) of violence!
    It would be very,very funny…but its so sad.

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