Towns County sheriff arrested.

Apparently, he tried to cover up for a deputy who allegedly shot up the house of his wife’s lover:

(Sheriff Rudy) Eller asked the GBI to investigate and subsequently (Chief Deputy Eddie) Osborn and Towns County Deputy Jesse Gibson were arrested.

But as the GBI was doing its investigation, Osborn tried to convince agents that he didn’t have the gun linked to the bullets that had been recovered.

Osborn reportedly said the sheriff had kept the .40-caliber semi-automatic for several months and Eller backed him up.

The sheriff eventually changed his story, admitting that he did not have the gun before the shooting and he agreed to help Eller “hide it.” Eller allegedly told the GBI he cleaned the gun and then used duct tape to hide it in a secret compartment in his bedroom dresser.

Eller told agents he knew who had shot at Dean’s house even before he called in the GBI.


  1. bowersville says:

    The .40 caliber, a standard law enforcement issue, more than likely belonged to Towns County, therefore, a fired round would have been on file at the GBI crime lab for ballistic comparison.

    Dumb move by Eller.

  2. Pinetop says:

    I am suprised no one on here has noted the current investigation by the FBI into Judge Brroks Blitch in Clinch County along with several Sheriff’s in that judicial circuit. The Georgia Times Union ran a huge story on it two weeks ago I think. I am a few counties away, but from folks I have talked with in Berrien County it seems that the Governor maybe making several appointmentss over the next month

  3. MountainThinker says:

    I live in the county next door, and the same folks that gave me a heads up on this several weeks ago are telling me there’s going to be lot more to come. The mountains may be stealing quite a few less-than-lovely headlines before year’s end…

  4. Wow…imagine how many innocent people they tried to railroad or is in prison because of the corruptness of the Towns County Sheriff Dept. If I were a betting person I would wager a good sum that if the idiot had not used his service weapon then they might have tried to throw the accusations on an innocent citizen. By using his service weapon you can connect the sheriff department directly with the drive by shooting and if they were in a patrol car it would not be a far stretch to say that the drive-by was performed on behalf of Towns County Sheriff Dept. There is no way the goofball deputy can claim self defense and one would infer that he went to the house with intent to kill. Why is the state not charging him with attempted murder when he went there clearly to assault/kill his wife’s lover. From what I hear when they start digging they will find a whole pile of things Mr. Osborne was involved in (gambling, drugs, theft, prostitution, arson, indecent relationship with minors for favors) I wonder if he will skate on the other charges. Isn’t it a law that if you commit a crime with a firearm it is automatically 10 yrs.?

  5. Now the good tax payers are going to have to shell out more money for the sheriff dept corruptness. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry that was convicted where Chief Deputy Osborne or Sheriff Rudy Eller provided the condemning testimony and evidence has a right to appeal (As they should).

  6. Just one more question/thought. If a person can be charged for the death of someone like the helicopter crash in AZ that occurred a couple of mths ago where the criminal was in a stolen car and the helicopters were following him and they collided killing all. Why are they not charging Osborne with the (questionable) suicide of deputy Jesse Gibson who drove the car for Osborne? If it wasn’t for Osborne the crime would not have been committed.

  7. I can almost guarantee that they aren’t the only crooked cops in Towns County…They should check out the female detective Williams…I know for fact she has skeletons in her closet (civil/criminal). I don’t think her husband knows though.

    How about the DA…I mean how could the deputies and sheriff get away with so much in Towns County? Doesn’t the DA kind of oversee the Sheriff? Who answers to who up here? Where’s the checks and balances?

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