The 50 most beautiful people in Georgia politics…

The Hill has released its annual list of the “50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill”, and by my count, the Peach State has only one person (George Tucker) on the list.

Anyhow, The Hill’s list got me thinking. Who are the 50 most beautiful people in Georgia politics?

If I had to make a quick top ten eleven list, here’s who would be on it (in no particular order):

State Sen. Judson Hill – that man has nice hair.
Jailene Hunter – spokesperson/press liaison for Lt. Governor Cagle
State Rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan
Nikema Williams – 13th Congressional District Chair, Democratic Party of Georgia
State Rep. J. Craig Gordon
State Rep. Nikki Randall
Sarah Larios – House Rules Committee Aide
Morgan McGrady – Assistant Clerk for Bill Maintenance
Brittany Anderson – House Administrative Assistant
State Rep. Austin Scott
State Sen. Preston Smith


  1. Donkey Kong says:

    Andre, somehow I overlooked that you mentioned George before posting my comment. It’s not my fault, though–Peachy has been sharing her peace pipe with me. I’ve managed thus far to avoid writing in strange poetic forms.

  2. drjay says:

    i have to go w/ the 2nd vice chair of the chatham county gop…she’s a blond haired blue eyed hottie

  3. guile says:

    There’s at least another tangential connection on The Hill’s list — the woman at No. 10 ain’t from Georgia, but she’s going to work for Rep. Phil Gingrey.

  4. shrike071 says:

    Here’s a second vote for Ms. Clelia Davis…. By far – in the top 3 most beautiful women under the gold dome.

    She seems kinda sweet, too… In that “I’m supposed to smile at you, Mr. Cameraman” kind of way…

  5. littlered says:

    let’s not forget Coan – he’s the cutest thing on the planet and is ACTUALLY a good guy – (hard to find at the cap!)

  6. meaculpa says:

    The Georgia Chamber has a “beautiful people” down at the Capitol: Lauren Wilkes. Very sweet and attractive.

  7. GeorgiaBoy says:

    I second the Sarah Larios nomination. I was an intern back during the 2002 sesssion and she was the best thing about having to go to Rep. Westmoreland’s or Rep. Ehrhart’s office hands down.

  8. confederate navajo says:

    Well I agree Clelia is a very strong choice….But how can ya’ll for get Sydne Moody! She is strong and being from Ware County only makes her hotter, she is just as comfortable at nascar as she is at a formal state dinner. You will often find her with her side kick stephers. Together they are a 15 on a 10 point scale

    And lets not forgert Cathy Holtzclaw, she is like a fine wine that only gets better with age.

    There is also Rebecca Grant. And Rebecca Greener she combines a that rare Washington DC sass with total southern charm.

    One the guys side I have often heard that former Perdue staffer Derrick Dickey was a little thicker version of Billy Ray Cyrus…and the ladys loved Billy Ray.

    We can’t forget to give Abbey G a shout out

    Another classic Capitol bueaty is Joy Forth. She mixes a fun classy look with southern charm and complete confidence. She can schedule a dinner with me anytime.

    With that said the former Mrs Laura Lanier would dominate this list hands down before she left the Capitol.

  9. confederate navajo says:

    for immediate release: July 31
    contact: top 50 under the gold dome, Navajo REZ c/o Henry County GA

    Natalie Strong…I should almost lose me guy card for leaving off this stunning southern flower. She is everyones favorite communications specialist and falcons cheerleader. She is a better looking much classier version of everyones favorite redhead…yep you guessed it Rehab Lindsey. But unlike Lindsey Natalie combines the classy adrey hepburn look with the cheerleader spunk of a palua abdul. All in all she is giving laura and Mrs Davis a run for their money.

    And before all you guys start a looking for Sydne and ask her to join you at Atlanta Motor Speedway I must warn you that she is already taken by one of the 50 hottest under the Gold Dome. Malcom Smith has had a strangle hold on Ware Counties hottest for some time now.

    I would also like to apologize to my favorite Gold Dome red head…For those of you that know Miranda you know she is easily a top 1oer on this list. She is not yet seasoned enought to be compared to a fine wine, but she is as sweet and chilled mint julep on a south GA porch with a cool summer brezze.

  10. Inside_Man says:

    Nobody has mentioned any lobbyists, to start I’d say Laura Jones, fmr. DCH Govt’ Affairs rep now works for Wellcare, is the best looking, followed by Ga. Assn. of Community Hospitals’ Julie Windom.

  11. confederate navajo says:

    And the final nomiee of the day is none other than the one and only Joyce White she can be seen holding up the Gold Dome one second and modeling the lastest greatest hollywood fashions around the capitol a minute later.

  12. Southerner says:

    Come on Loopy! Journalists?! Eeewww!

    The last good-looking one was Martha Woodham, and she ain’t journaling no more. What a looker!

  13. Andre Walker says:

    I ended up buying a bottle of Pinot Grigio which went well with the salmon that we had.

    Overall, I think the evening went respectably well despite the fact that it started thundering & lightning around 9:30 that evening.

  14. rightbeforeleft says:

    Confederate navajo has the list locked down I must say, but I will throw in a nod to Chris Perkins of Rep. Steve Davis’ office. He has the finest pony tail this side of Steven Segall, who he bears a striking resemblance to.

  15. Hotstetter says:

    I think Representative Penny Houston absolutely deserves a spot on that list- she’s not only extremely pretty but also has southern grace and charm.

  16. shelbinator says:

    Oh, well if chairs of Young ____s are included in this sweep, I have to nominate our own president of YDAtl, Emily Schunior. And for fairness and balance, my former classmate Abby Gibson, a speechwriter for Gov. Perdue.

  17. Old School Politics says:

    Jill Chambers, Lisa Thompson, Nancy Schaefer, Barbara Bunn, Nan Orrock, Kathy Ashe, Peg Blitch

  18. Jack Bauer says:

    Tommy a2b….Republicans have the better looking women HANDS DOWN. In fact, that’s how I can usually tell if she is Republican or Democrat. Anyhow, here are my nominations…

    Office Holders: Karen Handel and Angela Speir

    Current/Former CRs: Whitney Halterman, Joannah Hollis, and Jade Morey

  19. southgaj says:

    I have to second the nomination for Liz Erickson – you guys all know that girl is drop dead sexy. And, yes – even a Republican, as far as I know.

  20. GeorgiaValues says:

    Liz Erickson (photographer, worked for House)
    Tom Graves (House)
    Laura Loftis (where is she?)
    Clelia Davis (House)
    Lewis Massey (Lobbyist)
    Brittany Turner (Saxby)
    The new girl in House Communications (anyone?)
    Jamie Ayers (Karen Handel)
    Karen Handle’s two summer interns
    Calvin Hill’s wife (House)
    Dubose Porter & Curt Thompson (ok, just kidding)

    and naturally Ben Fry (GAGOP)

    I think the House has the lead!

  21. jsm says:

    “Oh, well if chairs of Young ____s are included in this sweep, I have to nominate our own president of YDAtl, Emily Schunior.”

    What? No pic on the website?

  22. PeggyP says:

    Let’s cut to the chase, how about Tommie Williams’ Chief of Staff, Josh Willis?? He is a tall drink ‘o water! There’s one for the Senate!

  23. Icarus says:

    Jason’s article made me think of this this morning, but how has this list grown this long without someone adding Bill Shipp?

  24. Mike-El says:

    Pictures! I’ve posted Google Internet Search pictures of 15 of the nominees mentioned here yesterday at my blog. Just click my name on this comment.

  25. Andre Walker says:

    I received some nominations from some associates down at the Capitol.

    Kallarin Richards – Communications Specialist (Senate Press Office)
    Lacey McLaughlin – Media Liason (Senate Press Office)
    Callie Michaels – Senate Budget Office

  26. BlogDawg says:

    Anyone who watches O’Reilly knows that Heather Hedrick from Perdue’s office is top-notch.

  27. Jack Bauer says:

    To add to the list of beautiful Republican women….

    Abbey Shockley, house communications
    Raech Wheeler, speakers office
    Sara Johnson, intern for House Education/Higher Education

  28. GOP Girl says:

    Casey Collier, Sav YRs
    Clint Murphy, Sav YRs
    Jason Shepherd, GA YR Chairman
    Alexandra Tabarrok, Sav YR Chairman
    Tommy Sandoval
    Steven Turner, Rome YR Chairman
    Eric Johnson
    Casey Cagle
    Lee Beckman
    Jack Kingston
    and I think Chris Farris is cute as a button!!!

  29. Bull Moose says:

    How about Karen Handel herself?

    Also, Elizabeth Dewberry, Jailene Hunter both with Lt. Governor Casey Cagle!

  30. Bull Moose says:

    And don’t forget the Moose! Bull Moose!

    Oh wait, this is best looking, not most controversial!

  31. JeepinGA says:

    Robin Wheeler, GA YR 12th District Congressional Director should be in the top 3 at the very least…

  32. SpaceyG says:

    You left out the lobbyista, an essential, critical part of Georgia’s twisted political process. I know at least one, and he’s like totally hunky.

  33. nerdierthanthou says:

    How can you leave off Chris Young at Economic Development? I would go around the world to get him a blade of grass he wanted.

  34. heartshapedboxxx says:

    hands down, the Gov’s Office…

    Heather Teilhet (Public Affairs)
    Lauren Wright (Public Affairs)
    Misty Giles (Policy)
    Erin Hames (Policy)
    Hannah Heck (Policy)
    Lauren Travis (Policy)
    Mary Kathryn Yearta (Scheduling)
    Pam Hunnicutt (Constituent Services)
    Natalie Strong (Communications)
    Rollin Downs (External Affairs)
    Asalya Akhmerova (Fellow)
    Brad Carson (Fellow)
    Brian Lee (Intern)
    Jade Morey (Intern)
    Sarah Beth Thompson (Intern)

  35. GOPeach says:

    Oh… how did I miss this???

    The most beautiful people in GA Politics are:

    Sen. Pam Glanton
    Sen. Ginger Collins
    Rep. Nominee Cindye Coates
    Rep. Nominee Deborah Honeycutt
    CD Chair Dawn Strickland
    CR Chair Esther Clark

    for the ladies …

    and now

    for the men….

    Judge Peach …. the Hottest!

  36. GodHatesTrash says:

    If you’re into anonymous airport sex like a lot of GOPers, there are probably lots of folks under that Golden Dome with purty mouths…

  37. Romegaguy says:

    They dont have to be under the dome. Title says 50 most beautiful people in Georgia politics.

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