This is baloney

So, we have a group of people in this country illegally. A state senator writes a law that says simply if a person is arrested for a felony, find out if they are an illegal alien and if they are, deport them.

All of a sudden it’s turned Georgia into the wild west. This is advocacy journalism and I frankly don’t buy it.

Let’s now presume this story is true

When Emelina Ramirez’s roommates attacked her, punching and kicking her in the stomach, she called the police for help. The police handcuffed her, took her to jail and ran her fingerprints through a federal database. She is now in an Alabama cell awaiting deportation.

What happened to the attackers? I presume they are in jail or being deported. Let’s not forget that they were punished (they were). Ms. Ramirez is an illegal alien. Yes, she’s the victim of a crime and I have a great deal of sympathy for her and understand the catch 22, but they are here illegally.

I’m not going to get all worked up if they somehow think that, oh woe as me, we stand to be the victims of crime if we illegally cross into the United States. That might just be a good market based incentive to not break the law in the first place.

In all seriousness, I do hope the police will not target the victims of crime as well as the criminals in dealing with illegal aliens, but I’m not going to get worked up about it if they do. As much as I have sympathy for the victims of crime, they are also criminals.


  1. dorian says:

    I don’t know if the INS treats all felons like this, but I happen to know for a fact (and by ‘fact’ I mean I have seen it happen) their idea of ‘deporting’ a convicted felon is buying them a bus ticket and putting them on a bus. Bus meaning Greyhound or the like. It is a joke. The same person would be back, calling themselves by a different name in a week.

  2. The Comma Guy says:

    Don’t forget the our heroine -Emelina- had already been deported once, is back here illegally and glory be – is PREGNANT! All she’s got to do is download that anchor baby and she’s home free. What would happen to one of us if we tried the reverse though?

    It should be noted that a federal judge up in Pennsylvania shot down the city ordinances in Hazelton.

  3. Icarus says:

    Anyone else think it’s just coincidence that the Savannah and Atlanta rags are running the same bleeding heart story on the same day?

  4. Jmac says:

    For lack of a better phrase … don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    The rule put the loophole in, so criticize the state senator who penned the bill and not the victim of the crime. Change the law if you don’t want it to be a big deal.

    Anyone else think it

  5. dcraigwhite says:

    I sat on the Grand Jury in Cherokee County recently. Time after time we saw cases involving illegal immigrants coming up, and our law enforcement officials were practically helpless before this law passed.

    It continues to amaze me that people shun personal responsibility. A society without a majority of citizens devoted to both personal responsibility and common good eventually becomes nothing more than a cesspool of crime, corruption, and lawlessness.

    Until we begin enforcing the laws already on the books, what good will new reforms and mandates do?

  6. debbie0040 says:

    When someone reports a crime and they are found to be here illegally, they should be deported.

    I have no sympathy at all for someone here illegally . That said, I think it is despicable for someone to prey on them because they are illegal.

    Every county should have the guts to do what Cobb County is doing.

    The Feds are not doing their job. They turn their heads to cities that have set up safe havens for illegals. Why have the elected officials in those cities not been arrested for conspiracy?

  7. Darth Mike says:

    a criminal calls the police to report a crime and then is surprised when they get detained to be deported? Why is this news? Lets not forget the first name of those aliens is ILLEGAL aliens!

  8. Decaturguy says:

    Am I the only one who things that you are just breeding further criminal activity with a policy like this? So you are an illegal immigrant in Cobb County who gets their house broken into. You’d better not report it to the police or you’ll go to jail. Therefore, the person who breaks into the house gets away with it and provides them an opportunity to break into the next house, who just might be a legal citizen. The next victim could be you.

  9. jm says:

    I feel a lack of sympathy for the victim here. But lets think about the precedent this sets.
    Being beaten, abused, forced to do things against your will, etc. is much worse than crossing an invisible line, er border. I think most of us agree on this point.
    However, the threat of deportation is a big financial, emotional, etc. burden on people who are here illegally. We need to eliminate this dilemma; if you are here illegally and are committing no other crime, and someone is committing a crime against you, it benefits everyone if you can safely call the authorities without threat of deportation.

    I don’t have a problem with this bill being acted to deport criminals. But I also don’t want criminals being protected because the law says the victim is in a lose-lose situation and is better off not reporting the crime.

  10. Federalist says:

    This is wrong. The whole [email protected] law is wrong. I saw a bumper sticker on a pick-up the other day that said “Every Juan get out.” This is the perfect representation of the racism that has fueled the debate. You call your selves conservatives, you should be ashamed. What is the immigration tradition…show up, work, pay taxes. Now you neocons are trying to make this honest living illegal…typical. Do some research and find out why most drugs were made illegal. Blatant racism,…just like your position on immigration.

  11. Icarus says:

    Decaturguy and JM,

    from the Savannah story:

    “Across the state, however, Latino advocates complain that local officials are increasingly running background checks on Latinos who commit misdemeanor crimes, such as minor traffic violations…”

    The “Latino advocates” would probably have a lot more sympathetic ears about the victims of crimes were it not for the first half of the above sentence. These people broke a law to get/live here, and then are breaking other laws while here. To then be outraged that these folks are being deported without even committing a felony (it was just a bunch of misdemeanors, why are you deporting me?) doesn’t help their case.

  12. CobbGOPer says:

    “The next victim could be you.”

    Maybe, but at least I’d be able to call the cops to report it…

  13. Federalist says:

    It is a waste of money…if these “illegal immigrant” stay here they atleast contribute to the economy…many even pay taxes for benefits that they will never see (because their SSN belongs to a dead guy). Deporting/imprisoning them costs tax payer money. I am no Bill Greene, but this big government administrative spending is ridiculous. Aren’t their dangerous criminals that law enforcement should focus on? For Federalist’s sake read Chapter VII of the second treastise of government.

  14. Decaturguy says:

    The job of local police should be about public safety and preventing crime, not trying to enforce a failed federal immigration policy that even the federal government cannot enforce.

    If people (legal or illegal) are afraid to report criminal activity, then it everyone loses when the criminal has the opportunity to do another criminal act. The only winner is the criminal who will get away with more criminal activity.

  15. dorian says:

    Wow, fed. I man ‘WOW’. I agree completely. I am all for comparative justice. If you are a hyphenated-american or a hispanic the law should just not apply at all. At least, until people like you feel that everyone is treated equally. They should be able to rape, pillage, do drugs, ignore immigration laws, dogfight, etc. Whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it. That is what our founding fathers envisioned, is it not? By the by, you call yourself “Federalist” for the irony of it, right?

  16. Federalist says:

    Dorian, you can not understand…you are just a simple creature. They must abide the law, but to have a law make their existence within sovereign borders is undemocratic, unamerican, and against the principles that this country was founded.

  17. Icarus says:


    “They should be able to rape, pillage, do drugs, ignore immigration laws, dogfight, etc.”

    Everything but dogfight. That’s serious. Just look at the NFL reaction. Michael Vick is getting a tougher treatment than Ray Lewis, and all he did was “allegedly” kill a man and the Buckhead bar district.

  18. Federalist says:

    stop talking about that wannabe qb on the falcons…all it does is give the media a reason to keep talking about him. I want something else to be on the news for crying out loud.

  19. dorian says:

    Fed, they can abide by the law by not coming here in the first place. We have plenty of people that were born here that are struggling. And guess what? A lot of them are minorities. So, you want to open up the floodgates to more poor people coming here to compete for the limited resources we have already. Wow, that makes perfect sense. Let’s just declare this whole democratic republic thing a failure and go for a socialist state instead, m-kay? By the way, are there any socialist states with an open immigration policy?

  20. Federalist says:

    i am advocating capitalism. you are advocating national socialism. competition not favoritism. I favor allowing people to compete for their jobs rather than your position of favoring a person’s accident of birth. You sir-are the socialist!.

  21. dorian says:

    I thought I was a neocon? Now, I am a socialist too? A socialist neocon? Oh, I almost forgot, I am simple too. A simple, socialist neo-conservative. You are funny.

  22. jsm says:

    fed, what’s un-American is supporting the idea of taking on every third world immigrant that wants to come here and mooch off the freebies of our entitlement systems and send American money to their home country. We can’t afford it. We have to have controls. We must remove those who are pillaging our resources.

    Aren’t you the nihilist, but not really nihilist, ‘economic viability’ guy? You make no sense.

  23. chiprogers21 says:

    The new Georgia law requires that a person booked into jail on a felony or DUI charge be verified for lawful status in the United States.

    Under an international treaty signed in the 1960’s, the United States is presently required to determine the nationality of every person booked into jail. Unfortunately many jailers do not perform this task. It is a matter on which many of the foreign Consulate

  24. This is like having two thieves break into your house on the same night. One thief starts beating up the other. The kickee calls the police to report the kicker, then is shocked — SHOCKED, I tell you — that the police arrests them both.

  25. debbie0040 says:

    If someone is here illegally , they should be deported. If they are a victim of crime and report it, then they should still be reported.

    Taxpayers are victims of the crime of the illegals cr iminal activity by being here illegally. They come here and receive free health care. Our schools have to spend millions of dollars to educate illegal’s children. The drug traffic and crime increases where ever a large number of illegals live.

    It is like someone that breaks in your house and they decide to stay because you are away on vacation. A thief breaks in the house and assaults them. The police are called. Both should go to jail because BOTH have committed have crime. You should not turn your back on one criminal and send one to jail.

  26. Nicki says:

    One, illegal immigrants should be deported whenever they are discovered. But, two, the problems associated with illegal immigration include a lack of protection for the illegal and a lack of law enforcement in general, and this law will increase this.

    So, in other words, I support deporting illegal immigrants any time they are committing a crime. But deporting them when they are victims of crime simply discourages reporting of crime among that community.

  27. jsm says:

    “But deporting them when they are victims of crime simply discourages reporting of crime among that community.”

    What rights do people have that are here illegally? Do they have the right to protection by law enforcement?

  28. rugby_fan says:


    If they are part of any society worth living in, then yes.

    I, as many others in the world feel, the United States of America, is such a society.

  29. jsm says:

    I retract the former question. I just read this in the 14th amendment:

    “…nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    You are right, rugby.

  30. MFriedl3 says:

    This was NOT her second offense of being deported.
    When she came into the country via Texas, she was apprehended and instructed to return for an Immigration Hearing in a month. She had continued on to Georgia and could not afford, financially to return to Texas to appear. A order of deportation was issued. Fast forward approx. 1 year….
    She married a police officer from Carrollton, GA who, instead of obtaining an attorney and getting her legal status straightened out, held her status over her head, and was abusive towards her. He is the father of her youngest US born child. After about a year and a half of abuse, and aid from a womans shelter, she obtained a divorce from the abusive cop, and thanks to him, remains “undocumented”. Fast forward another year….
    She is attacked by 3 roommates, 2 women and one male. The police arrest her and one of the other women, and at the initial bond hearing, the judge lets the other women, who is hispanic, but speaks good english, out / off.
    Emelina was remanded into the custody of ICE because when she was fingerprinted, the old existing order of deportation came up.
    The truly sad part in all of this, is the chidren, 8 yr. old Wendy, and 3 yr. old Karla. They are the ones who are suffering the most.
    Karlas’ father has not paid child support in I don’t know how long, nor has he made any attempt to see his daughter, and now the girls are without their mother because she was attacked and had Wendy call 911 and report it.
    Yes, Emelina Ramirez Bojorquez is pregnant again, by a man that she met and truly made her happy, whole and complete for the first time since I’ve known her, but that is another story.
    Emelina and her girls don’t deserve this regardless of her Immigration Status. If her x-husband had of done the right thing, she would be legal, and what of her US Citizen daughter?
    The kids world has already been ripped apart, their hearts torn out, they just want AND NEED their mother back.

    Most of the information regarding Emelina can be found here:
    > and
    > by following the links
    > at the bottom of the complaint. You may also get info from:
    >,1,147… ,
    > ,
    > ,
    US Constitution / 14th Amendment:

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