Tax Holiday

I suspect if the Speaker’s plan, which I am leaning toward supporting, goes into effect, this will go the way of Michael Vick’s Pit Bull breeder’s license.

Georgia shoppers this weekend could receive slightly smaller store receipts after purchasing certain school supplies, clothes, computers or computer accessories.

The state’s tax-free holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. Thursday and continues until midnight Sunday. During that period, shoppers can purchase several types of items without paying state or local sales taxes.


  1. grabbingsand says:

    The sales tax holiday covers a very narrow range of items, but if I had a need or urge to go buy a new PC … this would be the weekend to do it.

    But I’m curious … tell me again why an elimination of state property tax and an end to exemptions on sales tax — notably, on groceries — is a good idea? (Not being too sarcastic here … I just don’t see who benefits apart from the McMansionites on West Paces Ferry.)

  2. Icarus says:

    A lot of those McMansionites are Doctors and Lawyers, who will have to start charging sales taxes on their fees, if I understand the bill correctly. The question of whether they will be able to pass those charges on to the consumer or if they will be absorbing them might determine if they really benefit.

  3. Federalist says:

    Lets see how long a sales tax on doctor and attorney fees last when the sponsors/supporters of the bill can not get campaign funds.

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