1. John Konop says:


    It does look like he may have his facts on this incident mixed up. Yet any objective person reading your blog would have thought you and Jeff were on the Jim Whitehead’s payroll!

    You and Jeff relentlessly attacked opponents of Whitehead on a very personal nasty manner.

    I know very little about the race and had no dog in this hunt. I just hope the person who replaces the late Congressman Norwood will represent the people over special interest like he did!

  2. Jmac says:

    Granted my perception of this will be colored by the fact that I consider J.T. a friend of mine, as well as a former colleague, but it appears all he needed to do was amend the word ‘post’ to ‘comment’ and his point would stand.

    And, still, it’s a long way from his previous column – which he got flack for as well – as here he attempts to make the distinction and didn’t single anyone out.

  3. Doug Deal says:

    Erick, I think it is you that has the article reading problem.

    He says one post characterized Broun in such terms. Many people refer to comments as posts; in fact I would say almost everyone recognizes them as synanyms.

    His statement, as you quoted, was accurate. A post did indeed characterized Broun as an idiot, and was buried beneath a good number of others that were positive.

  4. Donkey Kong says:


    Your campaign against Price was one of the dirtiest I’ve seen. You don’t have a plank in your eye–you have the whole dang tree.

  5. jonlester says:

    I was offline all weekend and when I read JT’s column, I had to hurry here to see what was said by whom about Dr. Broun’s vote. I was glad to see that the offending words were actually written by one commenter I don’t know at all.

  6. John Konop says:

    Donky Kong

    I did not know pork spending was such a dirty topic.

    I guess as a big government supporter like Congressman Tom Price you have no problem with the failed No Child Left behind Bill.

    I guess you support the pork filled Highway bill like Congressman Tom Price

    I guess you support the pork filled Energy bill like Congressman Tom Price.

    I guess you support the pork filled Drug Prescription Bill like Congressman Tom Price that puts 2 to 3 trillion dollars of future liability with no money to pay for it.

    I guess you support Congressman Tom Price raising the debt ceiling to 9 trillion dollars and an estimated 40 to 50 trillion dollars in future liabilities.

    It is your God given right to support out of control liberal spending!

  7. Rpolitic says:

    Why did anyone pull the string in John’s back. Erick can you suspend DK for a week for this thoughtless behavior?

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