1. Jace Walden says:

    Well, if Jeff Mullis can figure out a way for the private sector to pay for it, then good for Jeff Mullis. If not, he’s going to be about as successful as the “Brain Train” crew.

  2. drjay says:

    why would infrastructure updating and improving of this sort not be a good candidate for some sort of public/private enterprise as opposed to expecting one or the other to wholly foot the bill?

  3. Icarus says:

    This idea has been around for 10-20 years. Not much new here except that it’s now in the backyard of the Senate Trans Committee Chair.

  4. Decaturguy says:

    When the “private sector” starts paying for every dollar in road construction and maintenance, Jace, I’ll agree with you.

    The high speed rail component is really the only thing that makes this proposal make sense. High speed rail up the I-75 corridor linking MARTA to Chattanooga would go a long way toward making the northwest portion of metro Atlanta livable again.

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