1. John Sugg pointed out in June, and again last week on CLFreshloaf.com, that the August public safety meeting is part of a long-planned PR offensive.


    If the Mayor was really getting “the message” about crime, she wouldn’t be waiting until August to publicly address rising crime and Pennington wouldn’t be police chief.

    Until proven otherwise, I’ll assume it’s a PR exercise.

    At least it’s on a weekend, so people with jobs can show up.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    This one should be only a PR exercise if no one bothers to show up and report/blog about it. Sugg would never let that happen.

    Interesting though, this particular notice came blazing over three neighborhood message boards in the form of a forwarded email from our NW corridor councilperson, Felicia Moore. Seems the natives are quite restless out here, starting to beat some drums, and might be prepped to see beyond mere efforts by the City to just blow smoke up skirts.

    Shoot, before you know it, the Council will be on Facebook.

  3. She’s had since 2002 to build up the city’s chronically under-staffed police force, but thus far hasn’t.

    I have a hard time believing she’s going to start next month.

  4. Icarus says:

    She’s going to hire 1,000 new police officers, give them badges. Then give them shovels. Then send them over to Peachtree St. and tell them to start digging Trolley tracks.

    After all, Atlanta has no problems that a trolley and 3 fewer lanes on Peachtree won’t fix.

  5. SpaceyG says:

    Hmmm… some good signage ideas for the meeting here. Better signs = better local news coverage that evening. Does anyone even watch local TV news on the weekends?

  6. kevpriest says:

    I got this notification through our neighborhood system as well, and I’m going to do my best to be there. We’ve had a rough summer around here, no question.

  7. Icarus says:

    Just curious to those of you intown folks, (and as a former resident of Spacey’s neighborhood, apparently),

    Is this a perception of a general increased crime trend in the city overall, or is this isolated to certain neighborhoods? (and if so, which one’s appear most affected?)

  8. SpaceyG says:

    Folks I know who live in the hipster neighborhoods seem to be the most spooked since some of the more “high profile” stuff (dudes stuffed in cars trunks in East Atlanta, Yacht Club regular killed walking home in L5P) seem to be happening in their neighborhoods. And now the hipster band Deerhunter incident in the Cabbagetown area. Maybe hipsters are being targeted for being, well, hipsters? Outside of Brooklyn? BTF outta me. Of course that doesn’t explain the little girl killed by a New Orleans refugee. Come to think about it, one person was complaining that all the crime was coming from all the New Orleans criminal element swarming into our town ever since Katrina. They obviously like it here way too much.

    Here in the NW corridor, some people complain that the new Wal-Mart has attracted more of the criminally inclined. Seems we’ve always had plenty to go around though. But heck, Chief Pennington lives right down the street! Like he’s ever home.

    Personally? Living close to the heart of Buckhead, I still think that here in the NW area we’re most at-risk from the elderly, seriously buffuddled driver. They mow down store fronts, people and other drivers on a freakin’ daily basis at Peachtree Battle shopping center. I try never to go there during daylight hours now that I’ve witnessed so many horrendous crashes around there by the old timers.

  9. Icarus says:

    I only say perception because I don’t trust Atlanta’s stats. I remember Campbell’s guys downgrading crime stats, and once had my car broken into during Maynard’s years, only to be told that I would have to drive downtown to file a police report “if I really thought I needed one”.

    So, in this instance, I’ll take perception over the reality of stats, but in this case, looks like they mesh.

  10. Inside_Man says:

    We’ve had a string of car robberies in the Grant Park area recently. Just tuesday I watched a guy try to break into my car from my front porch. We ran out and he drove off, but the cops told me later they’d been called about the same car 3 times that night, and that a bunch of armed car thieves were causing trouble in GP/East Atlanta of late. Saturday a different car was casing cars and homes around the neighborhood with a flashlight. Apparently the stepped up patrols in the area haven’t done a lot of good.

  11. Icarus says:

    I appreciate the comments, as I am actively considering a move back from the burbs. Have been trying to get comfortable with some of the ‘hipster’ neighborhoods, as Spacey calls them, but might need to head back to good old Underwood Hills.

  12. SpaceyG says:

    Come on back! Underwood Hills is booming. Seriously. We’ve got 100+ kids under the age of 8 here now. You can’t get through the darn streets for all the strollers. Then again, it’s good we like it here because we’re locked in during weekdays, due to the traffic hell that is Howell Mill Rd.

    And you should see the park now. It’s gorgeous, thanks to some key soccer moms who can scare action out of even Atlanta city gov.

  13. Sarawara says:

    I think it’s happening pretty much in all neighborhoods in the city. In addition to the East Atlanta kidnapping and the L5P shooting, there have been several shootings in the Poncey Highlands and Midtown areas, including one a half mile from my house in Morningside/VaHi area.

  14. kevpriest says:

    Well, my neighborhood is Home Park / Atlantic Station. I’d tell you that things have gotten worse here, but sadly, if you watch the news you already know it.

  15. bird says:

    Inside Man,

    We live on Cherokee near Grant Central. We called the cops on what was probably the same group, driving a Honda and staffed by a couple of 15-year-old kids. They were trying to steal a Honda at the corner of Cherokee and Sydney the Sunday before last. After we called 911, they left, but came back later and almost got the job done.

    To me it sounds like one crew that isn’t sophisticated enough to get through car alarms but makes up for it in perseverance. The thing about this is, they are targeting all cars without alarms, but specifically Hondas. They are so brazen that if the cops were to set out a Honda and watch, they should be able to catch these guys pretty easily.

    If enough of us citizens keep after them, they will eventually get caught.

  16. SouthFultonGuy says:

    Newsflash – crime in metro Atlanta is up all over metro Atlanta not just in the City of Atlanta.

    It is also easy to pick on the city regarding hiring police officers, but that too is a chronic problem metro-wide.

  17. Inside_Man says:


    I’m next door to Park Ave. Baptist at Sydney. Yeah they didn’t seem too professional, or they very well may have gotten away with something. The cops were very responsive the first time and very slow on the second call. We’re trying to get their plates at the least. Continue to be vigilant!

    A fellow I know who has been in the neighborhood for 30+ years told me that it comes in spurts and it’s usually a wave of car break-ins done by the same few guys. When they get caught or give up, it’ll die down until the next bunch.

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