This is just awful

Read this. And don’t blame the Republicans or the Democrats. This is not a partisan issue. I worked as an attorney for six years and participated in the defense of Central State Hospital on more than one occasion. Democrats were in charge then.

Republicans are in charge now.

It just seems that no one is in charge of Central State Hospital.

One patient had been charged with rape and aggravated sodomy.

Another was accused of child molestation and rape.

Yet another who entered Central State Hospital in April faced charges of aggravated assault, rape and aggravated child molestation.

All three were teenagers


  1. JasonW says:

    I go to school in Milledgeville and I can tell you that we quite frequently have escaped mental patients show up on our campus, and such, and it’s easy to escape because it’s open to the public and there are no fences.

  2. Lee Benedict says:

    Why don’t we send the 2200+ convicted felons in GA prisons who claim citizenship in another country back to that country, make the prisons overcrowded, and that will free-up the funds for psychiatric facilities to come up to standard and give those in them an opportunity to heal? Just a thought.

  3. Trackboy1 says:

    Kids being sexually assaulted.
    What does it take to get state rep’s, satte senators and governors to give a damn about something like this, something non-partisan, something out of the public eye, something that they (that’s you Jerry Keen) won’t get any money from lobbyists for?

  4. SpaceyG says:

    Our state mental health crisis is at a truly sickening crisis point. Their only hope now, the victims locked down inside these tragic hell holes no one dares venture into or fund properly, is Alan Judd. He seems to be the only person investigating, exposing and advocating for help for our weakest, most troubled, most vulnerable citizens. Especially since most mental health victims aren’t exactly in the position of, as Trackboy says, wining and dining our state legislators via an army of Versace-suited lobbyists to get their, the politicians’, desperately needed attention.

    I wish we had a Governor and a state government who would have the fortitude and the leadership skills to stand up and say “Yes, this is a hideous crisis, it’s on my watch, and I’m going to find solutions, and I’m going to do something about it.”

    Thank goodness for the folks at Cox who are paying Alan Judd to expose this kind of horror. At least they sleep well at night knowing they’re not afraid to do their part.

    Shame on the anyone who turns their back on this statewide crisis who is in a position to make a difference. And yeah, that includes us too, Joe Public.

    Adn personally, I’d like to see Rosalyn Carter out front and center, and loudly and publically scolding about this about right now too… mental health is her beat after all.

  5. Federalist says:

    I will catch an ear full for this,…the homelessness epidemic was partially caused by the defederalization of mental health care in Nixon’s admin. Why? It is a state matter. Well the crisis is worse now. I was shocked when I went to Georgia State for the first time, as I am sure any new student to milledgeville would be…to see homeless people begging students, of all people, for money. It is a shame that about 40% percent of these men and women are veterans.

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