1. Rick Day says:

    Oh I see, Vick is already juged guilty, yet McKinney is dismissed as frivolous.

    Sensors detect a definite pattern here, Captain, and its not cloaked.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Rick? Those two (Vick and McKinney) don’t even make a straight line when connected via your logic.

    You’re not a flaming liberal, but a flaming idiot. Care to guess whether _I_ have a “cloaked” agenda?

  3. Archibald Bulloch says:

    If I had a dime for every time an editorial page criticized their local members of Congress, I’d make Mike Bloomberg look poor.

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have seen.

    The people of her district didn’t need a “mouthpiece” for progressive causes or a fighter against what could’ve been an overzealous Capitol Police officer (I’m not judging one way or another on that) but rather someone who looked after the transportation and education needs of DeKalb County because the local government there was failing to do so. They needed someone to help bring projects back to the district, not stir up causes that do nothing to help improve their lives.

    That’s why the AJC went after her. Because she was a bad Congresswoman (for multiple reasons).

  4. Federalist says:

    Thank youErick and Archibald. Let’s not forget that the citizens of DeKalb are morons…they elected mckinney and vernon jones. albeit a perfect representation of that district, a poor decision for any community. bait and switch racism is how to win dekalb in any election…take notes.

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