BTW, About Rudy

Spacey’s post reminds me of this about the Rudy campaign hiring Chase Daughtrey.

Apparently, the campaign has backed out of a number of hires and has decided not to press forward in the state. In fact, my understanding is that my friend Clint Austin, who was one of the ground guys in Georgia for Rudy has gone off and joined the naval reserves. Good for Clint, by the way. He’s a true patriot.


  1. rightbeforeleft says:

    This may be true, but realistically the Mayor is still making Georgia a priority for campaigning, and not just fundraising like so many others.

  2. Pinetop says:

    Making Georgia a priority or not, the fact that the Rudy Campaign went out and told Chase Daughtrey, Jason Mock, and others that they had a job then told them they did not is just piss poor. You dont do that to people, esspecially when they quit their current jobs to come and work for you. As a Rudy Supporter who took off of work and drove up from the swamp to Savannah for his event, I am highly upset at how they handeled this. I have been talking with some of Rudy’s Leadership Team from Southeast and Southcentral Georgia who are not happy at this perception that Rudy is blowing off Georgia. I hope this not the case, but someone is going to have to convince me otherwise at this point.

  3. Is this confirmed? I haven’t heard it from anyone I deem credible yet. I am heading to Fla in a few hours, so hopefully someone can clear this up soon.

  4. CobbGOPer says:

    Interesting. I know some folks who were approached for his campaign early on, alot of whom passed on working for him. While his poll numbers say one thing, you still get this lukewarm attitude towards him by alot of conservatives. It really drives home a feeling of Giuliani being the “lesser” of several evils to the people who are considering him as their choice.

    There isn’t one candidate, on either side, that has a large and devoted following, and it will make for a very interesting and less-predictable race.

  5. Federalist says:

    i hope you all know that ga does not matter. unless more votes are cast for a democrat in the primaries, this state will be ignored by both pres. camps. Dems will not win it, and it is supposedly a sure thing for republicans. why waste the time and resources on a stupid red-state like ga?

  6. Icarus says:


    I hope you know that the primary is a separate election from the general, and GA may actually matter to both the dems and the reps this cycle.

  7. Federalist says:

    seriously? no. they will not. just look at the non-presidential candidates. Saxby will win. the house delegation will stay the same (party atleas), unless their is a mid session redistricting again. How many votes are cast for the respected party primaries will have a great deal to do with how much is spent in and on GA. We moved the primary up, just like everyone else…no difference will be made. The only hope for ga to get presidential campaign attention is to look like a swing state. Irvin, Baker, and Thurmond are not enough…what GA needs is for its voters to wise up and not use emotion as a precursor to its voting patterns. Furthermore, this Karen Handel should reject any proposals for referendum on the ballot in nov of 2008, you know…to make the election fair. ga has a history of baiting its elections with this garbage.

  8. Icarus says:

    O.K., I’ll try again.

    You do realize that a Presidential Presidential Preference Primary is a separate election from the General Primary for state and local offices?

    Georgia is one of Obama’s most competitive states, and I think there’s a real chance to split Fred/Rudy/Mitt almost evenly here, where each may decide it’s worth the effort to come out on top.

    So in short, each of the major candidates has an incentive to put some time and resources into Georgia for the primary. The November General, not so much.

  9. Federalist says:

    again, the partisan (not candidate split) is what is important. If 70% of the voters in the primary elections are for a republican, would you (as a dem) campaign in that state? What about as a republican? For a dem it is a no go, for a goper it is a sure thing…so why bother? afterall there are competitive states to spend your money in. I am sure that if the number of votes cast are split between the parties are with in 6 points there will be some competition for the gen elec camp…other wise you should forget it.

  10. drjay says:

    are y’all talking about 2 different things? b/c it seems to me a no brainer that as ga is going to be one of the larger states w/ lots of delegates available–both parties will be pushing hard here–not to mention media buys in augusta and sav’h and such to get the s.c. folks as well–if only one person votes in the dem prez primary it is the same number of delegates as if we all vote in the dem prez primary–so asm i missing something obvious that is being pointed out here???

  11. drjay says:

    and besides that–if he’s saying that the prez primaries have to have similar numbers of voters for the state to be “competitive” in november–that is simply not true either kerry got more votes in march than bush by almost 2 to 1–well over 1/2 million folks voted in the dem prez primary in 04–to about 150k in the gop contest–conversely in 2000–bush got more votes than the dems (gore and bradley) combined–and if you want to go back to 88 which was probaly the last really wide open primary on both sides–622k voted dem and only 400k in the gop–and of course bush won ga easily in november…

  12. drjay says:

    in fact jesse jackson got more votes than bush 41 in march of 88–so there correleation is utterly nonexistent based on the last several cycles…

  13. Red Phillips says:

    No self-respecting Georgia conservative could support Rudy. He is a New York lib.

    The easy choice for conservatives should be Ron Paul, a true Constitutionalist. If some conservatives have yet to see the wisdom and inherently conservative nature of non-intervention and must support international interventionism then Tancredo and Hunter are the best choices. But Rudy is a bad joke. I fail to see ANY appeal.

  14. Federalist says:

    Have any of you ever worked in politics? Yes candidates in the primary will eye in on ga. Come general election time, though, this may not be the case. Sure kerry got more primary votes in Ga in 2004…bush was not opposed. come feb 2008, if 60%ish or more of the voters in the primary election participate in the gop primary,…the dems are not going to be visiting GA. If Obama is the nominee, then maybe…but the black vote would have to actually show up…so there is still a bit of a gamble involved. What kinds of visits does GA get from national political figures anyway? Kerry did not campaign in Ga in 2004…it is a lost cause. Cheney comes here every few months to raise funds (privately) for Chambliss or Isaacson. Sure the different elections are different, but there is a “barometer” involved in the likelihood of an electoral win. GA only has 15 votes, Ohio is a swing state (geographically smaller than GA) with 20. Florida has 27, still more important. GA, no democrat has won a major state wide race since 2002, realistically none democrat (as the party is understood nationally) has won since 1996. GA is a waste of money on both sides. Who here would not vote for their candidate if he/she decided not to campaign in GA?

  15. Icarus says:


    Anyone else want to have first shot at this? Maybe we could find someone here who has “worked in politics”? I’m sure there’s not many here, but we can ask around.

    In the meantime, congrats Federalist. You’ve encouraged me to take up smoking weed. I’m going to have to drive to one of Spacey’s ‘hipster’ neighborhoods, hope my car isn’t stolen or I’m put in someone’s trunk, try to negotiate a transaction for some herb, drive back home after stopping again to buy rolling papers, smoke a few, then re-read your posts and try to understand your point on your level.

    Until I get back, anyone else please have at this.

  16. rightbeforeleft says:

    The one thing I would add to this debate is the new calendar. I realize even among Feb 5 titans GA is still not many electoral, but this calendar has never been tested and this election is completely unprecedented. GOPers dont have the money to seriously campaign here yet, but they will and I think the Dems will follow, if for no other reason than some insurance against the unpredictable nature of this structurally unique election (no sitting veep either).

  17. joe says:


    By the way of full disclosure, the last time I worked on any campaign was in the 60’s when I was in high school.

    It is real simple. There are two completly separate elections. You are correct, neither Clinton nor Obama is likely to win in Georgia in the general election. They must, however, get to the general election first. The process for getting to the general is called “PRIMARY”.

    It is really quite simple. In order to win the election, you must first win the primary. (I apologize for being simplistic, but apparently somebody has a problem understanding.)

    In the Democratic PRIMARY election, both Clinton and Obama need Georgia’s votes. There are more convention delegates available from Georgia than there are from either Wyoming or Iowa, so Georgia becomes important.

    Please, somebody else explain to Federalist why Georgia is important to the Republicans, and if anybody is real brave, attempt to explain Federalism.

  18. Icarus says:

    O.K. Liberator,

    I hoped it wouldn’t have come to this.

    I put the golf cart on a full charge over night.

    You wouldn’t believe how pissed off those people in the left lane behind me on I-85 were. I had the EZgo running flat out.

    I stopped at the BP at Boulevard and I-20. Was running a bit low on the battery and needed somewhere to plug in to try and make it to the East Atlanta Village.

    There was apparentlly a nice church group that had walked up from a nearby meeting I guess. All the gentlemen were wearing the same uniform. A white T-shirt and jeans. They asked if I needed anything.

    Not wanting to disturb them from their pasotoral studies, I told them no, but they told me they could tell that I was in need. They then asked if I wanted this large bag of herb “returned to me, for a small reward”.

    I don’t know how they assumed that I always cook Italian with Oregano, but I told them yes, and offered them $20. They told me it would be $100, which I almost found rude, until I remembered that it costs more to live in urban shacks than my 4/3 on the golf course in the burbs.

    So anyway, I convinced them that I had lost that big bag of the mary jane. After going inside the store to secure rolling papers, I assembled a big fatty and headed home.

    After stopping at the Krystal on Metropolitan Blvd and Jonesboro Rd, The Chic-fil-a on Central, and the Sonic in Tyrone, I finally made it home to PeachTREEcity. Smoked the rest of the whole bag. In the mean time, I re-read your posts at least six or eight times.

    Sober, Drunk, High, Straight.


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