1. katurner says:

    Question; does Augusta, GA have a blog for conservatives other than the Mennonite’s blog? Not all of us are Mennonites so I am sure there’s a mainstream blog to cater to all red-staters.

    I ran across the Metro Spirit blog but it was pretty well a non-political thing.

    The main Metro Spirit website bears more fruit. It mentioned some of the abrasive comments made to the Augusta newspaper’s website concerning blacks. It seems that they are worse than what is on the Telegraph’s comments for each story. One referred to Charles Walker as a “chimp”.
    Cheer up everyone in Macon; you could be living in Augusta where there is little recourse for them to change their power structure and they have a mall that’s been closed for FIVE years.


  2. drjay says:

    johnson is running again–a couple of folks have announced challenges to him–or potential challenges to him-the most promising being former chatham county commissioner john mcmasters-but mayor johnson seems a pretty safe incumbent at this point. well the 4th savannah district could have had another choice now couldn’t it have mr. moose…

    sorry i had to bail early last nite btw.

  3. Archibald Bulloch says:

    Glad to see Otis is running again. I got a chance to hear him speak last year and was very impressed. He seems like a smart, talented guy.

  4. Bull Moose says:

    Well, I think it’s pretty much agreed by many that attended that there is a need for another candidate in District 4. No disrespect to Mrs. Sprague, but wasn’t enthusiastic and she is misinformed on many issues relating traffic. Perhaps we all need to focus on recruiting someone besides me, since I do not necessarily want to run.

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