Gingrich to back Thompson?

From the Political Wire:

“Publicly, Gingrich has been sending signals making clear that a presidential candidacy for him is becoming less likely. Privately, he and some of his closest advisers have been meeting with — and, in at least one prominent case, going to work for — the lobbyist-actor and former Tennessee senator. ”

More proof: “Gingrich and his wife, Calista, had dinner with Thompson and his wife, Jeri, at the former senator’s home in McLean, Va., on July 16, according to two Republican sources close to both men.”


  1. Doug Deal says:

    How about letting Fred open his mouth once during this campaign and maybe participate in a debate before the George W Bush-esque coronation process starts. Isn’t this type of thing why we got stuck with the dud of 2000?

    For Gingrich to do this will cost him all credibility.

  2. Jace Walden says:


    You have to be careful what you say on here, man. A lot of those RedState-bots frequent this site as well. I hate to see you accused of being a liberal or of enabling terrorists…which are frequent accusations hurled around by RedState-bots.

  3. jsm says:

    CHelf, it will bode just fine with smaller-government conservatives.

    Watching all this speculation is great fun. Fred-bashers are working hard and digging up very little.

    Newt knows what’s going on. I’m sure he and Fred had good conversation about ideas for which they are both passionate. Who knows? Newt may just have been testing Fred to see where he really stands.

  4. CHelf says:


    How does being a friend to trial lawyers side with smaller government conservatives? And how does the occassional shifting of a few items to the states translate to smaller government? Didn’t the Contract push for shifting many items to the state? Fred was a part of that and what was the result? States AND the Federal government grew at astronomical rates. So far, “Fred bashers” have brought up many more questions and we’ve seen little answers. The mistake this campaign is making is allowing doubt and distrust to sink in. It’s all great when your numbers go up. But dragging this out has essentially lost some people and in politics once you lose people you rarely win them back.

  5. Doug Deal says:


    They want to benefit the crest of the enigma campaign and rake in fund raising (it’s hard to have concrete reasons to hate someone you do not know), but when the rudderless ship drifts into bad waters due to the refusal to offer up any answers, his supporters call it bashing.

    I WAS one of those supports, but he has proven to just be another politician who wants to be elected on HIS terms, not the terms of the voters. The voters want answers, not strategy.

    The longer he waits, the more it looks like he is just a coached candidate that is afraid of being exposed as a fraud. It may not be true, but that’s certainly what it looks like.


    DD preparation is the main ingredient of success, I think FT is smart keeping his powder dry until everything is in place. We will be fine hope you get on board.

  7. rugby_fan says:


    anti Fred folks are digging up very little because the man is yet to take a stand on anything.

    Tell me a policy Fred has.

    “Always supporting pro life measures” is not a policy.

  8. jsm says:

    rugby, if you can’t gather policy from Fred’s record then I don’t know how to help you. I’m not expecting you to vote for a conservative, anyway.

    Here’s some reading for you, if you’re interested:

    CHelf, how do you back up the assertion that the Contract caused “astronomical” growth of federal and state governments? I’m glad there are plenty of people out there identifying Fred’s campaign mistakes. Maybe it will help him change his strategy, which I’m sure he hasn’t thought through yet. By the way, the AP just announced today that he’s making changes in his organizational staff. The guy’s tuning up his machine and getting ready to hit the scene full-force. I’d rather lose a few votes for waiting to jump in than lose a whole boat-load for jumping in early with the wrong staff.

  9. Donkey Kong says:


    If Newt isn’t President, I want him as SoS. He would be the best SoS since George Marshall.

  10. CHelf says:


    Whether the Contract directly or indirectly caused the growth is not the issue. The issue was that a GOP Congress over the past decade clearly lost sight of the goals and after many items were shifted to states, thus expanding their size, the GOP in Congress did nothing to trim government and even made sure it expanded beyond what was trimmed.

    So you’re saying we should refer to his Senate record as the only items we can expect to see under his Administration? Well between fighting against tort reform and aiding McCain-Feingold’s approval, he has two very large strikes against him among conservatives.

    As for changes in his staff, it looks as if he’s having some issues with internal matters. McCain-esque? Are there rumblings of an overbearing wife as well? Midwestern wife inserting great control over the day to day affairs of a southern guy’s campaign. Eerily reminiscent of Hillary and Bill among some DC insiders.

    Bringing Spencer Abraham on is not something of the level of remarkable. Seeing his focus on MI and FL staffers it looks as if he’s written off most of the early states as well.

    We will see his fundraising and spending reports next week. It will be interesting to see how much he’s raised and spent considering he’s not even in the race. Both sides will have the spin machines in overdrive Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning no doubt.

  11. Doug Deal says:


    I would love to back Fred, he says a lot of things that suggest he will be a good candidate, but until he joins the battle he is a lot of talk.

    It is one thing sitting in the stands telling the coach to go for it on 4th down and how much better it would be if you were coach, it’s another to actually compete against an equally capable team.

    The reasons given by the Fred! team sound more like spin than anything of substance. He has been thinking about this run pretty much all year, was registered on April 16. Although it is a non affiliated site, it did not start in a vaccum.

    Are you saying it takes at the minimum 5 months to decide to run and get a “team” together? What does this say about his leadership and organizational skill? The fact that he raised so much money in Georgia and other southern states in fact has already declared him under finance rules that he helped pass. It is illegal to accept “testing the waters” money in excess of the costs needed to “test the waters”.

    So, his legal team already has to be in place, since according to the FEC he is either a declared candidate or he is in violation of his beloved McCain Feingold law. The only reason to avoid a declaration is to avoid questions and coast to the nomination.

    Do we want another coaster with the Republican nomination?

  12. LakeGuy says:

    SouthernComfort, good to see you back on here. You always appear when a good candidate is being attacked.

    Fred Thompson is the best candidate the Republicans have to offer. He is the only candidate I trust to turn this country around.

    1.) John McCain= done, over, finished. He should hang it up and go home to be with his family. Can’t trust him, no one knows where he is going to stand on an issue.
    2.) Mitt Romney= Sounds good in a 30 second sound bite, but don’t trust him as far as I coiuld throw (and thats not far)
    3.) Rudy Guiliani= Good VP candidate. I appreciate him standing up for his beliefs though, even when they are unpopular with the base, unlike Mitt Romney who tells us what we want to hear.

    Theres no need to mention the rest.

  13. Doug Deal says:

    Lake guy,

    Except for the stuff about Fred, which I think the jury is still out on, since he has retreated to the fortress of solitude, I agree with your assessments of the other candidates.

  14. rugby_fan says:


    The only reason you offered anyone to vote for Fred is by using process of elimination against the other candidates.

    Quite stellar that Fred is.

  15. CHelf says:


    Convince me why you think Fred’s the best candidate and why you trust him. What attributes make him the best? What views make him the best?

    I’m not sure why you say no one knows where McCain will stand on the issues. I think he is the only one people know exactly where he will stand. You may not like his stand but you do know where it will be. I think your description of Rudy applies to McCain as well.

    Fred’s got some serious issues to overcome. He’s way behind on many states. Most of these areas are already overdosing on mailings, phones, and other contacts. Adding to it might backfire. As soon as he announces he will be forced to answer past issues and have little time to focus on future issues. His past is nothing but being a lobbyist and trial lawyer which much of the base despises.

    I wish Fred the best of luck and think he has great potential. But dragging this out makes the hill he has to climb even steeper. Each day that passes with him holding out, more and more doubts and skepticism grow.


    Lakeguy good to be back. FT may not have all the answers but my chips are on him. If we lose the white house to any of the Dems candidates it will set our great country back tremendously, and FT has the ability to put together an admin. that will make decisions on principle not wind direction.

  17. Donkey Kong says:


    Do you think Rudy will make decisions based on wind direction? I’ve seen him take more unpopular stands than anyone, except maybe McCain. He knows what he believes and he acts on it. As old as our candidates are, its time for them to make up their minds. Plus, if you are so concerned about losing the White House, electoral math indicates that Rudy is the best choice. My support for Rudy has little to do with politics, but it’s a nice bonus. HOWEVER, If FT adds Newt to his ticket, he’ll have my vote and my support.

  18. Icarus says:

    I don’t think a TN-GA ticket is the way to try to win the white house for a Republican ticket.

  19. Donkey Kong says:


    If I became fairly certain FT would appoint Newt as SoS, I’d still support him.

  20. Icarus says:

    And he’s from PA, but to MSM, he’ll be ours forever.

    Newt probably doesn’t want SoS. He probably wants something like “Secretary of the Future”.

  21. Doug Deal says:


    Electing a bad Republican sets us back a lot more than a bad Democrat, just ask George W Bush. Thats why we need to be tougher on the guys we support in the primaries. Lets have them go at each other, and lets have the best man win.

    When the general election campaign starts, we can then unite behind a fully vetted candidate who is already battle hardened instead of one who’ll act like a deer in headlights when surprised by a tough question.


    DD you are hard to follow , the best man will win but not on your timetable, that said when we are fully engaged differences as well as simalarties will appear and our grand ol party will chose the best man for the job.

    I agree that Rudy doing the two step drag dance down Wall St. will be unpopular in most towns other than liberal NYC of course….

  23. Donkey Kong says:

    I would probably rather have Newt as SoS than VP anyway. The only reason I would want Newt as VP to set him up for a future run for the Presidency; otherwise, SoS would let him engage in policy rather than being the President’s lapdog.


    I know a few Californians that might be fond of his drag, as well as some Pennsylvanians.

  24. jsm says:

    One thing Newt would do as SoS would be to take the spotlight off the president. I couldn’t imagine the angst against him within the UN and the media coverage of any speech he made there.

  25. Icarus says:

    I posted on Redstate last night another possiblility of what may be going on with Fred! and Newt.

    Newt made the statement a few weeks ago that he’s not likly to run unless Fred falters between now and September.

    Fred has now delayed his formal entry into the race until late August or September.

    Fred may be trying to keep Newt somewhat close and friendly, but also is delaying his own campaign long enough to freeze Newt out of his own run for the nomination.

  26. Why would Newt give away political capital like that? It would take the spot light off of him, and that is the last thing that the Speaker wants or needs.

  27. Donkey Kong says:

    How would being SoS take the spotlight OFF him? It would allow him direct access to implement his solutions.

  28. Federalist says:

    If I were a Republican I still would not want Newt to smear my reputation by backing my candidacy. Poor FT.

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