1. Doug Deal says:

    Independence day, labor day, columbus day, Christmas, Memorial Day, as long as it is a holiday, the date really isn’t slipping, I guess.

    The more Thompson delays and rushes to be taught how the government works and where he stands on policy to get ready for the press, the less viable he looks.

    No amount of make-up is going to make this actor into Ronald Reagan. After 8 years of Bush, do we need another light-weight?

    I supported him early on, but this is rediculous. Get in or stay out.

  2. Rogue109 says:

    I agree with Doug. The foot dragging going on is getting to be a bit much. If he is going to get in the race, he needs to get in now.

  3. Doug Deal says:


    Once again, a classic.


    The Thompson staffers in a recent news story say that only journalists care that he is delaying his announcement. It’s another case of eating your own waste.

  4. landman says:

    Measure twice cut once……

    I think he is smart to get his operation squared away before rushing to meet some deadline of entry.He is doing fine and will declare on his own timetable not the competition’s.

  5. jsm says:

    Keep in mind that all the talk about jump-in dates has been generated by the Draft Fred folks, not by his staff. He has only responded to speculation when asked. Fred has enough brain to get his ducks in a row and be sure the apparent support is really there before hitting the ground running. I fully expect a top notch operation when he announces, and win or lose, he’ll be there at the end with a respectable finish.

  6. Doug Deal says:


    And his handlers will be able to school him on what his strongly held convictions are and how pesky little thing like how the government works before someone asks him any tough questions.

    You would think a candidate would figure out where he stands and what he would do as President BEFORE he decides to run, not after.

    But what do you expect from Hollywood? This sequel to Reagan seems more like The Phantom Menace, rather than Godfather II.

  7. Tommy_a2b says:

    Man Doug I do not know who you are supporting but you sound like a McCain cry baby. Why don’t you run for President and show us all how to do it correctly.

  8. Donkey Kong says:

    “I supported him early on, but this is rediculous. Get in or stay out.”


    Rudy’s my man now. I spent the weekend thinking about it, because I realized I needed to make a decision and stop hoping that Newt runs. And I skipped right over Fred and went to my man Rudy.

    “Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Ruuudy! Ruuuudy! Ruuuuuudy!”

  9. Icarus says:


    There are a lot of us who are social conservatives that believe Rudy will do a lot less harm to our cause than Hillary, Obama, or that chick from NC with better hair than Hillary.

    I’m on the fence between Fred and Rudy. My heart wants Fred, but my head says that Fred won’t win purple states.

  10. jsm says:

    Nice swerve, Doug. Nobody’s telling Fred what to think or say. He’s getting his organization together–not his message. Speculate all you want. When Fred hits the pavement full-time talking issues, we’ll see how reliable all the Fred-bashing drivel is.

  11. Donkey Kong says:


    Yeah, I am serious.

    It bothers me a great deal that Rudy is not pro-life. But, the main weapon the President has to end abortion is court appointments. Rudy has promised to appoint strict constructionist to the courts, and that almost always means pro-life. I wish Rudy was pro-life, and I really want a President who would take the charge for life. I hope he has a genuine change of heart, but until he does, I appreciate his honesty.

    Rudy has also said that he is pro-2nd amendment at the national level. If I weren’t a bit of a federalist, I’d say that’s nonsense, but I believe that there are many things appropriate at a local level that are completely inappropriate at the national level. I trust him when he says this. Normally trusting a politician is risky, but he has had the opportunity to change his position at politically expedient times (like Romney), but he has refused. So, I think he is being honest in swearing to uphold the 2nd amendment.

    I think there are bigger issues facing the most powerful nation in the world than gay marriage, though I am certainly opposed to it. I hover between a ban of gay marriage and leaving it up to the states. However, I think its a terrible idea to have a constitutional amendment to end gay marriages.
    Let’s see…
    Right to free speech
    Right to life, liberty, and property
    Ban gay marriage…
    It just doesn’t seem to fit. The real issue is something much greater than gay marriage, and that’s the eradication of the values of western civilization. Let’s attack THAT and we address gay marriage and a whole lot more. Thus, Rudy’s position on gay marriage is not a big deal to me, though I disagree with it.

    Fred can still win me over. The big attraction I have to Rudy is that he will not be bullied, either by the Dems or by terrorists. We know Obama/Clinton would be, especially Obama. I don’t think Fred would be bullied, but despite his federalist tendencies, he reminds me too much of GW Bush. Remember, Bush43 ran, not on foreign issues that we conservatives tend to agree with, but on domestic issues. Bush’s domestic platform in the 2000 elections was stellar. But as time went on, he drifted to a big government neoconservatism. I am afraid that Fred would do the same.

    Fred’s hesitance to jump in the race is one more thing that turns me off. I want a President who is sure he wants to be there and who is running because he knows he has something to offer. What does Fred have to offer? A short stint in DC? An actor? A lobbyist? The comparison to Reagan is sorely lacking. Reagan had been fighting communism for decades before he became President. Not only was Reagan Gov. of one of our largest and most powerful states, he was fighting political battles (against Communism) as head of the Screen Actors Guild. I know we all want another pure conservative, with stellar communication skills, to be the GOP nominee. I just don’t see Fred as that guy. I think Rudy would be a better leader than Fred, and right now our country is facing too many difficult issues, both domestically and abroad, for me to vote for someone who’s leadership ability is in doubt.

    Though I think there is some (a little) merit for voting on political, rather than ideological, grounds, my support for Rudy has nothing to do with electability. Other than Newt, I think Rudy is our best option for President.

  12. Doug Deal says:

    Tommy, I turned 35 this year, so I might just take you up on it.

    I WAS actually supporting Fred, and then I happened to scratch away the veneer of hype surrounding him and realized there was little underneath. (I was #8 on the online petition at ga4fred.org).

    I still support him entering the race, and would like to actually see him take a stand on something he believes in BEFORE his handlers drill into him what he “believes”.

    This was the problem with George Bush. People backed the guy before he was ever vetted and lined up behind him and the choice became him or Captain Queeg (McCain).

    Now, he is trying his best to not give anything that would be considered a policy statement, manipulating his entrance to AVOID debate, and just hoping the hype will carry him along.

    It is not critical at this point, but he is sucking up all the oxygen and financing of candidates who are actually holding up their end of the bargain and participating in the debate. What happens when the

  13. Donkey Kong says:

    For the record, Doug and I came to the same conclusion, citing the same evidence, at the same time, without any collaboration. How could we possibly be wrong? 😉

  14. AlanR says:

    What happens on the ground still matters. Does anyone have any sense of what the Thompson campaign is doing in Iowa, New Hampshire and beyond? National polls are great, but if he doesn’t participate in Iowa, and gets clocked in New Hampshire, Thompson will need to win SC by spectacular margins (sorry if that’s not the order this year).

    And if Romney wins big in Iowa and NH, where he is investing a lot of time and money, it will be a huge national media boost that will make him much more difficult to defeat in other states.

    Count me for Fred! but the way things are going, I’m not thrilled.

  15. Harry says:

    One more thing that bothers me about Fred is his appointment of Spencer Abraham to be his campaign manager. Abraham is an open borders guy who received an award from La Raza in the 1990s, and allowed himself to be outflanked by a liberal in 2000 and defeated in his senate contest by her use of conservative issues in campaign commercials.

  16. Donkey Kong says:

    Uh-oh Erick. It seems the Fred?bots are starting to malfunction.Will our dear leader lead us away from a shaky candidate named Fred? or will he “stay the course?”

  17. Doug Deal says:

    Wow, I made the mistake of posting my diatribe to my Redstate blog page, thinking maybe 2 people would read it.

    It is amazing the degree of KOS-like rabidity many of the supporters of Fred have adopted. That is not a good sign.

  18. Donkey Kong says:

    They are Fred?bots, Doug. I think they have a short somewhere. I would go back you up but I’m typing this on my blackberry and RS is harder to navigate on the BB than PP.

  19. Icarus says:

    Doug, I was going to suggest you put that over at RS, didn’t realize you already had a page. They’re not calling it FredState for nothing. I’ll cruise over and take a look shortly.

  20. Icarus says:

    Donkey Kong,

    Would love to see your piece added over there as well. Probably won’t get quite the same degree of backlash, but will be interesting.

  21. Jace Walden says:


    It’s RedState…the same group of intellectuals who think Democrats celebrate the deaths of our troops, who think George W. Bush is a conservative, and who think the war in Iraq is going perfectly….

    Consider your audience.

  22. Doug Deal says:


    That is a little to true to be funny.

    Icarus, I wonder if that is some sort of record for a blog post.

    I think it was my choice of title. I admit it might have been a little too provocative, but I did want people to read it, I just didn’t know it would turn out like I was chumming the waters at a piranha tank.

    Of course, I think 75 of those 111 were my replies.

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