I Suspect They’ll Listen to Sonny And Obey the Legislators

But that’s just my guess.

The power struggle between Gov. Sonny Perdue and Republican legislative leaders heated up again on Wednesday and this time state agency heads are caught squarely in the crossfire.
A memo from six top Republican lawmakers instructed state administrators to ignore Perdue’s state budget veto instructions and instead follow the Legislature’s spending blueprint. Those who fail to obey could see their funding slashed or eliminated when lawmakers return to the Capitol next year, they said.


  1. GOPeach says:

    I loved hearing C-Span announce OUR governor SONNY PERDUE as signing the certified vote from Karen Handle’s office confirming Dr. Paul Broun as the new 10th Congressman.

    How cool.

  2. modcon says:

    So six Legislators have decided to usurp the Executive power and are threatening to eliminate anyone who won’t submit.
    Sounds kind of third world country to me.

  3. modcon says:

    Actually, the more I think about this the more it disturbs me. These Legislators clearly have no respect for the Constitution. The Governor vetoed a bill and the House could not get the Senate to complete the veto process. Game Over.
    These Legislators need to be dealt with.

  4. modcon says:

    “A memo from six top Republican lawmakers instructed state administrators to ignore Perdue’s state budget veto instructions and instead follow the Legislature’s spending blueprint.”

    What’s it about?

  5. modcon says:

    Declaring the Governors rescission of the veto as unconstitutional and then issuing orders directly from the legislative branch is not the way to resolve the issue.
    If the Governors transmittal of the veto was bona fide (as Richardson claims it was) then the House needs to address the fact that the Senate has not yet voted on it. Not just declare themselves as the new executive branch and start shouting orders.
    When Perdue first said he was going to veto the appropriations bill all I heard from the House was whining. Were going to have to have a special session, we won’t get to go home, we need to override this thing. Senate says go ahead we won’t. Ok so the House has tipped their hand. Sonny changes course and line items instead. Then Richardson launches tantrum 2. “But a press conference is a bona fide transmittal.”
    Now after numerous closed door meetings a group (yet to be named) of Legislators has decided to invoke the executive powers of the legislature. Their edict “If you don’t spend the money Sonny vetoed, we’ll take away all of your money next year!” ???
    The fact of the matter is the Legislature does not have the power to make appropriations without Executive approval. To attempt to so is in direct violation of the Constitution.
    When activist Judges try to usurp the power of the legislature the people here go wild with indignation. When the Legislature begins interloping into the Executive office it becomes the Executive whose the villain.
    If Sonny had been the one dangling the tax refund carrot would the reaction be different?
    The reaction of the House has less to do with anger over the loss of your refund than it does the loss of there pork. Besides sometimes principles aren’t convenient, would I like to get an unexpected tax refund? Sure.
    Would I trash Georgia’s Constitution to do it? No.
    The House of Representatives have made it clear from the get go that they were not going to accept any changes to the budget that they submitted to the Governor. They tried to intimidate and out maneuver, that hasn’t worked. So now they have made an out and out grab for power by issuing their own executive orders. That just reeks of parliamentary coup to me.
    It’s time we stop crying over the refund we’re not going to get and take a closer look at what’s going on from a more Constitutional standpoint.
    These legislators need to be dealt with.

  6. modcon says:

    I’m sorry I overlooked that the Legislators were named.
    House Speaker Pro Tempore Mark Burkhalter, of Alpharetta;
    House Majority Leader Jerry Keen, of St. Simons Island;
    House Appropriations Committee Chairman Ben Harbin, of Evans;
    Senate President Pro Tempore Eric Johnson, of Savannah;
    Senate Majority Leader Tommie Williams, of Lyons;
    Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Jack Hill, of Reidsville

  7. Donkey Kong says:

    Modcon, I think the bigger issue is that Sonny has diverted funds the legislature has designated for a specific purpose to other projects the Governor wishes to see funded. THAT is clearly unconstitutional, and the House has even considered a lawsuit to solve
    this issue. That is why the letter used the phrase “intent of the appropriations”-to ensure the funds as appropriated by the legislature are used appropriately.

    I don’t like this squabble at all, but I appreciate the House standing up against the aloof governor’s power plays and upholding the constitutional role of each branch.

  8. Painterman says:

    Spending is a matter for the legislature, not the Governor. The Governor can agree or disagree. If he does he signs the bill, if not he vetos it. What he can not do is, (as he has done) say I don’t like this spending, I’m going to veto it and then say to an agency, you can spend the money anyway but on something else. That is an abuse of Power by the Governor.

  9. Painterman says:

    Modcon, It’s the Governor who needs to be delt with. He is overstepping his athority. Spending is a matter of the legislature. the Governor can not direct spending. He can get his floor leaders to enter bills to spend money as he would like, but when all the dust settles, spending must be directed through legislation passed by the Legislative body and sent to the Governor for approval or veto. Don’t you find it funny that the Governor had no problem spending multi millions for tax breaks for high income earning seniors and yet not for an tax rebate in almost the same amount, saying the State could not afford it? Then changed it to that it was because of the unfunded retirement fund. If that was so important why did he not ask for those items to be funded during the session? He asked for a lot of things but funding retirement wasn’t one of them. Don’t blame the Legislature, this falls fully on an arrogant Governor having a temper tamtrum.

  10. jsm says:

    I’m amazed that one man thinks he can decide for the whole state how tax money is spent. He needs to be neutered in the next session.

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