1. Erick says:

    Oh dear God that’s ridiculous.

    Dave is a super guy, 100% ethical, and knows his stuff. If I needed a top notch lobbyist, I’d be hiring Dave too.

    He’s also one hell of a consultant.

    What the critics are really criticizing is Dave’s competence, which is how he’s developed such great relationships.

  2. Rpolitic says:

    You know the funny thing is that I don’t remember Steve Anthony or many others ever getting this scrutiny.

    The fact is if you look there are a ton of old line Democrats still doing a good deal of work in the Majority Republican legislator and having plenty of success.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    I’m not knocking Dave, Erick! He’s good at what he does or else he wouldn’t be successful at it.

    What I’m knocking is that, to me, there should be some kind of wall between the political roles, lobbying roles, and official roles that are carried out by those in thise business.

    The rules for Georgia’s General Assembly should at least meet the minimum of what the rules for Congress are.

  4. GOP Girl says:

    Is the AJC this hard up for political articles that they have to go trash some consultants? Geez.

  5. Bull Moose says:

    This is another reason why ethics reform is very much necessary. Appearances are important and this does not give off the best appearance.

  6. Rpolitic says:

    Bull what would you suggest? Many of us suffered under the regime of Tom Murphy as legislative aides because we could not be lobbyists. Now that we have worked this hard to suggest it is unethical etc. is a joke.

    You know as a conservative I have made joke about the acadmic folks and their ivory tower but I am starting to think that some of folks who have never been a part of the process are just as bad.

    At least he is honest enough to register as a lobbyist. Many folks under the old regime just wandered the halls having “meetings” but never registered so they never really existed.

  7. Bull Moose says:

    I agree to a point Rpolitic. However, I’d like to see ethics reform similar to what is in place in Congress be the standard for Georgia.

    I’m a purist. I believe we either need term limits or fairly drawn districts. I believe we need absolute disclosure. But we also need limits on how much lobbyists can spend on both Legislators and staff people. I think $50 per indvidual from the same group or lobbyist is fair in each session.

    My issue is not at all with Dave. Don’t let the point of the matter get lost in whether this is about Dave or anyone else.

    It’s about principle.

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