You Tube debate.

OK, I admit I didn’t watch the CNN/You Tube debate tonight. A Presidential debate that included all those candidate who have no chance at all just wasn’t high on my list tonight. I’d like to hear what folks who watched thought. To kick things off, here’s a bit of what Jeff Jarvis of PrezVid thought:

I am sorely disappointed.

CNN selected too many obvious, dutiful, silly questions.

Anderson Cooper didn


  1. Trevor Southerland says:

    I personally really liked the set-up of the debate. Obviously it’s something new, and I think CNN hopefully learned a couple of things to improve on. (Such as showing the video questions on the full screen and not further away.)

    I’m really looking forward to being able to vote for Barack Obama in the coming primary and then of course seeing a Democrat in the White House come 2009.

  2. Doug Deal says:


    It was horrible. I hope that this is the last time they chose this format (I guess they are locked into it for the Republican debate).

    I do not mind the lesser candidates in the race, as no one should be forced out until at least a real vote has been cast. Maybe, if they want to limit the candidates, just charge them all a $1 million entry fee. The third tier candidates will gladly stay home.

    One thing is clear, there is something seriously wrong with out country, that from this gaggle of goof-balls is half the field that will vie for the Presidency. Fear turns to doom when you then glance over at what the Republicans are putting up on their end.

  3. Mike-El says:

    I, too, thought it was a mess. As anyone could’ve guessed would happen as soon as they announced the YouTube concept, there were way too many questioners trying to be funny. Thank goodness for Mike Gravel, who could be seen grimacing at the questioners’ “antics” as all the others fake-laughed. Also, not having in-person questioners gave the candidates free reign to go off whatever tangent they liked (and it didn’t help that Anderson Cooper was more interested in getting in his own punchlines than keeping them on point).

    But it was another strong night for Hillary, who comes to these debates loaded for freaking bear and takes ownership of the stage. The crowd was noticably hotter for Obama…but he still doesn’t seem quite up to speed yet. The only memorable highlight for the rest of the field was Joe Biden’s shout-out to Kucinich’s hot wife.

  4. Rusty says:

    Two thoughts, from someone who half paying attention while also chatting in the uStream room and trying to do some work:

    1) Hillary p0wned this round. I say that as someone who doesn’t like Hillary Clinton, and would be happy if we never had to deal with another Bush or Clinton in any public office.

    2) The choice of questions was a joke. There were plenty of good, serious questions posted to YouTube, but few of them were used.

  5. buzzbrockway says:

    I would prefer some other method of selecting the questions. I’m not sure exactly how you do that, but with CNN (or any other media outlet) selecting the questions it’s really not much different from any other debate.

  6. ChuckEaton says:

    I’ve gotten to where I’m bored with the “debates” and hardly ever watch them.

    With so many candidates and so little time, it seems more like a game show than a Presidential forum. I’m not looking for the Lincoln Douglas Debates, just something more than contestants posturing for the best soundbite / punchline.

  7. ChuckEaton says:


    I completely agree with you. The media was patting themselves on the back as if it was somehow the “peoples” debate, but with CNN filtering the questions what’s the point?

    It should have been done by “most popular” on YouTube.

  8. GOPeach says:

    The Communist News Network made it look like the “common folk” were in charge of the questions.- LOL

    Yeah right! 🙂

    I agree with Chuck – Let You Tube decide not CNN!

  9. GOPeach says:

    I will say one thing …

    If I HAD to choose a president from that pannel LAST night – it would be John Edwards and that is pretty pittiful …

    He wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he seemed to be the most sincere … I know pittiful – just pittiful.

  10. rugby_fan says:

    Take this to confirm/dispel/make no impact on your beliefs, but, having the Democrats go first is an advantage to the Republican candidates.

    No one knew how the debates would work and now, the GOPers can know (to an extent) what to expect from the debates.

  11. jsm says:

    I only saw some of the post-debate news coverage, and commentators seemed very impressed with Obama’s ability to give answers that alienate no one and embrace all sides of an issue. His buzz phrase “corridors of shame” was obviously manufactured for campaign speech, but it ought to refer to the halls of Congress in recent years rather than the old school buildings he was moping about. Who, other than an architect, uses the word “corridor” on a regular basis?

  12. rugby_fan says:

    And I take no debate seriously that does not feature my choice for president: Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel.

    Randy Returned Messiah Crow is my second choice.

  13. GOPeach says:

    Did anyone notice how HILLARY kept calling all the “boyz” by their first names ?????

    ” Barak”, ” Joe”, ” John & Elizabeth”, etc…
    And everyone else respectfully called her “Senator Clinton”…

    I kept looking at Obama’s face each time she called him “Barak”— you could tell he was not okay with that… ( Black folks are BIG on using their titles — Rev., Bishop, Congressman, Mayor, etc…- they HATE to be called ” Jesse”, Eddie, David, Shirley)…

    Soo I kept looking at the steam coming out of Obama’s cute litle ears and then at the end he said…

    ” I actually like HILLARY’S jacket” BAM!
    He got her back and the black folks understood what he did – It was a signal to the black community that she disrespected other leaders, yet demanded respect herself….

    That was a classic move – I must hand it to Obama. He is quick on his feet.

  14. Doug Deal says:

    The instant reaction tracking data was interesting. When Hillary droned on about her possibly being the first female president, her ratings took a nose dive. Also, her overal average rating was the lowest of the big three by far.

    I don’t think she can ever shake that negative feeling that people have for her.

  15. rugby_fan says:

    First off GOPeach, the senator from Illinois’ first name is “Barack”, not “Barak”.

    Moreover, when did you become so in tune with black culture? It seems there is no group that you are not acutely sensitive to, or that you represent.

  16. Bull Moose says:

    I watched it and for the first time, I could honestly say that I could see Hillary Clinton as President of the United States.

    She didn’t pander. She was realistic. And in the cutaway shots, you could see her seriously listening to what was being said.

    Anyway, I liked the format! I hate it that the GOP debate isn’t until September! I think they are making it later so that Fred Thompson can’t get out of debating.

  17. GOPeach says:

    Wel my dear Rugby-

    My daughter -in-law is BLACK and my grand kids are bi-racial!

    You can bash my spelling but you better lay the hell off of my family! You got that?

  18. Doug Deal says:


    Personally, I am sick of F Thompson’s feigned indescision. The charade has gone on long enough. If he is so uncertain about his entry, why should he even enter the race? Strike me off the list of supporters.


    As for Newt, the best description I have ever heard regarding him is “bomb thrower”. He will cast barbs at others when not in their presence, but does he actually have the fortitude to go toe to toe. His absense in the race points to him lacking this characteristic. I am also not so keen on supporting someone who isn’t willing to do the ground work, like everyone else.

    This leaves me supporting Guliani. It is not a perfect choice, but I can swallow his faults a lot better than the only other leading candidate, Romney. If one of the cellar dwellers catches fire and cracks 3% support, I may reconsider my choice.

  19. Doug Deal says:

    Change that to Giuliani. I take no blame for spelling his name wrong, it’s his fault for running for President with such a hard to remember spelling.

  20. GOPeach says:


    Perhaps I am not as stupid as you may think and I know a good bit more than you realize… and I am frankly not in the mood to take your crap today… all yur personal attacks yesterday were over the top …

    Today, I am drawing the line with you. I know plenty about the BLACK culture – dignity is really important to them as so much has been plundered – some self -inflicted and some not.

    Sooo next time I would rather you make your point without it being so $%$%^ personal!

  21. GOPeach says:

    Doug –

    Let’s pray the celler people get money…

    Better yet – Let’s send them a CHECK TODAY!
    $25, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1K … SOMETHING!!

    If we all did something – we have a stake in this as opposed to merely blogging about it.

  22. GOPeach says:


    I know what you mean about Newt –
    He seems a little timid … lurking and waiting
    to see what happens … you know …
    kinda like FRED is doing also!

    I am sorry folks but FRED ?????
    What has he done????


  23. Doug Deal says:

    rugby, you said

    I never bashed your family.

    You do always seem to know everything about everyone.

    There’s an old expression about a pot and kettle, probably lost to antiquity, that seems appropriate here.

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