Ms. Mallory is back in the news

She has a new calling.

The mother who fought to ban Harry Potter books from her children’s suburban Atlanta school district said her work on the case has allowed her to find her calling – ministering to children and young adults.


  1. GOPeach says:

    To be honest – I never heard of Laura Mallory until this blog mentioned her…

    And my advice to her is – ” If the government schools fail to meet your expectations – pull them out of it!”

    Because I had 5 kids, it was easier to homeschool them than send them to private schools. But, if you just have 1-3 kids, find a great private school for them or move into a school district that is far more in step with your standards.

    School control should be on a local level beginning with the parents. Once a standard is established in the home, then create that standard or go find it. Shake the dust off your feet if you are in a place that refuses to comply 🙂

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Why exercise freedom of choice when you can demand that the government legislate your unfounded beliefs on everybody?

    Peach, I’m surprised you haven’t bolted out the front door to join her in solidarity.

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