Call Off The Revolution

OK, Andrew Keen wins a round. Atlanta blogger, The Shelbinator, went live on Internet TV during and after the CNN YouTube debate from the Citadel last night. At one point, The Shelbinator had up to 69 viewers tuning in. Our intrepid blogger took us afterwards, live of course, to the infamous post-debate spin room where he:

a.) wandered around in search of a water fountain
b.) snagged a few minutes with CNN’s John King
c.) failed to shove enough people aside to get to Joe Biden
d.) shut down all production to chase after women

Talk about not quite ready for primetime. But Shelby looked nice in his suit and tie, and we at home got to yell along in the live chatroom that provides for the blogger’s homies.

Overall: The cult of the amateur is moreorless as it should be: inmates running the asylum. And having a roaring good time doing so.


  1. Will Hinton says:

    Spacey: Sorry I didn’t call Keen a f**ktard. Would you have preferred I do that?

    I suppose it was stupid to try to dialog with someone I disagree with. 🙂

  2. SpaceyG says:

    Honestly Will, I’ve been so busy pissing on folk’s parades that I haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole Hinton vs. Keen interview, just link to it thanks to your excellent marketing and promotions dept.

    But you wasted good time with him and didn’t call him a f**ktard? Talk about wasting a great opportunity to use a terrific word…

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