‘Largest known dogfighting ring here in recent history’ to be dealt with in Oglethorpe court

According to the Athens Banner-Herald:

Authorities in rural Oglethorpe County last November busted the largest known dog-fighting ring here in recent history.Deputies responding to a complaint of dogs fighting on Wesley Chapel Road in Lexington came upon a group of as many as 40 men who scattered, leaving behind a blood-stained fighting pit and dogs including pit bulls chained to trees and in cages. Two animals were so badly injured they had to be put down.

Deputies also found treadmills that the dogs are tied to while training to fight.

Six men later were arrested and are set to stand trial in October on felony dog-fighting and aggravated animal cruelty charges.


“Dog fighting kind of crosses the line,” said Madison County Sheriff Clayton Lowe, whose deputies haven’t fielded a single dog-fighting complaint during his 11 years in office. “You’d pretty much have to be on dope to enjoy something like that. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was going on, because nothing surprises me, but if it was going on, we probably would’ve heard about it.”


With the Vick indictment, and the growing profile of dogfighting in the media and the public eye, I think that this type of story will be becoming more common than we would like in the near future.

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  1. nova says:

    Only two dogs were put down? What happens to the other dogs? Are they “saved”? Does your neighbor have one? Will it break the chain it has to be kept on and attack your child? Why don’t we ever hear about the “saved” fighting dogs? Because nobody wants to hear the truth about them, THEY CAN’T BE RETRAINED! Those dogs are time bombs. But you will never hear about when they go off. Unless it is your child that is in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is a story for you. Where are all the follow up articles on the “saved” fighting dogs?

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