1. Congratulations Erick, and Congratulations to the Democrat nominee.

    Robert Reichert is an excellent choice for Mayor. He is immensely qualified and has a vision for the city.

    I’m thrilled with the possibilities this community has at this time. The mandate for change is deafening. From all appearances, this new government is aligned to address the deficiencies.

    There are few communities that have the assets Macon has, both historically and present. I really believe we are on the cusp on some great things.

  2. jm says:

    “He said becoming part of the Creek territory also would help ensure residents’ safety, because Cousino believes that terrorists wouldn’t view the city as a target if it wasn’t part of the traditional United States.”

    Right, because after NYC and DC, Macon was next on the list….

    Wise decision, Erick.

  3. mercergirl says:

    Thanks for the clarification, haha.

    Wow.. would Cousino’s ideas even work? I mean how could that happen? Give our land back to the Creek nation- how?

  4. Doug Deal says:


    If Cousino believes in leading by example, he would probably just have the city not pay it’s bills and have the land taken in bankruptcy.

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