1. Donkey Kong says:

    I really hope Harry passes away at the end. I doubt I’ll ever know cause I don’t plan on reading it. But I can hope.

  2. GOPeach says:

    I hope there is just one more book where a kid wakes up in a drug rehab discovering all the other books were just discriptions of a looooog nightmare he had after eating way to much Halloween candy laced with meth.

  3. GOPeach says:

    …. and ALL the billions of dollars spent by people who have more money than brains ends up ending poverty in countries like Haiti which have voodoo as the State religion.

  4. Demonbeck says:

    I just hope that another book series comes along that can capture the imagination of millions of children (and adults) like this series has.

  5. Joy says:

    Good review. Tough to do that without spoilers.

    I think Philip Pullmans “His Dark Materials” has a shot to attract the Harry Potter junkies. We’ll have to see if the movie later this year (or early 2008?) sparks everyone’s interest.

  6. Donkey Kong says:

    Great job on the review. One of these days, I may end up reading some HP. But only after this infuriating furor passes away like the brief shiver of a man who, upon entering his warm house in a snowy winter, removes his jacket and briskly dusts the frozen white flecks off his shoulders, shivering from the brief memento of the chill outside.

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