Stupid Criminals of the Day.

It’s not smart to break into a K-9 training facility:

Police dog handlers arriving Wednesday at the abandoned nursing home where they hold training sessions discovered two men and a woman dismantling the building’s copper pipes and wiring, Hall County Sheriff’s Sgt. Kiley Sargent said.

When the officers arrived, the three dropped their tools and ran. That was their second mistake.

“For anyone to try to run from a whole unit of canines, it’s just a no-win situation,” Sargent said.

Pamela Puckett, 37, quickly surrendered. Marc Black, 18, was tracked to a trash bin behind a nearby convenience store. Paul Perry, 39, was treated for a superficial dog bite just below the buttocks after his arrest, authorities said.


  1. gatormathis says:

    I appreciate you dropping this lil tid bit of information on us. It’s nice to see a “humorous” story such as this one from time to time.

    A win-win situation for those seeking training for their dogs, this “live-fire” exercise was a sight better than any “mock-up” the guys could have devised.

    The dogs probably dearly loved it, especially the one who decided to take a “bite” outa crime’s ass.

    But to see the fuzz, and immediately make the mistake of dropping everything and running, these perps had about as well yelled “Sic Em” on themselves.

    They were probably just there collecting recyclables to sell, give a portion to charity. and hope the delivered goods would be turned into more useful products and shipped to the Katrina effected nursing homes, so that their wire could be replaced with new wire. You know, make the residents more safer and such. When it’s all said and done, I bet that is what the deal was, or by the time the “attorneys” get through, it will be………

  2. Harry says:

    From the AJC – stupid Atlanta cops of the day:

    (It almost seems as if they’re trying to chase good responsible people out of the city.)

    Bob Wood had just picked up his son from kindergarten when he came across the disturbing wreck.

    A pickup truck was wrapped around a pole, a man slumped over the steering wheel bleeding profusely.

    After Bob Wood chased a knife-wielding SUV driver, police never appeared. Then they said witnesses should avoid playing “hero.”

    But what happened next, he said, was even more distressing.

    The stolen Chevy Suburban that had caused the wreck was leaving the scene. And when a bystander tried to pry open the SUV door to stop it, the driver pulled a knife on him

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