Jeff may be done with CD 10 but Whitehead isn’t.

John Stone sent an email to the Political Insider:

Wrote Whitehead strategist John Stone:


  1. Icarus says:

    With no disrespect intended to John Stone, I’m always amazed when the losing side of a special election and/or runoff uses low voter turnout as an excuse or vindication of the losing candidate.

    Low voter turnout is an expectation in these elections. Your campaign strategy better center around moving your voters and getting them to the polls. Not giving the opposition a reason to motivate their voters (“We’re coming to Athens and we’re bringing hell with us”) is another important point.

    A runoff election is a totally new election, not an extension of the first round. Broun, amazingly, seemed to understand this. I’m not sure Team Whitehead did.

  2. In the loop says:

    This has been bugging me for awhile …

    The context of the “hell” comment was Whitehead finally coming to Athens for a debate. It’s been made into an anti-Athens comment, but really McElhannon was talking about how Whitehead was going to beat Broun in a debate.

  3. How could there be fraud Buzz? There weren’t any Democrats on the ballot, jk.

    In all honesty though, military absentee ballots are the ultimate hail mary play of the desperate losing campaign. In a high turnout general election there are always a large number of outstanding military ballots after election day, and it is rare for more than a few percent to come in.

    Why anyone would expect anything different than that in a low turnout special election is beyond me. The vote totals in this race might change, but not by more than 10 votes per candidate. And you can take that to the bank.

  4. Jeff Emanuel says:

    “In the loop,” in all seriousness, you’d know better than most. Why is it, then, that it was so blown up into something else — and was it not effectively explained by the Athens media, or is it just a case of folks taking something out of context and running with it to such a degree that there was no effective “correcting of the record” that could have been done?

  5. Jmac says:

    Jeff, in defense of the Athens media, I don’t recall them being the ones who started up with that particular line. Broun was the one who being tossing it out there and no one challenged it, primarily because everyone thought he was a floundering candidate who was heading for a beatdown at the polls.

    We were all wrong, so lots of this is in hindsight I would imagine.

    Also … where in the world is Stone getting 6.9 percent? The turnout was more than twice that.

  6. In the loop says:

    AJC Political Insider had the quote, not us. The Broun campaign used it in mailers to imply that Whitehead was telling Athens to go to hell.

    JMac, 6.9 percent is the number of registered voters who voted for Broun. Total turnout was 13.5 percent.

  7. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Thanks, In the loop. Jmac, I was asking just that — not accusing Athens media of perpetuating it, or the ABH of being derelict or whatever. Just curious for In the loop’s take on it, as he is, well, in the loop. 😉

  8. In the loop says:

    Yeah, it is a cop-out. You wouldn’t hear Stone complaining if Whitehead had gotten 7 percent of registered voters. Losing candidates always blame turnout. Guess what – your supporters did turn out. You just didn’t have many.

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