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From the Political Wire:

Cook Political Report: “Talk about a stunner. While most eyes inside the Beltway this week were glued to the latest rush of campaign finance reports, an insurgent yet under-funded candidate in Georgia who received next to no national help toppled a heavily favored establishment candidate whose runoff coronation became such conventional wisdom that he had begun to receive high-fives from national Republicans and ‘Welcome to Washington’ PAC checks.”

CQ notes the final result “will have no impact on the balance of power in the U.S. House, as both candidates who qualified for the runoff to succeed the late conservative Republican incumbent also are conservative Republicans. Yet the fact that the outcome is so close — and that Broun currently has the lead — is a stunning turn of events, as Whitehead was widely regarded as the front-runner nearly from the race


  1. debbie0040 says:

    Interesting commentary from the latest Evans-Novak Report about this race:

    Georgia-10: This battle between two Republicans proved to be a shocker for Washington observers. Dr. Paul Broun (R), exploiting Georgia Republican voters’ disgust with their party establishment, appears to have come out of nowhere to upset former state Sen. Jim Whitehead (R) in the special election runoff to succeed deceased Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-Ga.). The two candidates are separated by about 400 votes, with 1,700 absentee ballots yet to be counted.

    Both are strong conservatives, Broun a bit more outspoken. Still, not only did Broun reach out to Democratic voters in his native Athens — who were fearful that their portion of the district would be ignored by Whitehead — during the second round, but he also launched a vigorous campaign on Whitehead’s turf, the more populous Augusta portion of the district. By all available early accounts, he worked much harder than Whitehead, who had topped the first round of the special election with 44 percent over Broun’s 21 percent.

    Whitehead’s campaign was certain that he had the race in the bag. They made an insufficient effort to turn out the vote in his portion of the district, and they totally wrote off Athens. The Whitehead media plan for the runoff included some television and radio, two mailers and just a few phone calls.

    Broun was far more aggressive with mail and phone calls attacking Whitehead for failing to care about the Athens area. So overconfident was Whitehead that he chose not to respond in kind, wishing to remain above the fray.

    The race had been Whitehead’s to lose, and he looks to have done just that.

  2. GOPeach says:


    I was really disappointed that Sue endorsed Whitehead – ( although not surprised -she likes to be popular and that is her weakness) She has not learned to be a thermastat — still a thermometer.

    She immediately became a part of the GOB ( Good Old Boys) – to fit in.

    She should go read the RULES – A Party Chair is NOT to endorse ANY Republican over another –
    on a personal level or any other. That is what she had to give up when she took on this job.

    I hope she has learned her lesson and will not repeat this mistake. She is about my age and I do not think she has her finger on the pulse of the “Anti- establishment” Constitutional Republican Base that is on the uprise who could frankly care less about the Country Club!

    Back last summer and took a beating on this blog in the Lt. Gov. Primaries. Then I took another beating in the 37th State House race, then ANOTHER beating in the Cobb GOP
    Chairman’s race…

    I have gotten phone calls and e-mails from PP readers saying that they are appauled how
    moderate young pundits are these days. No Goldwaters, no Buchanans, no Reagans —
    just Rockafellers.

    The reason why there were so many shocked people on this blog when Broun won, is that
    “anti-establishment people” are not blogging because they read how ripped I get. Well Peach
    has thick fuzz!

    Maybe now that we have shaken up the GOB ( Mob) racket in Georgia the “ARM’s” ( Arrogant Republican Moderate) will take a few notes from WE THE PEOPLE!

    The “ARM” train was about to take this Party to hell in a handbasket! The Conservative Base was about to bolt if something did not change.

    NO MODERATE REPUBLICAN has EVER been elected President! So I suggest all moderates drop out. No democrat will vote for a moderate republican! If they want a democrat- they will get the real deal.

    Word to the wise … in politics …
    Be defined by CONTRAST not simlarites!

    The more CONTRAST – The better –
    Look at RON PAUL! Perfect Example.

  3. buzzbrockway says:


    Can you provide some proof that Sue E. endorsed Whitehead? Is there a press release somewhere you can link to? I don’t see anything about it on Whitehead’s website.

    If you can’t provide any proof, withdraw your statement.

  4. GOPeach says:

    Buzz –

    Ask ANYONE at the COBB Regional Republican Women’s Club Dinner last month. She publically supported Jim Whitehead and it was disturbing to many.

    That is my proof, Sweetie. Get over yourself already.

  5. buzzbrockway says:

    You’re the one who’s claiming Sue endorsed Whitehead thus the burden of proof is on you. You still haven’t proven anything. Telling a few people she’s likes Jim is hardly a formal endorsement.

  6. GOPeach says:

    Well the way I heard it from 4 people is like this…

    Sue got up and said, ” As Chiarman, I can not endorse a candidate BUT as a citizen, I can do what ever I want … It looks Jim Whitehead is about to take Charlie Norwood’s old seat.”

    That disturbed enough people for me to hear about it… just an ” FYI” to Sue.

    Buzz – you can stop with the “lawyer lingo”…

    “burden of proof”…. honestly.
    Shall we continue our communication in Latin? 🙂

  7. buzzbrockway says:

    That’s your “proof” that Sue Everhart endorsed Jim Whitehead? Really, really weak GOPeach.

    That’s not even an expression of personal support. She merely stated what many people thought would happen, and because she grinned you call it an endorsement? Come on.

  8. GOPeach says:

    ” She merely stated what many people thought would happen…”

    THAT’S my point — She should have mentioned BOTH candidates and not just the one
    ” many people were thinking…”

    I am saying she needs not use her position to promote moderates. If so… she will be making a lot of people angry.

  9. Holly says:

    Jim Whitehead was NOT a moderate, Peach. Go look at his state senate voting record for that proof in the pudding.

  10. GOPeach says:


    Maybe his record was clean in the State Senate … but moderates were all over Whitehead’s campaign- he would have caved in DC more than likely — much like Saxby did.

    They play to the home team and that would have been more moderates than conservatives…

    I know you are bummed out about the race-
    But I PROMISE you Congressman Broun will make you proud!

    I would LOVE to have him over David Scott.

    Just think how bad I have it? I am living vicariously through you guys… I would love to have such a wonderfil man to call when I needed to get a message to them… My congressman does not care about my values whatsoever.

    BE HAPPY!!!

  11. modcon says:

    What rule precludes the state chair from making an endorsement.
    2.13 REMOVAL OF OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF STATE COMMITTEE states “If a member of the State Committee, a District Committee, or a County Committee shall publicly advocate the election of another candidate for an office for which the Republican Party has nominated a candidate, that advocacy shall be cause for which that member may be removed from party office.”
    This is the only section that adresses exec. committee endorsements.
    Since there were no party nominations Sue was free to endorse anyone she chooses.

  12. modcon says:

    As far as the party being taken over by moderates, it’s been the ultra right wing wackos and the Christian Coalition that have been trying to hijack the party for the past 20 years. They might have been successful but they have a penchant for selecting candidates that are unable to “walk The Walk.”
    The Republican Party is the party of states rights not forced ideologies.

  13. buzzbrockway says:

    GOPeach and her friends call anyone who doesn’t support the candidate they support a ‘moderate.’

    ‘Moderate’ is code word for ‘pro-abortion’ and at some point GOPeach and her friends will call every single Republican ‘pro-abortion.’

    Mr. Whitehead should count himself lucky to be called a ‘moderate.’ He joins many great men and women down through the ages to be so labeled by the GOPeaches of the world.

  14. jsm says:

    Peach, I know you like to throw around your Southern lingo and talk about “whipping our fannies” and such, like a granny would do, but you are a detriment to the candidates you support. On this very topic you just dug yourself in a hole about the “Sue endorsement” and had to start back-peddling when someone with a brain challenged you. That’s only after you posted your cute little acronyms about people you don’t like who didn’t support your candidate. You should face the fact that you rub people the wrong way. There are ways to win people over, and you obviously don’t know about any of them. You get “ripped” because you’re annoying, not because you are “anti-establishment.”

    Your guy won, and that’s great. Enjoy gloating for a day or so and move on. And stop posting in groups of three.

  15. GOPeach says:

    A Moderate is one who stays neutral in the mushy middle, stutus quo, ETSABLISMENT!

    A MODERATE is one who thinks as the polls dictiate. A MODERATE is one who is a ditto as opposed to the thesis.

    A Moderate is one who refuses to rock the boat and likes to be among the mindless spineless wonders who muddle about among the shadows of both liberals and conservatives.

    There is an old saying –


    That is a moderate!

  16. rugby_fan says:

    So GOPeach in between ignoring the virtues of our fair state and insulting moderation (a fine virtue), have you conceded that a moderate Republican has been elected president?

    And your definition of moderate is grossly inaccurate.

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