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Sadly this is no joke. It is real. It must die.

Introducing 3D Mail:

Thanks to Techcrunch for scaring my email box. Thank God this thing won’t be unleashed on the Mac.


  1. grabbingsand says:

    From the 3d Mailbox website:

    3D Mailbox’s shader-based renderer creates beautiful and realistic settings never before seen in an e-mail program.

    You don’t say …

    And to add insult to inanity, there are “levels” to this thing. As written, the app shows your e-mails hanging out on Miami Beach, but a future expansion will (ahem) allow you to watch messages come and go at LAX.

    Think about that. Watching your e-mail. At the airport. Virtually.

  2. grabbingsand says:

    The fat dudes have “SPAM” tattoo’d on their chests, see? Because they represent spam! They’re ugly, you know, like spam! See?

    No. This app still sucks.

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