Say hello to your new Congressman, GA-10

Congratulations to Paul Broun. I’m eating crow for breakfast this morning, as I (like most others) predicted a Whitehead cakewalk. One key to victory appears to have been liberal Athens, where Broun received nine times the number of votes that Whitehead earned — another surprise to me.

Speaking of Athens, it’s no surprise that the ABH isn’t a big fan of Paul Broun or his conservative politics, and it’s doubtful that his Athens residency will earn him any favors with the paper in the future. However, I was a bit surprised to see it beginning already, with a picture of Broun on the front of the paper today which makes him look like he suffers from palsy or some such thing.

It’s below; take a look at the ABH’s version of your first look at the 10th CD’s new Congressman.

I know that the ABH has better photographers than this, and that they take enough photos when on a location that they had to have had better pics to choose from. Nice start to coverage of the Paul Broun era in GA 10.


  1. Jmac says:


    I didn’t think anything of the sort when I saw that picture, as what I saw was a guy who was pretty happy to have won an election no one gave him a chance of winning.

    Plus, if you think the editors and photographers have the urge, let alone the time, to intentionally ran ‘bad’ photos, then you have little idea of how a newsroom works on deadline.

    Also … the liberals turning out for Broun theory is overhyped. Look at the turnout numbers in the surrounding counties, who were also turned off by Whitehead’s stance toward Athens-Clarke County. Oconee County added 1,000 votes to Broun’s total from the special election, while Madison County chipped in 600 additional ones.

    The Democrats wouldn’t have voted for Whitehead in Athens-Clarke County … they just would have stayed home. It’s those rural county vote totals which are impressive.

  2. Lee Benedict says:

    I have to disagree; the key to victory was not liberal Athens, but the Whitehead campaign hierarchy. I know a few of Whitehead’s campaign people and they are ALL knew what had to be done in order to win. However, the upper echelon with their arrogance and greed prevented the better man from winning.

  3. Common Sense says:

    The liberal media will stop at nothing. Did you notice where they used a comma in the story when a period was clearly required. By making the sentance long it became too dificult to understand and thus destroyed Broun’s chances at re-election.

  4. buzzbrockway says:

    Congrats to Paul Broun and team.

    On a related note I reluctantly give props to GOPeach. IIRC she’s been on the Broun bandwagon from the get go. I guess that makes her something like 1 for 20 on endorsements.

  5. JRM2016 says:

    Ummm, is it over? It looks like the AJC is reporting the absentee ballots in Whitehead friendly Columbia County have not been fully reported and that 1,700 or so are still outstanding.

    Just curious…

  6. Lee Benedict says:

    BTW – Jim Whitehead had a detailed plan about what he would do to improve the quality of life for Athenians. But the Banner-Herald completely and intentionally distorted his quotes and views and then blanketed itself in the First Amendment. I have been to numerous campaign events and Jim’s campaign higher-ups have always had an aura of pomposity, and quite honestly, disorganization and ignorance on how to run and manage a campaign. As you can probably tell, I am a wee bit pissed off. Broun did not beat Whitehead…Broun’s campaign management team defeated Whitehead’s. If it were simply Broun v. Whitehead, Whitehead would have 90% of the vote. Let me stop now before I really go off the deep end.

  7. atlantaman says:

    It’s going to be easy to pull the runoff voting rolls and see how many hardcore democrats were on it. I’d assume most of them voted for Broun, especially the ones in Athens, to throw a monkey wrench into the GOP machine and spoil a sure-thing.

    The irony is if you look at both candidates on paper, while both conservative, Broun is probably further to the right and more extreme than Whitehead.

    I would have bet the ranch on Whitehead. Not to sell Broun short, but this race was Whitehead’s to lose and it appears they managed to pull a loss off.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    I spoke to a co worker that lives in Jackson County and he said he called the Whitehead campaign Saturday and asked them to give him a reasonto vote for Whitehead. He had received mail pieces from Broun but not one thing from Whitehead.

    He said that the Whitehead staffer used to work for Norwood and all he could come up with is that Norwood told him on his dying bed to help Whitehead. My co worker also said the staffer was arrogant.

    He voted for Broun.

  9. Federalist says:

    Congrats GA 10 Congressional District! You all just elected Forrest Gump to represent you. Way to go.

  10. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I personally dealt with Sen. Whitehead, not the staff, and I think he’s a pretty humble guy. Staff can certainly give the wrong impression, though.

  11. mapman says:

    I just ran the numbers after reading what Political Insider said. There were 13,386 votes cast in the original election in Columbia and already 12,157 have been counted in the runoff. If there are 1700 votes outstanding, like PI says, then that would mean almost 500 more votes were cast in the runoff in Columbia than in the special . . .

  12. Jmac says:

    But the Banner-Herald completely and intentionally distorted his quotes …

    OK, but that’s not how the media works. There is absolutely no motive for the ABH to intentionally distort someone’s quotes. Aside from being grossly unethical, that’s not what happened.

    Whitehead said some stupid things and those things trumped all the other things he said. That’s how the media works. Plus, the ABH offered tons of links to audio files and PDF files which detailed Whitehead’s proposals, and Blake would run Whitehead press releases at his blog from time to time.

  13. Holly says:


    I was there for the conversation you referenced. In no way was the staffer arrogant. He apologized for the man not receiving any mailers, and he tried to go through issues with him. I wouldn’t write it if it weren’t true – I think everyone knows here that I’m going to be honest, even when it’s painful. From hearing this end of the conversation, it sounded like the man had his mind made up long before calling the Whitehead office.

    I’m not going to stand here and say we didn’t have our problems on the campaign. We did. However, I am proud of the work I did for Jim Whitehead.

    Also, I want to say congratulations to Paul Broun. Enjoy your 15 month stay in Congress, sir.

  14. GOPeach says:

    Yes Dr. Broun’s party was in a house!

    It’s what we conservatives call CONSERVATIVE! No wasteful spending!

    CONGRESSMAN PAUL BRAUN was supported behind the scenes by canidiates whom I have supported on Peach Pundit. He had a relentless army working for him who were all tired of the arrogant moderates in Party calling the shots while drinking shots on the donors and voters expense.

    I suppose Sue is shocked! She supported Whitehead.

    The CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES are back in the game. I am not going to leave my grandkids in a nation full of deal makers and good ‘ol boys making up their own rules.

    We see where this country is going and we are really motivated now more than ever! Time for a tea party ( Boston style). πŸ™‚

  15. profg says:

    Here’s my prediction, if the numbers hold and Broun wins:

    Before the end of his term, Broun will leave the GOP and declare as a member of the Constitution Party.

    There’s been stuff in and about this campaign that not many people know about, and if I was a betting man, I’d bet this will be the result.

    Then it will get interesting.


  16. Donkey Kong says:


    That wouldn’t surprise me either. Do you think he’ll wait til after the 08 election though? It would make more sense to switch early in a full term rather than late in a half term.

  17. Jmac says:

    If what Bill says is true, it would make more sense to gauge his positives early in 2008. If he’s facing a strong GOP primary challenge from Augusta, it might be more feasible for him to run as a third-party candidate.

    Still, it’s hard to believe he’d leave the party after actually winning a seat.

  18. debbie0040 says:

    I was not in that district and thought either one would do a good job. I am just relaying the opinion of my co worker. He was undecided and last week ask my opinion and I told him that either would do a good job.

    He was upset because he thought the Whitehead campaign did not solicit his vote with mailpieces or phone calls and Broun did.

    I told him that most of the GOP establishment supported Whitehead and to call both campaigns and see which he thought would do the best job representing his interests.

  19. Guys guys guys, So do we really think that conservatives are going to start bolting from the GOP? I think worst case scenario, he becomes the newest member of the Ron Paul wing of the party. Switching, nah. Tim wouldn’t stand for it.

  20. GOPeach says:

    Buzz Honey-

    Peach has almost 30 years on ya.
    I have picked plenty of winners in my day.
    I’ve been at this a loooooooooong time.

    Do you hear that Buzz???

    It’s the sound of wind blowing.
    The winds of change!!

    I think the wind is blowing south to the 13th CD!

    Broun supporters … come help Peach now!

  21. Holly says:

    Our poor Yankee. He comes across all wrong down here. πŸ™‚

    I’m not sure what Broun was using for his voter file. For some reason, it was more targeted here, and wider in some other areas of the district. We were using a 3/4, 3/3, and 4/4 perfect voter pull, I’m pretty sure.

    CHelf, I’m thinking more along the lines of a Republican, though I do quite like Denise Freeman and James Marlow. Good people.

  22. GOPeach says:

    Brian –

    The Constitutional Party is growing faster than you can clear your throat. I think you would be shocked actually.

    The Ron Paul movenment is CLEAN and CLEAR.
    No bait and switch like the Grand OLD Party.

    We need a GNP! Grand NEW Party!

  23. atlantaman says:

    Some interesting numbers on this race:

    The Original Special Election were as follows:

    Whitehead – 23,555
    Broun and all other Repubs – 14,510
    Marlow and all other Dems – 15,362
    The Lib – 710

    The runoff election so far, which really shouldn’t have much of a GOP drop-off due to the original race being a special election:

    Whitehead- 23,100
    Broun- 23,473

    I think after this cursory glance at the numbers it’s obvious where almost half of Broun’s votes came from.

  24. atlantaman says:

    “Before the end of his term, Broun will leave the GOP and declare as a member of the Constitution Party.”

    The only reason he would do that is if he only wanted to serve one term. Barry Fleming probably has already sent a Constitution Party application to Broun in the mail.

  25. profg says:

    DK & Jmac, I think that Broun would recognize that he’ll likely be picked off in a GOP primary in a regular election, so declaring early will get him a lot more earned media and “bang for the buck” than waiting for ’08 when he may likely not be the GOP nominee.

    He could also run for Senate or President on the CP ticket then. Quite a temptation for someone like Broun.


  26. GOPeach says:

    I want to thank every 10th CD Democrat who
    supported DR. Paul Broun.

    You sent a clear message to the ” ARM’s”
    Arrogant Moderate Republicans.

    No longer voting PARTY — Voting PERSON!!!

  27. profg says:

    Holly, I’d like to know where Broun got his data, too. I got two Broun robo-calls in two days to my home office number, and I don’t live in the district (remember? πŸ™‚ ) I believe that’s because that number belonged to someone who lived further east 2 years ago, before I got the number.

    Also, my father-in-law, a legal resident but not a citizen, got no less than FOUR Broun robo-calls on election day, to his new phone number, which obviously used to belong to a voter some time ago.

    So Broun was using old data from somewhere, and not targeted much at all.


  28. CHelf says:

    Seeing how the numbers are pretty much even between the special and the runoff are you saying the same people that voted in the first one voted in the second and those voting Dem the first time just switched to Broun?

  29. Holly says:

    Bill, yeah. . . sorry about that. I’m glad you came last night, though. Please tell your family I said hi.

  30. Icarus says:

    Since Erick declared yesterday a slow news day, I went out to see the Braves play, got in late, didn’t look at any news until I got to the office.

    I’m as surprised as anyone (other than GOPeach) at the result in the 10th.

    That said, it’s the morning after. Firing squads are being assembled, and nerves are still raw.

    More than likely, Broun has the ability to withstand a primary challenge if there is one. I seriously doubt he would switch to the constitution party. He is much more likely to vote consistantly with the Republican Party line. After all, now that we’re in the minority, we seem to want to vote based on principle now.

    In 18 months, Broun will be viewed as just another ultra-conservative Republican, and part of the establishment. A primary challenge will look less likely as time goes on, and the Augusta/Columbia crowd will be looking to the 2012 redistricting to cut away from Athens.

    Just my $.02

  31. GOPeach says:

    Brian –

    I am with the party as long as the party is with me.

    Lately … it looks like the GOP acts and feels like the democrat party to me and many others.

    Just look at how the republicans on this blog bash Christians involved in politics.

    …say we drink Kool-aid and are in cults…
    mocking us like we are outcasts…

    thinking we will tuck tail and leave.
    Well … if that’s what you want…
    that’s what you will get!

    A mass EXODUS from the very base that
    elected Ronald Reagan!

  32. atlantaman says:

    I’m not so sure he’ll be picked off in the next GOP Primary, he’s an incumbent now and will be formidable.

    Although, if I wanted to run against him in the next primary (which is only a short while away) I’d probably announce in the next week or so. I’d try to put folks back in campaign mode and stop them from viewing Broun as an incumbent. In my announcement I’d mention that Broun getting elected was a fluke and it was the liberal democrats who placed him in office – the numbers support the statement. The next Primary will be clean, without any Dems voting in it as they’ll be too worked up over Hillary and Obama to cross-over. In the primary Broun won’t be able to run to the Dems to make up half of his voting block.

    Whitehead’s misteps with the Athens bashing, etc wouldn’t have hurt him so badly in a clean GOP Primary.

    Never-the-less Broun should still be formidable. If I were Broun I’d camp out in Augusta for the next year.

  33. GOPeach says:

    I Carcus-

    That is an “ARM” statement…
    just to prove why/how the PRO-ACTIVE
    Broun Campaign removed the Whitehead.

    Excuse the pun.

  34. atlantaman says:


    That’s pretty much what I’m saying. If you look as Whitehead’s numbers they are almost identical from the Special to the runoff.

    After a cursory glance, one can only assume that Whitehead turned his base back out, but nobody else and Broun picked up all the remaining Repubs and incentivized a tremendous amount of Dems to come back out and vote for him.

  35. GOPeach says:

    Atlanta Man –

    The liberal democrats??? LOL LOL LOl

    Surely you gest!
    No liberal would ever elect DR. Broun!

    Your little strategy will fail because it is a LIE!

  36. However Broun did it, it was well executed. According to Charles Bullock the chances of winning the run-off is all but guaranteed for a candidate who gets at least 35% of the prior election. JW got 43%.


  37. atlantaman says:

    GOP Peach-

    When I used the term “liberal” it was for a hypothetical Primary challenger to use in a campaign speech. I don’t honestly know if the Dems who voted for Broun were liberal or not, but go back an look at my numbers – a bunch of Dems voted for Broun.

    The votes had to come from somewhere, if you dispute this then tell me where Broun’s new found support came from.

  38. atlantaman says:


    I agree with you as it was a phenomenal win. I’m not trying to slight Broun as he executed a brillant strategy, just trying to be objective about the race. He did what he had to do to win the runoff, but his support included a bunch of Dems.

  39. GOPeach says:


    Of course SMART Dems voted for DR. Broun.
    What’s wrong with that???

    Republicans should be thrilled that a CONSERVATIVE like DR.Broun won that seat and got the votes of the Democrats as well as

    AGAIN… people are no longer voting PARTY
    We are voting PERSON with the right PRINCIPLES!!

    The pragmatic moderates are getting left behind
    more and more… connect the dots!

    Let’s all hope Sue gets a clue or the party is on the way down the tiolet – like the Titanic!

  40. Broun capitalized on locality, it seems, more than ideology.

    He then went on to win 14 out of 21 counties, and pulled 25% from Columbia. Solid strategy if you ask me.

    As far as objectivity, I did not, and still do not really care about this race. πŸ™‚ It just did not interest me. I will admit I am a little more interested now though. But during the actual election I did not favor a particular candidate. I just did not care.

  41. Jmac says:

    Broun’s work in those rural counties is what’s most impressive. Even if the Athens-Clarke County Democrats had stayed home, Broun was picking up 1,000 votes here and 600 there in places like Madison County and Morgan County, and that would have ultimately helped him as well.

  42. Jmac says:

    And, uh, the votes for Broun by Democrats was more a vote against Whitehead than one for Broun. There’s a very good chance Broun, as the incumbent, loses Athens-Clarke County in next year’s general election.

  43. atlantaman says:


    I’m not necessarily saying there is anything wrong with Broun picking up a bunch of Democrat support in the special election. Once again, he did what he needed to do to win the run-off (althought I still think there is a chance Whitehead can win this).

    If he has a primary challenger, Broun will be formidable.

    My only point is if you were contemplating running against Broun in a Primary you would have to consider the fact that Broun won with an extremely small portion of the electorate and with a big chunk of Democrats pushing him to victory.

  44. GOPeach says:

    Well I cared because I saw a chance to fill a seat in Washington that would vote with ME!

    I cared and still care. If I can effect the way this country is going I will do so. It is my God-given duty!

    I am humbled and blessed to see this be such a victory.

  45. CHelf says:

    As far as phones go, you have one vendor that has phones but also codes based on connectivity reliablity. If one wants to actually connect to the voter they are looking for they pull high connectivity phones. High connectivity phones means recently verified. If one pulls ALL phones odds are they get old phones but are able to reach out to more warm bodies, answering machines, businesses, and faxes.

  46. AlanR says:

    Sincere congratulations to Paul Broun, and GOPeach, as well. Broun won because he worked harder. He deserves the seat.

    But please, let’s not get carried away. This wasn’t Lee Atwater v. James Carvel. This was two bad campaigns, and Whitehead’s campaign had more problems than we knew about. Broun’s campaign was by far the better of the two bad campaigns. They made calls to bad numbers — at least the calls got made, and the ones that happened to go to a real voter may have helped. From comments above, Whitehead couldn’t get it together to call or mail a lot of voters.

    And Broun got a lot of help from Athens democrats.

    Broun’s future is in his hands. If he works hard and does it right he can hold this seat forever. His history suggests otherwise.

    I wish him well.

  47. atlantaman says:


    I hate to break the news to you, but as a freshman in a minority party (worried about getting primaried in 12 months), I don’t think Broun is going to have much of an effect on the way this country is going.

  48. V. Monroe says:


  49. GOPeach says:

    When people like DR. Broun are in office-
    I can sleep better at night!

    I know he is not boozing with the ” big boyz” on my dime.

  50. profg says:

    Up here in the northern counties, state Representative Jeanette Jamieson (D-28) did phone calls to boost Dem support for Paul Broun. State Representative Charles Jenkins (D-8) took Broun around several of his counties in the Tenth District to boost Dem support.

    Broun had his runoff strategy – a smart, if hypocritical, one – and the Dems had theirs. I believe they figured they could more easily beat an incumbent Broun than an incumbent Whitehead. Time will tell.


  51. CHelf says:

    With 321 of 322 precincts reporting, Dr. Broun, of Athens, had 23,514 votes to Mr. Whitehead’s 23,120.

    Per Augusta Chronicle

  52. CHelf says:

    B ut will those Dems with the alleged agenda be able to compensate in a GOP district during a Presidential election?

  53. atlantaman says:

    I originally stated Flemming is probably sick to his stomach. We’ll this may end up being a great opportunity for him.

    With Whitehead it could have taken 4 to 12 years before Flemming got a shot at Congress, with Broun he could potentially be campaigning for Congress in a couple of months.

  54. profg says:

    Ha ha Brian. πŸ™‚

    No, I mean Towns & Rabun (Jenkins), and Stephens, Banks & Franklin (Jamieson).

    Two Dems, by the way, whose time has come, if the GOP can run a viable enough candidate to beat them.


  55. Naw ATL. The money will start coming soon. PACs and lobbyists (along with the rest of the establishment i.e. State Senators) will have the Congressman-Elects coffers filt quite quickly. He is after all G7 now.

  56. atlantaman says:


    Don’t get me wrong, I think Broun is going to be tough, but he’ll be easier to pick-off than a typical incumbent.

  57. CHelf says:

    But if these Dems crossed over for Broun here to have a better chance at picking him off wouldn’t they cross over in the Primary to ensure that happens? They probably won’t have an incentive to stay home in most cases and vote Dem in the Primary. They’d make sure the ‘grand plan’ worked by voting for Broun in the Primary and then defeat him in the general would they not?

  58. I think 08 will be the year to pick off incumbents if there is going to be one. This race shows how much anti-establishment America and Georgia are right now.

  59. profg says:

    bowersville, I didn’t hear about Powell helping Broun, although it wouldn’t surprise me.


  60. CHelf says:

    I’m waiting to hear from the SPofGA. They’ll be bragging soon that THEY won this for Broun.

  61. bowersville says:

    Don’t know that Powell did, I know some Ds did. I was talking about a change to R for the 29th.

  62. bowersville says:

    The 29th House, Alan Powell D incumbent for 16+ years I believe. Hart, Franklin & a portion of Madison.

  63. TPSoCal says:

    Gosh, you would think my fellow Republicans would be happy with an all GOP runoff. There’s more hard feelings here than if it was GOP vs DEM. Both candidates are conservative and not RINO’s, both would have been solid Republicans in the congress, we held the seat, BE HAPPY!!! Is the Ga GOP really this divided, where you argue bitterly over 2 conservatives?

  64. TPSoCal says:

    I have had Henry Waxman as my Representative for over 10 years. I would welcome a Marlow here. Count your blessings.

  65. GOPeach says:


    It’s not “Anti-establishment”…
    You are reading this through ” Moderate Glasses”
    Be careful…

    FED Control!!!

    We want LOCAL control & TAX cuts!
    That is what we want!

  66. GOPeach says:


    It’s not “Anti-establishment”…
    You are reading this through ” Moderate Glasses”
    Be careful…

    FED Control!!!

    We want LOCAL control & TAX cuts!
    That is what we want!

  67. GOPeach says:


    It’s not “Anti-establishment”…
    You are reading this through ” Moderate Glasses”
    Be careful…

    FED Control!!!

    We want LOCAL control & TAX cuts!
    That is what we want!

  68. debbie0040 says:

    I agree with Brian to some extent. There is a good bit of anti GOP establishment sentiment out there now .

    Whether or not Braun wins, the election was so close, some of the factors could have been anti GOP establishment back lash.

    Another factor is the fact Athens felt scorned by Whitehead. Remember the old saying, “Hell hath no fury like woman scorned”? That could come back to haunt Whitehead.

  69. Icarus says:


    This ARM can see you’re nuts.

    Congrats on your victory. As Daddy always used to say, even a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while.

  70. Romegaguy says:


    My grandpa used to say “Even the ugly man with an embarrassingly small penis gets laid every now and then.”

  71. Holly says:

    Holly’s not going to run, but thanks for the encouragement, Lee. I’d be a terrible candidate because I have no interest in being handled. Regardless of what the ABH or anyone else says about Congressional races and seats, you really have to sign your life over to your scheduler, press secretary, etc. No thanks. πŸ™‚

    Honestly, Barry Fleming was my first goat in the parade. Before anyone announced, he was the one I was hoping would run. He’s smart, well-respected, and hard working. So of course I hope he runs in 2008. That, however, is no prediction. It’s just my personal hope.

    I also hope that the G-7 will be as helpful in 2008 for Broun as they were in this race for us when there were two Republicans running against each other, which is to say almost not at all. They wanted to stay out of it because they didn’t get involved with two Republicans pitted against each other. Also, they stayed out of the Johnny-Mac thing for the most part in ’04. That should hold true when there’s a primary challenger for GA-10 in ’08.

  72. profg says:

    C’mon GA-10, have some fun for ’08:

    Rep. Barry Fleming – takes Colombia County & some southern counties in a primary
    Sen. Nancy Schaefer – takes all of central & north GA counties in a primary
    A Bunch of Democrats – run because they know Paul Broun can’t win re-election
    Paul Broun – can’t run for re-election because he’s switched to the Constitution Party and can’t get on the ballot due to GA’s restrictive ballot access laws



  73. Holly says:

    Sen. Nancy Schaefer – takes all of central & north GA counties in a primary

    Now, Bill, I think Nancy Schaefer is a crackerjack lady, but I don’t think she’d win the central counties based on what’s been communicated to me. The mountain counties seem to truly love her, though!

    Anyone from the central area want to weigh in on what the issue is? I’m curious about this, because I’ve heard the Habersham business-folk aren’t fond of Nancy.

  74. profg says:

    OK Holly, let’s throw Sen. Ralph Hudgins in to take the central counties, then. πŸ™‚

    (Yes, I know he’s been slammed pretty hard on PP, but he actually has a lot of support in many central county GOP circles.)


  75. Lee Benedict says:

    Hudgens will not get very far because of his declaration of candidacy in this race before Mr. Norwood was taken to the funeral home; it was extremely bad taste and perhaps Ralph was thinking…well I don’t know what the hell he was thinking, but he cannot put the crap back inside the horse.
    Barry Flemming; I like him. I “heard” that the reason for him not running this time was because the poll numbers did not look good; again, that’s what I heard. For the record, I would like to see Barry run for Lt. Gov. in 2010. If he doesn’t…Bill Greene or Nate Pulliam would be good strong candidates.

  76. drjay says:

    i thought the new district would be more sw ga–try to redistrict bishop out of a job and maybe give richardson an option for higher office–also form what i’ve seen the ga gop generally tries to ignore and or marginalize primary challengers to their incumbents (just a personal observation–feel free to contradict me) in all but the most bizarre of circumstances. which would generally work in broun’s favor next year.

  77. In the loop says:


    You are absolutely right. On the tightest deadline imaginable, we all sat around trying to pick out the worst possible picture of Paul Broun because we hate him. Oh, sure, we had stories to write, pages to lay out, papers to deliver, but making sure Broun looks like an idiot was our top priority. It’s all a liberal media conspiracy to … what, exactly?

  78. Jack Bauer says:

    Congratulations to Paul Broun.

    TPSoCal hit the nail on the head. We should be celebrating instead of arguing over two conservative candidates.

    With that said, however, I was disguisted to hear that certain groups within the GA GOP umbrella endorsed and campaigned for one conservative Republican over another in a race for an open seat. In my book, the establishment got what they deserved as they stuck their nose in a place where it didn’t belong!!

  79. Holly says:

    Dr. Jay, we’re thinking Georgia might pick up two seats. It’s unlikely a new seat would be drawn in the southwest. The Gwinnett/Jackson/Oconee/Walton/Clarke area is likely to get its own seat from what I’ve heard. I’m not sure what other counties would be drawn into it. I’ve heard that the 10th would probably get all of Richmond County, and perhaps a county or two to its south, moving all of Savannah into the 12th. That’s just been the rumor tossed around here, though.

  80. Icarus says:


    Redistricted maps never look like everyone’s “eductated guesses” when they’re finally done.

    However, Assuming that the Gov and legislature stay in the R column in 2010, you can bet that each R congressman solidifies his base. That is why I commented earlier in the day that Broun would probably try to have Augusta eliminated from his district. He would, however, need to compensate with a large voting block of R’s, or he would quickly be defending a democratic seat.

    I’ll also predict that a new D district is drawn similar to the current 13th, to incorporate the democratic shifts of the inner suburbs.

    Anything after those two objectives is anybody’s guess.

  81. IndyInjun says:

    Deke Copenhaver is young, dynamic and would make a GREAT congressman!

    A golden boy wonder, he is.

  82. profg says:

    I think the Ninth will get back some northern counties, the Tenth will move southwards by picking up Richmond & some other ones currently on its southern border, and a new district will be carved out of parts of Gwinnett, Hall, Barrow, Jackson, and maybe Walton & Oconee… and Clarke will be split down the middle, finally diluting the Dem vote there.

    Of course, Broun will be gone by then.


  83. IndyInjun says:

    No, Holly, Barrow is doing pretty good as a Blue Dog Democrat in taking moderate to conservative stances. I have not voted for a Dem in years, but if I lived in the 12th, I would be with Barrow. The guy torched Burns in debates.

    Deke grew up in Evans and has huge support in CoCo – your term, not mine.

    I want to see one of these luminaries oppose Saxby Chambliss, who roundly serves a swift kick out of the US Senate.

  84. drjay says:

    there are already plenty of gop’s itching for their chance to take on barrow, including 1 former augusta mayor

    deke would be interesting as a congressional candidate in either district

    even w/ the establishment “making nice” w/ broun now, i can’t imagine w/ the unprecedented circumstances around his victory that there won’t be some other gop’s w/ the thought that special elections are just quirky things and not hesitate to run in a primary for a full term in 08–again broun’s performance in the next couple of months may be very important to his future

  85. Lee Benedict says:

    I know of someone who formed an exploratory for GA12; Chris Edenfield or Edgefield. He impressed me as one who can defeat Barrow and do a fine job in the House.

  86. Lee Benedict says:

    Holly, Indy, & Doc:
    What CD does Deke reside in? From what I heard, it’s the 10th. With all of the bruhaha that we experienced in this election pertaining to those who live outside of CD10, I sure hope that if Deke runs, he has ALREADY established residency there.

  87. IndyInjun says:

    DrJay –

    Bob Young was not exactly stellar as mayor of Augusta/Richmond County.

    As for the other GOP’s thinking of running – DO NOT ENDORSE THE FAIR????TAX – Barrow has more arrows in his quiver.

    Trust me.

  88. Federalist says:

    There goes that Nazi Bill Greene again. Wanting to split a county to dilute the Democratic vote…this is one reason he could not pull even 5% of the vote in a GOP district. Elections and governance are about the people, not just the ones you like Mr. Greene.

  89. profg says:

    Federalist, I never said I wanted to split a county – in fact, I think it’s a dumb idea. Please re-read my post. I specifically said that “I think” this is what would happen, based on demographics and past actions of those who make these kinds of plans and decisions.

    How does that make me a Nazi?

    Sheesh, what the heck is wrong with you?


  90. Federalist says:

    Using the word “finally” implies that such a measure would be of some sort of relief to you. I read your post. It is not this one remark that makes you a Nazi, it is a culmination of everything that I have heard from you. Nothing is wrong with me.

  91. profg says:

    Federalist, I taught political science at the university level, and I happen to know what a Nazi actually is. There is absolutely nothing in anything I have ever said that would qualify me as a Nazi, and you having to resort to such low-brow tactics speaks volumes about who you are and where you stand. I’m calling your bull.


  92. profg says:

    And my use of the word “finally” in context is quite appropriate, as it’s what the powers-that-be have wanted to do for years now.


  93. drjay says:

    i think he is in the 10th–he does have some flexibiltiy as mayor to move into either district should he decide to run for congress i would think–either wa he has a base and history of representing augustans.

  94. IndyInjun says:

    Young never really tried to overcome the racial divisions and sort of rocked along in office.

    I have to admit that DC has encountered the same obstacles.

    Young was too much of a Bush crowd partisan. I don’t think Bushites have much of a political future.

  95. Holly says:

    Indy, you’re right about Bob. People were quite unhappy about that move to HUD – many still are. Only time will tell if they will get over that if he does run. But right now, Bob lives in the 10th, I believe. I’m not sure where Deke lives.

    Honestly, I really like the idea of Jesse Stone running for the 12th, but I’ve said that before. He’d be a great choice.

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