Rusty Paul signs up with Rudy.

From the American Spectator blog:

Objectively speaking (from a pure horse-race standpoint), Rudy Giuliani has been making some impressive strides this week. First came the Wow-inducing list of advisors for his on judicial matters that included Steve Calabresi, Ted Olson, Miguel Estrada and Larry Thompson. Now, just out, comes his list of Georgia regional chairs, including this one: Greater Atlanta Co-Chair Rusty Paul

Rusty Paul is the founder and CEO of Isquared Communications, a marketing, public relations, advertising and government relations firm. He is a past chairman of the Georgia GOP and a former Georgia state senator with more than 30-years of experience in Georgia politics.

For those in the know, Rusty Paul is a big “get.” He has been a party power in Georgia for years. And he is a major economic conservative, having been in tight with Jack Kemp at one point. In my own (few) dealings with him, I have found him to be a very good guy, very approachable.

The Political Insider has some other names on Giuliani’s Georgia list.


  1. Donkey Kong says:


    You’d be surprised the quality of folks that Rudy is grabbing in GA. I also think you’d be surprised by the number of Rudy supporters in Georgia! Personally, Newt’s my man, and hands down I think he’d make the best President. I refuse to capitulate to arguments of electability–sometimes, you just need to vote your conscience, and Newt has my vote and whatever meager time I can find.

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