Maybe Whitehead Can Win? (I doubt it)

Well, it looks like Jim Whitehead might be the next Congressman. There are 1700 votes still to be counted in Columbia and, in my experience, the runoff absentee votes generally favor the primary winner by a significant margin. There are also a few votes uncounted in smaller counties.

[UPDATE by Erick:] There appears to be only one outstanding precinct left, contrary to the AJC report. That would be provisional ballots and those aren’t going to help Whitehead.


  1. profg says:

    Weird. I just communicated with someone “in the know” who says that’s wrong, and that there aren’t any absentees out, just provisionals. But CQ is reporting the same thing as this story. Huh???


  2. Donkey Kong says:


    You realize that if Whitehead DOES end up winning this thing, then you will be eating crow for years to come. In fact, I’m going to create a macro so that after every post of yours I automatically post a reminder of Broun’s loss.

  3. GOPeach says:

    Donkey Dong-

    Once again … ARROGANCE you so aptly display!

    And what shall we pots beside your posts…

    ARM – — Arrogant Republican Moderate

    Or… ARM Pit!

    How about … Deodorant?
    Would that get point across????

  4. TPSoCal says:

    Hey, it could happen. It happened in a Florida Senate race. After all non-absentee votes were counted McKay (D) declared victory. The next few days, absentees were counted and Mack (R) ended up winning. It was wonderful, especially since I voted absentee that year.

  5. GOPeach says:

    IF Whitehead does win this…
    I will declare WAR on Electronic Voting!

    In fact… I hereby declare WAR on them anyway.

    We need a paper trail!

  6. TPSoCal says:

    No, this was in 1988, there was no electronic voting. It was the was punch ballots. It wasn’t a scam, it’s just that Connie Mack received over 90% of absentee votes.

  7. Mark Rountree says:

    Columbia is saying all absentee ballots are already counted and that only provisional ballots are left.

    There would only be a handful of ballots left, perhaps a dozen.

  8. drjay says:

    if the precinct that’s “out” is the 1700 absentees from columbia county–whitehead should be able to make up the difference if they break the way the rest of the county did–if it is just provisional or overseas–there will only be a couple dozen of them and the race is over—does anyone know for sure which it is–i’ve seen fairly credible sources now report both options???

  9. Donkey Kong says:


    Only once in my life have I been called a Republican Moderate, and that was when I voiced doubts in 2004 about the justification for the Iraq War (based on the conservative isolationist values we seem to have lost). Heh. I’ve been called radical right wing, I’ve been threatened by members of the left, called all sorts of names not appropriate for this blog, but they always end with “conservative.”

    I’m very familiar with the Constitution Party, and know a decent number of CP loyalists (including some of its founders and speakers at National Convention), though I am not a member myself. In fact, we probably have some common friends.

    I find it humorous (in a sad way) that if any R disagrees with you, they must be moderate. I do look forward to meeting you at some point, though sometimes I wonder if you are wearing a court-ordered straightjacket.

  10. Jmac says:

    I’m not sure where the AJC is getting the 1,700 votes in Columbia County, and it’s contrary to everything else I’ve heard or read. The provisionals appear to be outstanding, not the absentees.

  11. Icarus says:

    A lot of counties now have a separate “precinct” that is just for overseas military ballots and provisional ballots. This is SEPARATE from absentee ballots.

    Columbia County does not have 1700 ballots left to count.

    Eventually, Jim Whitehead will concede, and will do so before Mac Collins does.

  12. TPSoCal says:

    I receive a daily political e-mail from the Wall Street Journal (OpinionJournal). Below is how the WSJ saw the results of the special election:

    Ron Paul Gets Some Company

    A special House election in Georgia yesterday produced a stunning result. In a runoff between two Republicans because no Democrat finished among the top two candidates in last month’s primary, GOP physician Paul Broun scored a shocking 50.4% victory over former state senator Jim Whitehead.

    In last month’s primary Mr. Whitehead held a 44% to 21% edge over Dr. Broun, but the frontrunner soon made stumble after stumble that allowed Dr. Broun to assemble a coalition of conservative Republicans, Christian conservatives and even liberal Democrats from Dr. Broun’s hometown of Athens. Mr. Whitehead had alienated residents of that college town when he jokingly suggested that liberals at the University of Georgia ought to be bombed. Meanwhile, he told a crowd in his own hometown of Augusta that he would focus mainly on that city’s concerns as congressman. As a result, Dr. Broun won 90% of the vote in the county that included Athens.

    But Dr. Broun won for reasons other than geographical pride. “I was fighting the whole Republican establishment from the governor on down,” he told reporters last night. He won by going over the heads of party leaders with a pledge that, once in Congress, he would apply a four-way test before voting on a bill: Is it constitutional and a proper function of government? Is it morally correct? Is it something we really need? Is it something we can afford?

    He capped off this legislative commitment by offering strong support for efforts to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the power of eminent domain over private property. He also strongly endorsed the abolition of the IRS and its replacement with a single national sales tax.

    “Today’s federal government is too big, too powerful, and too expensive because it is doing things beyond the scope of the Constitution. This is foolish and it is dangerous,” was how Dr. Broun closed many of his campaign speeches. He will now go to Washington to work with members of Congress many of whom are indeed foolish and/or dangerous. It would be interesting to chronicle his adventures there. It might even make a good movie. Perhaps the title could be: “Dr. Broun Goes to Washington.”

    — John Fund

  13. drjay says:

    maybe they just want to be sure all the other votes are in so columbia county will know how many provisional ballots it needs to find and certify?

  14. GOPeach says:

    TPSoCal –

    Okay – I was thinking a recent race…

    So this FL race you are thinking about was
    probably in a NAVY town — JAX when
    everyone was on a ship in the South Pacific.

  15. GOPeach says:


    Georgia is now Red, White, & Broun!
    No more blues!!

    Attention Class…

    US GOV. 101 Class is now in session.

    The 4 – way TEST on BILL VOTING is as follows:

    1. Is it constitutional and a proper function of government?

    2. Is it morally correct?

    3. Is it something we really need?

    4. Is it something we can afford?

    This is how we will get our country back!

  16. TPSoCal says:

    Actually, it was statewide election for the U.S. Senate. Back then, Florida did not count absentee ballots unless it could mathematically alter the outcome. No one expected it to alter the outcome until the ballots were actually counted. Mack received over 90% of those ballots and pushed him over the top. It took over 2 weeks to certify the final outcome. Imagine that.

  17. Donkey Kong says:


    I’ll agree with you here. His four-point standard is great. But you act like this is a new concept. The Capitol 216 Group has used a four-point standard for years.

  18. AlanR says:

    CobbGOPer — Which one do you mean, the consultant who won the primary or the consultant who lost the runoff?

  19. GOPeach says:

    Donkey Kong-

    I would like to meet you too…
    I am really sorry you were not working
    at the Athens Mall with me yesterday.

    That was a lot of fun… I had my son-
    a CONSERVATIVE – PRO-LIFE democrat
    campaigning with me… He got all the
    Jewish boys out to the polls – old FRAT
    Bros from UGA…

    Heard of the Cleveland Browns – Dog Pound??
    We were the Athen’s BROUN – Dog Pound!!!
    woof woof woof …. LOL

    Athens was our focus from day 1 –
    Black & Red !!!!

    PEACH has FUN when she gets into a campaign!
    No straight jacket can harness this fire ball!

    Ooo No Sur REE BOB! Ask Judge Peach! LOL

  20. Donkey Kong says:


    You crack me up. But for the good of all of us, I’m calling a Judge friend of mine and recommending the straight-jacket.

  21. In the loop says:

    I talked to the Columbia County board of elections. There is no mysterious box of absentees, only a few if any provisionals. The 1,700 figure is a false rumor spread by someone who is uninformed or involved with Whitehead.

    Seal it up and put a stamp on it. Broun won.

  22. GOPeach says:

    Donkey —

    Do me a BIG BIG favor precious –

    After all of my posts … Post “BROUN”!!!
    kinda like… “remember the Alamo”. 🙂

  23. Donkey Kong says:


    Your influence is like laughing gas. Yeah, you make us laugh, but meanwhile we’re slipping into oblivion. Speaking of which…maybe you taking some of that isn’t such a bad idea 😉

  24. Donkey Kong says:


    Your influence is like laughing gas. Yeah, you make us laugh, but meanwhile we’re slipping into oblivion. Speaking of which…maybe you taking some of that isn’t such a bad idea 😉

    I bet Rep. Dr. Broun can hook you up! 😉

  25. Holly says:

    The 1,700 figure is a false rumor spread by someone who is uninformed or involved with Whitehead.

    It’s not us, Blake.

  26. GOPeach says:

    Donkey –

    ” you make uUS laugh”??????

    “US”?????…. You, Yourself an You again…???

    I think you are already “hooked up with gas”.
    I mean laughing gas.. 🙂

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