It’s As Official As It Can Get Without a Signature

Here’s what I know.

There are about 6 provisional ballots outstanding in the 10th Congressional District and less than 150 military/overseas ballots.

Congressman Broun wins.


  1. Demonbeck says:


    I thought you were Jewish?


    Why does a Macon City Councilman care about the 10th district? Don’t you have constituents to fret about?

  2. GOPeach says:

    Demon –

    I am a Christian.

    My husband and kids are all Jewish Christians!
    The original Christians were all Jewish – like
    my family.

    Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John… all Jewish!

  3. rightbeforeleft says:

    Let the ass-kissing and influence peddling begin. Broun’s next FEC filing should be very interesting to say the least. Too bad the Peachtree Street lobbying community can’t hop the Brain Train yet to Athens while they do their groveling.

  4. Doug Deal says:


    You might find that you are a little bit taller. Demonbeck was pulling your leg, in reference to the infinite discussions on this site regarding your religious affiliation.


    He doesn’t have any constituents to fret about. He wasn’t even on the primary ballot. He just proclaimed himself councilman and therefore rules by fiat.

  5. grassrootsguy says:

    What in the world happend to the wonder child Joer McElhanon? This certainly is a major loss for his career too? How could anyone mess this up? It should have been an easy win. How embarassing for the Republican Senate establishment in Georgia. I think they all endorsed Whitehead.

    As someone else said, this was a great case of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

  6. GOPeach says:

    Jeff …

    Honey – you were right.
    Now just settle down baby and finish that crow before it get’s cold. I don’t like to re-heat it cuz
    it’s a little tougher than chicken sweetie.

    I know… let Peach put some Sour Grape Jelly
    on it… it might make it a little easier to eat.
    I don’t want my good -lookin boy to get skinny.

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