Well I guess it is kind of sort of official now

I am now the Republican nominee for Macon’s City Council, Ward 5, Post 3 spot. And since no one is running against me, I guess I’m kind of sort of a Councilman-elect until the second Tuesday in December, at which point I really am a Councilman.

Cry havoc!!!


  1. Doug Deal says:


    Not that I suggest one do it, or that they could win, but it’s not official, so don’t do an endzone dance yet.

    Anyway, good luck on council.

  2. CobbGOPer says:

    Congrats, Erick. You’ll be hating life soon and counting the days until you can leave office…

  3. Bill Simon says:


    When you buy special privileges with a public official, that is termed to be the “cost.” I am interested in what the City of Macon pays its ward reps.

  4. Doug Deal says:


    Ah, of course. Based on how much less I make in Macon, than I could be making in Atlanta, I would assume the council earns a miserly pittance. However, since they have the power to set their own salary, and knowing some of the things that go on in council, it might be quite large.

  5. Honorable Erick will be knocking down $15k per year. City council tried to vote for retirement & insurance benefits for the part time positions a year or so ago and almost got tarred & feathered.

    Last time i checked, Wifi was bragged about on a banner on City Hall Steps but blocked inside the building.

    Erick, take some time to read up on roundabouts and call for an audit of the $300 million Road Improvement Program. You might find enough waste to underwrite benefits for part time City Council Servant Leaders.


    click on roundabouts for the federal studies. circular thinking is better than the backwards thinking we have accepted for what seems like eternity…

    your home energy bill will go up if you let them turn Forest Hill into Pavement Hill and the resulting ozone etc from deforestation will worsen Christy’s lung condition. i’d hate to see you have to leave the neighborhood. take action and don’t try the Mayor Ellis routine of saying trees pollute, we’ve heard it before…

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