Tom Price speaks to bloggers.

I tuned in to this week’s Conservative Bloggers Briefing where the guest was Congressman Tom Price. I hope to have some audio on Congressman Price for you tonight, but in the meantime here’s an overview of the Congressman’s comments.

Price talked quite a bit about what he’s termed the “Orwellian Democracy” of the Democratic let Congress. What he means is the Democrats say one thing a do another. For example, Democrats took Republicans to task in the 2006 election for excessive spending, yet massive spending increases are routine in this Congress. In addition, massive tax increases are in store if the Democrats have their way.

Another example of “Orwellian Democracy” is the push to bring back the Fairness Doctrine. Who could be against fairness? A recent poll showed 41% support for bringing it back, but few new what the Fairness Doctrine really is. Do people really support regulating talk radio? I doubt it.

On Iraq, Price pointed to more Democratic doublespeak. A few weeks ago the House voted to give the “surge” the time the Generals say they need to make it work, yet last week a timetable for withdrawal passed.

Price mentioned that Minority Leader John Boehner was working on a plan to reclaim the GOP’s conservative mantle. Clearly if the GOP is to be the conservative party it needs to earn the voters trust again. In Price’s view, the voters wanted change in 2006, but not the kind of change we’ve seen thus far from a Nancy Pelosi led House.


  1. Rusty says:

    I am totally with you on being against the Fairness Doctrine… it’s a relic from a time when only a few places had the resources to access a megaphone.

    However, I do find it tiresome when politicians like Rep. Price pretend like any of the accusations he made are unique to one party.

    I mean, really…

    A Patriot Act that demands people give up their freedom?

    Spreading (imposing) freedom?

    Operation TIPS?

    War on Terror/perpetual war?

    There’s a culture in Congress that Rep. Price is a part of, along with the current batch of Democrats, that needs to be turned out of office.

  2. John Konop says:

    The problem is Congressman Tom Price voted for and or supported the big government pork bills that put us close to 9 trillion in the red and future liabilities for our kids somewhere between 40 to 50 trillion dollars..And he still supports not eliminating earmarks, No Child Left Behind, Drug Prescription bill with a 2 trillion dollar future liability

  3. CHelf says:

    >>Price mentioned that Minority Leader John Boehner was working on a plan to reclaim the GOP

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