The Results

At 8:00 p.m., Paul Broun is kicking Jim Whitehead’s butt. The night is still young. Here is the link. 38% of the precincts are in.

In Macon, here’s my predictions:

Mayor: Reichert v. Randall in the runoff.

Ward 1, Post 1: Hutto outright, though possibly with Moffett in runoff.

Ward 3, Post 1: Schlesinger.

Ward 4, Post 1: Hill-Chambliss & Paris in a runoff.

Gibson wins the GOP Mayoral primary.


  1. griftdrift says:

    Only 2 precints from Columbia but that is an interesting rabbit like jump into the lead. If Broun pulls this off he may be the most unlikely winner I’ve ever seen.

  2. CHelf says:

    Looking at Oconee can you say the party’s initial endorsement of Whitehead was a little beyond what the voters called for?

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