The Jack Ellis Legacy

I’ll be blunt with this one – given the successes of David Cousino, Robert Reichert, Rick Hutto, Larry Schlesinger, Mike Cranford, Ed Defore, and Tom Ellington (who it looks like will have to go into a runoff), the Jack Ellis legacy is that he added a great deal of distrust to the already troubled racial relationship in Macon, Georgia and, as a result, has so united white voters in North Macon and Shirley Hills, he’s made it much more difficult for black candidates in divided primaries to get elected.

That is the Jack Ellis legacy. He could have brought harmony. Instead he expanded the discord.

He will not be missed.


  1. Erick,

    Chill, you don’t turn into a pumpkin til midnight mid December. And when you do, we might just turn you over to the critters that over run neighborhood if they clear cut Forest Hill Road.

    David Corr is rumbling about a write in vote attempt, you can counter him by helping with Zoning Ordinances against strip clubs and massage parlors within the vicinity
    of Bibb’s Public Schools.

    David you can strengthen your write in candidacy potential by speaking out against clear cutting and unnecessary road widening that wastes taxpayer money. Erick is afraid to speak out on the road program inefficiency for some strange reason, even when it’s in his own backyard.


  2. Who were willing participants. You can’t lay this all at the Mayors feet. It takes two to tango.

    At least YOUR Republican nominee could have put on a suit and looked somewhat respectable.


  3. Doug Deal says:

    Well, lets hope something is done about crime. Nothing else the new mayor or council can do will make a difference is nothing is done to address it.

    For cities from 75,000 – 100,000 population, Macon ranks as the 9th most dangerous city, out of 120. It is second, only to atlanta in per capitacrime rate in Georgia.

  4. maconyellowdog says:

    It’s a shame that the very few hard-core Republicans who voted in their primary couldn’t overlook Mr. Gibson’s race. This election proved that black Democrats will vote for white candidates, but white Republicans will support even a half-wit like Cousino over a qualified black candidate.

  5. I learned a very expensive lesson about the racism in Macon. I had been working on a City of Macon web site as a community service project since 1999.

    There was no funding for the project, so I kept doing it as a community service project, but when Ellis became Mayor, I learned how fast Whites in Macon are not liked. (Try shopping at Wal-mart on Gray highway if you don’t believe me)

    I also learned the mayor hired his friends to duplicate the site I was already doing. What I did for free, he paid his friends $13,000!!!!!!!

    Now, the city has two sites. I’m still doing one, and his friends are doing the other. And what have his friends told me? They’ll keep playing the race card to get more contracts. They also bragged to me they paid Ellis $15,000 towards his campaign to get the city contract.

    I’m still working for free, which I don’t mind because I think community service projects are good. But what really irritates me is that because I’m White, I don’t get a contract that pays, and the race card is being used.

    I hope the new mayor is color blind.

  6. katurner says:

    (whining) I din’ know that Cousino guy knockin’ on doors was ooohoohoohoohoo was gonna beat Gibson. I thought, see, I thought that (whimper whimper) Arlan was gonna get nominated, and, ugh arrrgh, that the blacks would vote for him over Reichert. Grrrrr. Kick, kick, oops I hit my ingrown toenail- OOWWW.

    I feel so bad about asking for crossover voting but I didn’t know Cousino would be the surprise of the millenium.

    Dependent on the runoffs I think Macon’s people won. This is the end of a disgraceful era at City Hall.


  7. liberator says:

    Vic there are already zoning laws on the books regarding strip clubs and have been since the early 1990’s. What is Your problem with Freedom of Speech and Private Property Rights? BTW Club Sinsations doesn’t have to meet the zoning laws as the dancers wear bikinis so they aren’t considered an adult entertainment business.

  8. liberator says:

    In addition I always speak out about wasting taxpayer money as You saw at the Budget Hearings for the City and County. It is also a waste of taxpayer money to engage in legal fights against adult businesses which usually fail! Let capitalism and the marketplace determine how many spas and strip clubs Macon has. Thailand Spa just passed inspection and got their license at 4378 HWY 247 and should open next week. More later!

  9. Steve Garveys Child says:

    Arlan got cocky and never took Cousino serious. Arlan has irrevocably hurt himself by whining on TV about the “top” Republicans that never supported him. The truth is that most Republicans did not want him handling an $81 million budget when he went bankrupt in 2005. The Republicans did not help Rebecca Grist in last year’s Civil Court Judge race and Arlan missed the handwriting on the wall.

  10. Lessons learned; the political process is an interesting animal. Absolutely anything can happen. Someone posted yesterday a quote about not running the next race or you might not see the next race. Wow, is that ever a truth learned now.

    Sour grapes are just that sour.

    I’m really looking forward to some tremendously positive things during the next four years. Congratulations to the winners. I have absolutely no doubts that they will restore the confidence and pride in this jewel of a community.

  11. David,

    When your support of poor Planning & Zoning Regulations causes my property values to plummet, that’s when i start exercising my free speech and property rights.

    Nothing personal but your write in candidacy was more an anti-Ellis statement than a Pro-Corr statement. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try to get 2,000 signatures. I have not talked to anyone in our 1400 home area that is happy with the Poker Club, Bikini Bar and Massage Parlor at the base of our neighborhood, which is grounded by the best elementary school in the City.


  12. liberator says:

    Victor nothing personal but I got 2,826 votes compared to 538 for Kilpatrick the Religious Right Candidate put up by Ned Dominick. It was a Pro-Corr and Anti-Ellis vote which was a state record of which I’m proud! If I had the time I could get 10,000 signatures easily.

  13. liberator says:

    Secondly Adult Businesses increae property values and lower crime rates. The 1997 Fulton Study proved that as has many others by Famous Professor Daniel Linz. Google Fulton County Secondary Effects Story. Get ready Thailand Spa opens next week on HWY 247 and The Adult Video Store on Emory HWY just got their COO this week and will be open soon. There is no such thing as a good government school.

  14. liberator says:

    Tell the 1,400 folks to go to the shopping center of which You speak get a drink,play some poker,get a lap dance and then get a body scrub and hopefully they will loosen up a bit and enjoy life and liberty!

  15. liberator says:

    Also keep in mind I’m the duly elected Mayor of 9 North Macon Precints and I will continue to represent them until Reichert takes office. If I ran as a write-in I’d get at least a Thousand more votes than Cousino without being on the ballot. “The Taxpayer’s Best Friend”

  16. bowersville says:


    The Sheriff of Anderson County South Carolina and a citizens group exercised freedom of speech by taking pictures and posting the photos of adults frequenting adult clubs.

    Once the data base of the photos became public knowledge, the forces of the free market took over and the adult clubs dried up.

    Nothing like a libertarian freedom of speech and free market solution.

  17. bowersville says:

    Nothing speaks louder than going to a website and viewing the picture of a spouse/businessman/prominent figure/relative entering/exiting an adult club.

  18. liberator says:

    Bowersville You folks should be sued for violating privacy rights! But the patrons of adult clubs in Georgia could care less. Adult entertainment is a billion dollar mainstream businesses and patrons here are no longer afraid of those type of Neo-Nazi intimidation tactics. Do that here and You may have to buy a new camera and get some new film.

  19. Holly says:

    But the patrons of adult clubs in Georgia could care less.

    Bowersville said that the clubs dried up. Guess they did care.

  20. Doug Deal says:


    If you are calling him a facist, how long before you start using nicknames like Third Reichert. If he was a Republican running for national office, I am sure Daily Kos would have alreadybeen on it.

  21. liberator says:

    Holly,Anderson County is in South Carolina in case You didn’t read Bowerville’s Post. I said Georgia patrons could care less. Those Fascists tried that tactic when Cafe Erotica opened in Byron. Didn’t work there as the Truckers gave the protesters the proverbial bird. Didn’t work in Gwinnett County when the Pro-Freedom Supporters at the Love Shack outnumbered the Anti-Freedom Zealots. John Cornetta and Myself are in the faces of the Fascists. We have no fear!

  22. liberator says:

    Doug I have spoken to Reichert about legalizing prostitution. He thinks it is a good idea for a different reason than I do. I support legalization because I support freedom period. Reichert’s response was what You might expect from a Democrat ie “Just think of all the tax revenue it would generate”

  23. David,

    The issue is not whether adult entertainment is legal. It’s a question of poor Planning and Zoning Regulations. These outfits don’t belong near Elementary School Neighborhoods. Macon, Bibb County used to be known as a good place to raise kids, we can’t claim that now. We need go grow a brain around here and attract high caliber industry. Attracting multi county strip club patrons isn’t the best approach.

    Would you encourage your wife & daughter to work at a strip club?

    I’m having trouble digesting your claim that RR is pro-prostitution. I’ll drop him a note and ask him to review your paraphrase and get back with us.

  24. liberator says:


    Club Sinsations is on Riverside Drive in a commercial district. There are no schools in that area. Besides it isn’t legally considered an adult entertainment establishment as the dancers wear bikinis. I think my wife and daughter should have the freedom in a free society to make their own decisions free of nanny statism. Reichert made that comment to my wife,me,and others at a forum several years ago that included Sen Brown.

  25. liberator says:


    Using Your logic we certainly need strict zoning distance requirements to keep churches from schools due to the NEGATIVE SECONDARY EFFECTS of pedophiles who masquerade as priests. Last time I checked those folks were more dangerous by a long shot than strip club patrons who pose no harm to anybody period!

  26. David, love you to death but what is the big deal with skin shops? There are so many legitimate issues that matter to all people.

    The facts are those massage parlors are pimped out by folks in Atlanta. They have nothing to do with legitimate “free enterprise”.

    Vic is correct. It is a planning and zoning issue. A community has a right to establish its zoning ordinances to restrict unnecessary unseemly activity.

  27. Incidentally, I’m selling election Tee Shirts for $5.00 if anyone is interested. They have grass stain on sweat marks on them.

    I had an interesting interview Friday. The writer from the Telegraph asked what I thought about our Republican standard bearor. If you stand back and look at it objectively, its really hilarious. I was asked whether he should withdraw. Pragmatically speaking, probably, but no one has the right to ask him to do so.

    Our system of government provides for open and free elections. Cousino plunked his $3,000 down and got on the ballot. He did little work and won fair and square. Even though he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Macon, it would be immoral for anyone to suggest he drop out. This will be an expensive civics lesson ($35,000), but its pretty cool.

    I really am elated for the new council. If things work out for Reichert, it will be a huge huge opportunity to move this city forward.

  28. gatormathis says:

    “I said Georgia patrons could care less. Those Fascists tried that tactic when Cafe Erotica opened in Byron. Didn

  29. liberator says:


    The Spa Employees here are not pimped out of Atlanta. Keep in mind out of the 14 spas raided charges were made against only three and those cases have been dismissed and all three are open for business. In addition only individuals have rights,not communities. Government has certain powers,but zoning laws can’t be so overly restrictive as to ban adult businesses from operating. Vic needs to focus on zoning laws against churches with pedophiles masquerading as priests. That’s where the real danger lies.

  30. liberator says:

    Also the Adult Video Superstore is set to open next weekend it seems and The Thailand Spa opens next weekend also. How about a ribbon cutting for them like Bass Pro? We should welcome all businesses into Macon not just the ones we like as it is all about free-enterprise and liberty! BTW Maurice I love you too and If You go to You will see my statement adressing the property tax hike. 900 hits on my site already this month after putting the statement up. Keep Rockin!

  31. liberator says:

    GatorMathis I know several employers who were called by the busybody morons during that Cafe Erotica Videotaping and they called their employees in and just laughed about it and told em to go back anytime and have fun. In fact some employers said I’ll go with You next time. On employer told the protest callers to mind their own business and stick it where the sun don’t shine! It wasn’t long before the videotaping and protests stopped. As we see now Cafe Erotica has caused no problems for Byron and has been a great corporate citizen and spurred economic growth and development there. Wish I could say the same for the Catholic Church which just paid out 634 Million Dollars to children molested by pedophiles posing as priests. You folks need to worry about the sexually repressed time bombs not the sexually liberated patrons and employees of Adult Clubs.

  32. gatormathis says:

    Hoss, I wasn’t trying to be mean, nor neither funny. I was only relaying a “happening” I remembered, that sure was funny to me at the time.

    But seriously, I don’t know of any business, nor businesses, that would encourage the “stopping” at these so-called “cafe” on company “time”.

    I referenced this question to a factory worker friend, seated to my immediate right, and conferred with him on this matter.

  33. gatormathis says:

    He indicated with a simple, “HELL NO”, that he didn’t think his employer would “like” him stopping by such “Cafe’s” when he went on “company time” to attend “business” errands.

    When further questioned on points of whether he thought said “employers” would “encourage”, or even go so far as to invite themselves on the next “trip”, he said very matter of fact manner, “He didn’t think so”.

    So, unless you was like a, “rubber pecker” salesman, or such, you wouldn’t just be stopping by these places all the time.

    Truckers, that’s different. The government mandates the time they have to sit “idle” in proportion to how long he drives. And there is probably those who specify stopping points for fuel and such, simply because of logistics and business reasons. I’m sure them boys get kinda “relaxed” sitting up there for a few hours while waiting on their food. If I’m on the interstate, I want them relaxed.

    Sex and the state of Georgia, I guess it’s on topic still.

    I didn’t know until the other day Michael Vick “had” herpes, nor was so free with the “distributorship” of such. I bet that ole girl felt a whole lot better going into that deal, than she did coming out of it. Seems like somebody said she mighta felt better a little while after “it” though.

    Today’s world cherishes herpes infested, alleged, dog fighters and such, champions “titty bars” over neighborhoods, in the quest for “individual” freedom. Hoorah, hoorah.

    It is kind of like the “tattoo” craze going on today. Where will it be in 5 years.

    Next thing you know we’ll have, “I’m Earl Shive, and I’ll paint yo “ass”, for ninety-nine, nighty-five”.

    Ain’t that a “bitch”.

  34. gatormathis says:

    “Wish I could say the same for the Catholic Church which just paid out 634 Million Dollars to children molested by pedophiles posing as priests.”

    I wonder what the attorney fees are on this settlement. Adequate to say the least, I would imagine.

  35. liberator says:

    The attorneys earned every penny in that case exposing the pedophiles and getting damages for those harmed! Maurice what is unneccessary and unseemly isn’t for the Nanny State to determine but the Free-Market System and since the Adult Entertainment Industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry I would say that the Community Standards now favor the Adult Industry over the Censors.

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