Reichert Wins

With the counting still going on, I can say that Robert Reichert has won the race for mayor in Macon without a runoff — something no one buy he thought could be done. Even I decided a month or so ago that it was impossible for him to do so. He defied the odds.

I congratulate him, Rick Hutto, Larr Schlesinger, Elaine Lucas, Ed Defore, and Tom Ellington on their victories. Other races are still pending as of 9:52 p.m., the time of this post. But things are shaping up to be a great night in Macon.

[UPDATE at 10:06 p.m.] It looks like David Cousino has won the Republican primary without really lifting a finger or spending a dime. That’s a shame considering how hard Arlan Gibson worked, a real shame.

[UPDATE 10:30 p.m.] Anita Ponder has conceded. Maybe now Macon can actually progress. It’s clear that black candidates need white voters and white candidates need black voters. Since we’re all now so clearly in this together, let’s get on with it instead of picking open the scabs all the time.


  1. Reichert winning is good for Reichert, good for Macon, good for the Democratic Party in that region, good for Marshall, etc…correct me if I’m wrong Erick?

    Also, how much are you looking forward to the 2008 presidential primary, just for voterfile purposes? We’ll finally have a national federal primary that is evenly matched on both sides. It will be a very good identifier (i think) for all kinds of political efforts.

  2. Bibb County Republicans proved one thing, they’re excellent democrats.

    I remember when I was a kid we had two Palomino horses. One was a stud and one was a gelding. If you wanted to run we would ride Lightening if we wanted to just roam we would ride Sunny. Guess which one was castrated.

    This is an absolute embarrassment. And to have the nominee looking like he just mowed his yard….

    Thanks for the crossover vote. You’ve done wonders at Party building.

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