Cheers and Jeers

Congratulations to both Paul Broun and Tim Echols for running a great race. They’ve been ridiculed here at Peach Pundit by the youngsters for ignoring Politics 2.0 for traditional politics. I guess we now know which wins races.

Also, congratulations to Jim Whitehead for having a crap pile of money he gets to sit on considering he did no mail, no television, no polling, and no phone calls during the runoff. Wow! Man! That’s just super. Note to all newcomers: it is best to ignore the advice of Charlie Norwood’s political shop *cough* *cough* Walker *cough* *cough* and, you know, listen to the instate advisors *cough* McElhannon *cough* who actually have won real races.

By the way, I wonder how much Norwood’s handlers made off all the direct mail solicitations Whitehead sent out instead of actually campaigning?


  1. I Am Jacks Post says:

    No attack mail
    No phones
    No poll

    Good work, Team Norwood. Now get some rest– you’ve got jobs to look for tomorrow.

  2. gopuga says:

    Got a question. I’m new to the site and live in Tennessee. What is the main reason some are calling Broun crazy? Just was wondering, I just got on here to see who one the race. Thanks!

  3. timechols says:

    No hard feelings guys.

    Encouraging “new blood” in politics, working for people with a love for our country, and believing in people is something I try to do, and encourage others to do. Mr. Whitehead has served Georgia well as a commissioner and a state senator. It is a thankless task for the most part. I honor him for his public service.

    The night is not over yet, but win or lose, we are grateful for a country where we have a voice, and an opportunity to share our ideas, and a chance to ask others to believe in us.

  4. drjay says:

    considering that the race is now 50.3 to 49.7 it really depends how those absentees shake out–s.o.s office still has columbia and a couple of others out. if whitehead loses, it will be b/c of his lack of effort and i guess a few libs in athens finding broun the lesser of 2…

  5. In the loop says:

    There are no absentees left to be counted in Clarke, and there were way less than 900 to begin with. Those last precincts are just overseas and provisionals, a couple dozen votes probably.

  6. Mark Rountree says:

    If it stands:

    with only a bit of hyperbole I say that bar none, this is perhaps the most embarassing loss in the history of the Republic.

  7. cheapseats says:

    never in my life did I consider that a vote for Paul Brown would make me happy – the NeanderthalMan beat the CoManan Man!

    Neither of these guys shoul ever be allowed to even visit Congress – they both SUCK!

    Still, I was happy to be a part of sticking it in the A** of the Regugnant Establishment!

  8. Mark Rountree says:

    Hmmm…TPSoCal, i think you got me on that one. Yes, Ashcroft gets the gold medal on that one!

  9. Lee Benedict says:

    Regarding Ashcroft, Carnahan’s people were bussing in people of questionable residency status, and, some polls were kept open late even after a federal judge denied the request. It sounded then like a rigged election and nothing has surfaced to convince me that it was not.
    Word on the street was that Ashcroft would challenge the results, but GWB kinda sorta floated the idea of him being the Attorney General.

    cheapseats: dude, what has you so bitter?

  10. GOPeach says:

    Just got in from working my hips off in Athens.
    The sweet taste of victory!

    I predict that this is a sign of things to come –
    Folks are ready for those who will abide by the
    Constitition and not the Party Favorites!

    I actually have hope again!

    Thanks to all in the 10th who voted for Dr. Paul Broun! I am really happy to have him in
    Washington representing me and my family!

    Dr. Broun
    Dr. Gingrey
    Dr. Price ….

    Is there another Dr. headed for DC in ’08.

    I think our nation needs to heal and doctors make great leaders in times like these!

  11. SpaceyG says:

    He didn’t need to “do” Politics 2.0. There were tons of other people, such as the secretive Street Committee, who were doing all the anti-Whitehead new media work for him!!!!! There’s a huge lesson to be learned there. Huge.

  12. Lee Benedict says:

    Peach: Karen Handel did not declare a winner yet. Yes, the Broun camp worked very…VERY hard and it appears as though that hard work was just enough. That said, I fear that the voters (the small portion that got off their duff and actually voted) sent another indentured servant for the pharmaceutical lobby to Washington.

  13. Ben Marshall says:

    New media had nothing to do with paul broun winning (if he ends up winning) this election.

  14. Federalist says:

    Erick, your politics 2.0 will never win a political campaign. While you blog to the same 50 people that live in their parents basement, other contenders are meeting people and raising real money. Paul Broun won because of Oconee and Clarke, and the fact that “Paul Broun” parkway runs through the two.

  15. Holly says:

    Um, Erick, this post is a joke, right?

    John Walker oversaw this district for 13 years – through seven successful elections.

    I’m not trying to sound anti-Joel here, because that’s the last thing I want to do. Joel will likely agree with me on this, and if he doesn’t, he has my cell phone and can call and tell me I’m wrong. I don’t think Joel was shoved aside maliciously, as you seem to be suggesting. Rather, I think people on staff didn’t know how to take the fact that he wasn’t always here – and they looked for anyone else to be in charge in his absence. In hindsight, Joel probably should’ve moved to Augusta for four months. There’s something about being present and available that makes a staff feel more comfortable with the leadership.

    Anyway, hindsight is always 20/20, and that’s just one of many things that we could’ve done differently. Joel is a sharp guy and he’s going to go on to do great things. Same with John Walker. Same with all the rest of the staff.

    The thing to do now is decide what to do in 2008, to look forward, which is easier said than done.

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