The State’s Compelling Need to Educate Your Child

Rusty has up a post about a case down in Houston County that, to my knowledge, has gotten no media attention.

The synopsis is that a parent kept her child out of school on the advice of a doctor. The Houston County School District disagreed with the doctor’s medical advice to keep the child out of school, and had the mother arrested for not having her child in school.

Here’s the odd bit:

These medical conditions, according to the Loiaconos, were the result of physical and mental abuse suffered by their son while under supervision of Houston District employees.

Here is one article that suggests the seven year old suffers from post traumatic stress disorder from a paraprofessional shaking him on a school bus when he was five years old.

This just doesn’t sound right to me. My gut tells me there is more to it.


  1. EAVDad says:

    Good instinct Erick: These cases are never cut and dry. It’s one of those things where the parent is free to talk to the media and the school system cannot — so you never get the other side of the story.

    I’m not saying HCBOE is innocent here — but I’m sure there’s more to it!

  2. Rusty says:

    I think it needs to be publicized one way or the other, but I agree there’s not enough information available yet to pass judgment about HCBOE.

  3. Erick says:

    Totally agree, Rusty. It is odd there hasn’t been more information about this out there. It seems like the type of case that would get media attention.

  4. griftdrift says:

    Doing some more research the Fox affiliate down in those parts reports the school system is willing to talk details but are prevented by FERPA. I wonder why the mother doesn’t sign a waiver.

  5. tb says:

    I am going to stick my 2 cents in here, because I know a little bit about education.

    The Houston County Board of Education knows very well what it can and cannot say. This is all open to public scrutiny if you all would like to pull the records under Georgia Code Section 45-6-6. This is not a case being brought by the mother. It is a criminal case being brought by the school district. The mother has nothing to hide. But she has rights to privacey under Federal Laws. She does not have to put her son on trial here. HEr medical record is confidential information. What the School System did in this case is a matter of public record, though.

  6. bc_its_right says:

    What is this world coming to when people start suggesting that you have to give up your civil rights or you must be guilty.

    As someone that does know more about the issue in Houston County, it is plain and simple. Government Employees in our Schools can now practice medicine without a license and imprison you for it.

    The crime here is that there are a bunch of adults blaming each other about what is right, when the only thing that should count is the child.

    Both Rep and Dems have been looking the other way, at the expense of a 7 year old boy with Autism and a family who has been through heck, because Georgia has decided that medical degrees are useless.

    The day American’s pay taxes, to have the government tell you what you will do with your child – will be the day we’ve lost our freedom.

    It’s the high priced attorneys that are paid with our tax money that are winning this battle. The millions of dollars that are going into education and the current system can’t seem to get a 70% graduation rate. Hello, that’s a failing grade in education and now they want to practice medicine.

    Give me a break people.

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