The Mayor’s Race

I don’t see it, but I’ve gotten lots and lots of people telling me it’s going to be Reichert v. Ponder in the runoff, and not Randall.

Travis Fain sees a Reichert v. Ponder runoff shaping up too.

If my anecdotal email is a polling indicator, Travis is right and I’m wrong. I might have to buy him a beer.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    I would take with a huge grain of salt anyone who would lend credence to Reichert winning without a runoff in a 5 person race.

    It may happen, and I will admit it if I am wrong, but I do not see him topping 40 percent at best, and probably closer to 35.

  2. mercergirl says:

    I’ve been very impressed by Reichert’s campaign… and I have to say I didn’t really know Sam Henderson so well except that he had worked for the mayor before and I’ve especially been impressed by him. I think we have a lot of great candidates in this race, but given the multitude of problems that we are facing in Macon it would be best for Reichert to be our next mayor.

    That’s not to say that others would not make great mayors at some point in time, just not right now.

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