Swindall comes under fire

Former Georgia Congressman Pat Swindall is coming under fire:

Pat Swindall was a two-time U.S. Congressman who left the public stage following a perjury conviction and now he is back in the eye of a political storm. Two former co-workers said Swindall masterminded an illegal political campaign contribution to an Atlanta city councilwoman, a charge Swindall hotly denies.


  1. Archibald Bulloch says:

    I think we need to have a Peach Pundit ’80s Night in honor of Pat Swindall. We could bring back Joe Frank, Mike Bowers, Cooter, and Wyche Fowler to have a good ol’ fashioned party.

  2. CHelf says:

    I remember years ago every Sunday after church he’d bring the entire family into Old Post Office Buffet in downtown Stone Mountain. About half the people there would groan then get up and leave when they saw the noisy kids coming.

    The bus boys always had loads of fun cleaning up plates of food all over the floor after the family left.

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