Broun vs. the AJC: It’s a Paul Broun Melt Doun! (and, “The fight against Whitehead, Whitehead, and Satan”)

The campaign of Paul Broun, Jr., winding down and apparently getting ready to finish with a resounding whimper, is demonstrative of both his age and his inability to adapt to technology and communications advances. An old Gray in an iPhone age, Dr. Broun’s campaign may come to set the standard for how a campaign should not be run in the New Media era — and is demonstrating the perils of attempting to selectively use some technological advances, while choosing to ignore others (and then being shocked — shocked! — that it comes back to bite you).

Trying to run two different races in two different areas — say, Athens and Augusta — is much more difficult now than it was in the past, because people from both places have access (via this series of tubes we call the internets) to what was said elsewhere. Radio, newspaper, and television appearances are accessible to people everywhere moments after they air, making it much tougher to get away with lying about, or mischaracterizing, positions and actions.

There are plenty of examples — simply search “Paul Broun” on this site for more than you can read in a day — but this latest and greatest has to take the cake. If his campaign hadn’t shown such total ineptitude — both in terms of being consistent and in terms of understanding New Media to such a rudimentary degree that they realize that what they say and send will get out — then I’d go ahead and call this a full-on election-eve “Paul Broun Melt Doun.”

Heck, let’s call it that anyway; after all, it sure seems to be. Check out this latest development:

As we broke the story here at PP, Broun’s wife sent an email to her list asking that it be forwarded on to certain people who met the certain standard which the Brouns seem to think is a requirement for participating in our representative Republic. The email was lengthy, but here’s the important part:

From: [email protected][redacted]
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2007 3:24 PM
To: [redacted]
Subject: P and N Broun testimonyHi [redacted],
Please read the following synopsis of our testimonies. If you feel so led, please forward it to the REAL Christians in your email address book. I believe that Christians can make a big difference in this race and networking is one way to spread the word.Thanks!

Non-“REAL Christians,” of course, need not apply. Further:

Paul Jr. my husband, is running for the seat vacated by Charlie Norwood’s death. We have been under such attack; it’s too long to go into here. I just ask you and your friends to pray for us. The enemy is coming against us with such fury it’s scary. Our opponent is not being all that nice either.

Check the last two sentences. Apparently (and perhaps it’s obvious if you’re a “REAL Christian”) Broun is not only fighting the two Jim Whiteheads, but Satan himself as well! (You know what a special place in Satan’s cold, black heart GA’s 10th CD has always held. Fight on, Paul…)

It is not my place to judge Jim Whitehead’s spiritual condition but I’ll just tell you that a pastor in Hartwell invited Paul and Mr. Whitehead to speak at his church. Paul accepted gladly, as he has in many churches. Mr. Whitehead said he felt uncomfortable speaking in churches and didn’t think you should mix church and state.

We could rephrase that first sentence: “It is not my place to judge Jim Whitehead’s spiritual condition but” I’m going to anyway, and since he is against us, and (based on the paragraph above) Satan is against us, then Q.E.D. he is working with Satan!!

Paul feels that as a Congressman, he would be a missionary to government. And don’t we need that!! He is profoundly pro-life and as a medical doctor he can fight abortion on a physiological level, beyond his spiritual beliefs of the sanctity of life. (He did run for office in 1990 as pro-choice before God removed the scales from both of our eyes about that important issue.)

Here we get into that whole disparate-messages issue. You see, Paul Broun wants to be “a missionary to government,” and says that the Bible will serve as his guide. Is his campaign so inept that nobody realizes that the Liberals in Athens whom they are trying to woo in hopes of ganging up on Whitehead will hear that message as well? Wow.

Here’s the real kicker, though. The AJC’s Political Insider, one of our favorite sites here at PP, picked up our coverage of the above letter, and the result was (predictably) a Brian Passante-esque Paul Broun Melt Doun of the first order. This morning, Paul Broun sent an email to Jim Galloway of the AJCPI in which he slammed Peach Pundit, implied that Galloway was dishonest and irresponsible, and demanded a correction. Peach Pundit has obtained a copy of that email, and the full text is posted below (with commentary, of course 😉 ).

07/16/07 09:44 AMTo: Jim Galloway
From: Paul Broun
Subject: From Paul Broun re Niki’s email

Mr. Galloway:

You are in the news business. News should be premised upon accuracy.

So should campaigning, Dr. Broun, as you so often remind us all (both with your statements to that effect, and your actions otherwise).

Political Insider posted an allegation gathered from Peach Pundit that “the Broun campaign”


  1. Erick says:

    Please accept our apologies, Dr. Broun, and please instruct your wife that emails are forwardable.

    Apparently she knew.

    At least I assume that because she asked people to forward the email to Real Christians. Maybe she just didn’t know there is no heretic filter online.

  2. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Don’t waste your money! I considered renting that REAL Christians email list before but I learned it includes only 12 names:

    1. Paul Broun
    2. Niki Broun
    3. Tim Echols
    4. Tim Echols’ wife
    5. Tim Echols’ child #1
    6. Tim Echols’ child #2
    7. Tim Echols’ child #3
    8. Tim Echols’ child #4
    9. Tim Echols’ child #5
    10. Tim Echols’ child #6
    11. Philly
    12. The singer from Creed

  3. GAWire says:

    Erick, yes there is a filter such as the one you speak … they just don’t have a software patch for the iPhone users out there.

  4. Kepper says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen: What you have witnessed from the Brouns is hypocrisy at it’s best. Apparently, they have a totally different message for the “REAL CHRISTIANS” as opposed to the rest of us who are “pseudo-Christians”. Niki Broun flat out lied about Jim Whitehead’s religious convictions and she lied about Jim’s refusal to visit or speak at a church in Hartwell. She is also the same one who accused Bill Greene of being on Whitehead’s payroll, which is ridiculous. Making a statement without facts is an outright lie and that’s what Niki is guilty of. I wouldn’t want to be standing near anyone in the Broun camp for fear of lightning bolts hitting all around.
    Keep in mind that Paul Broun Jr. once ran for office as a liberal and was pro-choice. Now, he proclaims to be the most right leaning candidate in this race while still reaching out to his old cronies to the left. Take this personality and apply it to how he would perform as a congressman. What kind of legislation is he going to support? Which dems will be able to use him to their advantage? Can you believe anything he says at this point?
    I don’t buy into the fact that the campaign had nothing to do with the latest e-mail from Niki. Complete conservatism is what their platform is all about and you can’t get more “conservative” than sending out an e-mail appealing to a certain “Christian” group of voters. When they saw the reaction and how the public tore it apart (eg. the Peach Pundit), they back-stepped and tried to re-group. Typical politics.

    It is really scary.

  5. Nicki says:

    I gotta tell you I don’t care. I’m not voting for Whitehead. I’m now deciding if I want to vote at all given that the only choice I can even consider is Broun.

  6. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Donkey Kong,

    I’m not comfortable speaking for Konop, and I believe GOP Peach is an elder in the Church of Xenu.

  7. Did Jesus do politics in the currently popular, politics for politics sake manner?

    “Jesus was a capricorn, he ate organic food, he believed in love and peace and never wore no shoes. Long hair, beard and sandals and a bunch of funky friends, reckon they’d just nail him up if he ever came down again.”
    -Kris Krisopherson “Jesus was a Capricorn”

    this is all starting to smell like a white on broun, religous based hate crime.

  8. IndyInjun says:

    The only question is whether Jim breaks 70%, given the Broun melt down into insignificance.

  9. IndyInjun says:

    Icarus –

    Who is a ‘REAL’ Christian is known only to the Lord.

    Who is a “REAL” Conservative is known by his VOTES.

    The last I checked….

    1. Getting into an unwinnable war that decimates the preparedness of the US military is not a conservative action.

    2. Incurring, and voting for, doubling of the debt is anathema to conservatism and the Contract with America.

    3. Ramming through the biggest social spending program in US history short of SS and Medicare is NOT a conservative action (For ficons this is THE LITMUS TEST.)

    4. Perpetrating the biggest era of fraud since Teapot Dome is not conservative.

    5. Standing with a ‘leader’ who erodes the US Constitution calling it a “God-damned piece of paper’ is not conservative.

    Ergo, GOPers who have done all of the above are not REAL CONSERVATIVES.

    Ron Paul has been rock-steady in his consistency. I hope Jim Whitehead can do the same – just as our Charlie did.


  10. Seen It says:

    If Paul Broun is elected, Athens will never live it down. He is a complete fraud and embarassment, yet is very likely to keep winning the seat given its GOP leanings.

    Can’t you just see the weekly postings in the national newspapers; Rep. Paul Broun, R-Athens, GA, said today (fill in ridiculous comment here).

    Paul Broun will be a disaster for Athens. How would you like him on the phone when the city is trying to recruit a new company to come in.

  11. Nicki says:

    What do I have against Whitehead?

    Well, let’s see. I dislike everything about Whitehead that I also dislike about Broun. In fact, their political views are pretty much diametrically opposed to mine. But Broun didn’t joke about bombing UGA. So I have to hold my nose a tiny bit less when tapping the screen in his favor.

    Not that it matters. I’m sure he won’t win, but I refuse to vote Whitehead. And I really don’t mind voting R when the Rs are worth voting for. But neither of them are, so it’s merely a matter of choosing the one I can stand to vote for.

  12. GOPeach says:

    Boys Boys Boys — Gag me with a UGA drop-out football!

    Yes – Please do put me on that list of endorsements!!

    Nikki – You will not be sorry you voted for Dr. Broun.

    He is certainly not the choice of ” The Party” which makes him that much more appealing…

    I frankly like the ones who will refuse to walk in lock- step with the Party… The Party has been a bit of a disappointment lately doncha think?

  13. GrandOleDawg says:

    I cannot wait until tommorrow night when Paul Broun joins the ash-heap of of Georgia politics. Move over John Konop and Ray McBerry, the doctor is in the house!

  14. nowwhat says:

    My biggest problem with Whitehead is the BIG money in Columbia County that supports him and sponsors barbecues for him. When it comes down to returning a phone call to a constituent who was a mere voter as opposed to one who holds significant financial power in said county, who do think will still be waiting for the return call?

  15. Donkey Kong says:


    We won the war in a matter of days. We just haven’t successfully rebuilt the country. War and recovery are two very different things that for some reason are often confused.

  16. IndyInjun says:

    Dunno if this writer qualifies as one of those “BIG” money folks or not, but it is the FACT that he unfailingly called me back, unlike Ben Harbin, and he is a honest guy. I back him for these reasons, not because we always agree – we don’t and won’t.

    He made a big deal on the date of his announcement about not following the GOP party line, because the party has lost its principles. I was most disappointed when he largely adopted the GOP hack line for his campaign.

    Yes, the biggest of the big in Columbia County supported him and they have gotten their way in their decades of influence – they used to be DEMOCRATS, but shifted with the winds of power. There is one huge tax shift away from them to onto everyone else that persists to this day – but that’s POLITICS! If the voters are too stupid to catch on, well that’s our fault, no?

    Jim WILL call you back and discuss things, no matter who you are.

    On THAT he will surpass Charlie Norwood.

    Time and votes will tell the rest.

    I will be watching.

    So should you.

  17. Kepper says:

    Mr. Whitehead returns all phone calls. I have personally witnessed it. Peggy, his wife, takes the messages off their answering machine that apply to him and generates a list of names and numbers to call back. He takes the list, his phone, and goes to a table to take notes. All of his constituents are equal, regardless of what you think.

  18. Mike-El says:

    “I cannot wait until tommorrow night when Paul Broun joins the ash-heap of of Georgia politics.”

    For a year or so, anyway. He’ll probably be running for country coroner or something in ’08.

  19. Icarus says:

    It’s not too late for him to join the Presidential race. He probably won’t win, but he can angle for Ron Paul’s V.P. slot.

  20. IndyInjun says:

    DK –

    No Dem dreamt of digging a financial hole like Bush. He has dug the USA in debt to China, making an old saying lamentably true.

    Broun ran a disastrous campaign. Jim’s was not all that great – just good enough.

    Whitehead will win with close to 70% of the vote.

  21. Donkey Kong says:


    China’s hold on our currency has helped keep it stable. Americans are wealthier today because of China hording dollars.

    While I abhor Bush’s spending, FDR did far worse than Bush. Bush just built off the welfare vision–FDR created it.

  22. Donkey Kong says:

    “No Dem dreamt of digging a financial hole like Bush.”

    To quote Erick, “pfffffft.” Have you ever listened to a Dem speak? The only cuts they favor are cuts in taxes and defense. Haven’t you heard the cries for universal healthcare? Far, far more damaging than any of Bush’s programs. If we don’t elect Newt, who knows what’ll happen with these programs.

  23. Romegaguy says:

    I predict GOPeach’s record of picking losers continues today. But dont worry, Lt Gov Reed will find a job for Paul Broun.

  24. Donkey Kong says:

    Also, people act as if a weak dollar is a terrible thing for our economy. It isn’t. A weak dollar boosts exports (more sales for American companies). Both a strong and weak dollar have their respective advantages.

  25. nowwhat says:

    Jim Whitehead is a nice guy, but Jim Whitehead is also”bought and paid for”. He couldn’t act independently if his soul depended on it. But I’ll bet he is real good at saying, “Yes sir, Mr. Pollard”. “Yes sir, Mr. Meybohm”. “Yes sir, Mr. Osteen”. “Yes sir, Mr. Knox”. Get ready for the same old crap the Republican Party has been feeding us up to now. At least Paul Broun represents the possibility of something different. You people are so gullible. Go back to sleep.

  26. Donkey Kong says:


    I haven’t been sleeping much lately, so I wish I could take your advice.

    You are the gullible one. You have sold into the standard weaker-candidate / anti-incumbent argument touted by the Broun campaign: Different does not equal better.

    I don’t like the status quo, but I think Broun may be worse than what we have now. Whether Whitehead will be a great conservative statesman, we’ll find out. I’m not holding my breath. But I can trust that, at worst, he will listen to Georgia voters, and at best, he’ll take some strong stands for the cause.

  27. Kepper says:

    What is it that you think you know that the rest of us don’t? Do you h0nestly believe that Paul Broun Jr is not a “YES” man? While I don’t agree with your characterization of Whitehead, you are crazy if you think that anyone is immune to the D.C. political machine. At least there is precedence that Jim will vote his conscience. Go look at his voting record in the senate and see how many times he voted against the GOP on certain issues.
    I don’t think Paul Broun has a conscience. His vote is available to the highest bidder. If you don’t think so, then you need to go look at some of the information that has popped up about him in the past week. This is a guy who was at one time, pro-choice. So, it is possible that he will give in to either side on a critical piece of legislation. Paul Broun Jr. cannot be trusted.

  28. Nicki says:

    Quite frankly I don’t think either of them are people I’d prefer to vote for. But that’s not the question before core voters like myself who vote on matters bigger than god, guns, and gays.

    The question is: who is least objectionable? Or conversely, who is most objectionable? In this case my only choice is Broun, for whom I voted an hour or so ago.

    Broun’s campaign has a fair amount of sign wavers out today, btw. Diverse, motivated sign wavers. It almost feels like a real election.

  29. Kepper says:

    Objectionable? Broun criticizes Whitehead for wanting to keep the MCG in Augusta. Broun then states on the radio in Augusta this morning that he would keep the MCG in Augusta as well. Sounds like you are just voting as part of the Athens vs Augusta argument. Good luck with that logic. Let’s see how far it gets you.

  30. Nicki says:

    Whatever, Kepper. I voted as I saw fit on the least objectionable candidate. As I noted above, Whitehead’s joke was in poor taste and it indicated the disdain he holds for Athens and for UGA. He, therefore, would have to be an awfully good candidate to get my vote. And he’s not one — in fact, what his campaign literature convinced me of was that his views are diametrically opposed to mine and he is more interested in secondary issues than primary ones. Don’t get me wrong — Broun is also not in line with my beliefs. But Broun didn’t think a terrorist act against UGA was good fodder for a joke, either.

    And note: I don’t actually care who wins. Either is a very poor choice. But it’s the only choice we’ve got.

  31. Bill Simon says:


    Comparing a religious whack-job to John Konop’s non-religious approach to debating demontrates to me that, unlike most Libertarians who claim to possess a modicum of logic, you possess NONE. ZERO.

  32. Kepper says:

    That’s the problem with you liberals… You’re too sensitive and you can’t take a joke. If you are bothered by the bombing joke, then I feel sorry for you.

  33. Bill Simon says:

    Didn’t Whitehead graduate from UGA?

    If so, I thought there was some sort of pass given to people within a club/group of people who dis said club.

    Like the way Chris Rock uses the N-Word in his shows.

  34. Jason Pye says:

    Oh, Bill, there you go again.

    I’d much rather have the religious nut job around than the populist douche bag. You see, they’re both annoying and both want to slowly destroy my liberty, but at least the religious nut bag is interesting.

  35. Nicki says:

    Whitehead mischaracterized his time at UGA and then made a joke in poor taste which indicated some political leanings. It wasn’t funny, and he’s not getting my vote.

    And again, folks, all this rah rah “Broun sucks” talk doesn’t really matter unless Whitehead doesn’t also suck. Which, from my perspective, he does.

    From my perspective I’ve got two anti-everything-I-believe-in candidates. Except one doesn’t also hold the facetious belief that UGA is a bastion of liberal brainwashing and crack jokes about its demise. So that guy gets my vote.

  36. bowersville says:

    I guess if you’re a Democrat from Athens it’s better to vote for Broun, the favorite son that received the endorsement of the Southern Party, than it is to vote for someone that tells a bum joke that hurts your feelings.

    Yahoo, bring out them Rebel flags and get the band to play Dixie.

  37. Bill Simon says:


    Your last post is THE kookiest post I’ve read in a long time.

    Konop is all about taking away your liberty, huh?

    Dude, you’re one screwed-up-in-the-head-puppy. Maybe you drank some anti-freeze last night rather than your usual Coors 6-pack.

  38. Jason Pye says:

    This is coming from Bill Simon…John Konop’s lap dog.

    Your boy is playing with a dangerous ideology that subverts individual liberty.

  39. Mike-El says:

    Hey, angry Whitehead people, your guy is going to win in a freaking walk. Grab a decaf.

    I can tell all of you that since y’all are such excellent joke takers.

  40. Jason Pye says:

    John, why do you insist on even bringing that up? I am a supporter of individual liberty, open markets and personal sovereignty.

    You are a protectionist and a nationalist. You sound more like Mario Palmeiri than Adam Smith.

  41. GOPeach says:


    Oh my goodness … Can it get any better??

    I have a great big platter of Southern-fried Crow that I brought back from Athens tonight…

    Let’s see…. I need the following boys to go wash up for dinner now:

    1. Romeguy
    2. Keeper
    3. Donkey Kong
    4. I Am Jacks Posts
    5. Jeff
    6. Erick
    7. Seen It
    8. Archibald Bullock
    9. Mike El
    10. Grand Ole Dawg
    11. IndyInjun

    Now then … I am sure we will have plenty of crow for all you boys so be nice and don’t smack when you eat. Peach hates that.

    If you clean your plate… I might be able to find you fellas some humble pie for desert! 🙂

  42. Donkey Kong says:

    Sorry, GOPeach, all I have are a few bananas.

    And, Holly, I WAS just kidding, but if I had to choose between Nugent and Whitehead/Broun, it would be Nugent. I’d love to have a rockstar in Congress, and a conservative one at that.

  43. GOPeach says:

    Sooo Brian —

    You were in LOCK STEP again I see.

    And you said you really DID NOT care about this race…. then why were you with teh Whitehead people all the way from COBB CO?


  44. Peach, the only contact I had with the JW people was the victory party. And that was only because I (along with everyone else) assumed it was going to be Whitehead by 10 pts or better. It was my first trip to Augusta, wow what a drive. 3 hours, left at 5 got there at 8.

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