1. Archibald Bulloch says:

    Oh, Mac. Won’t you just go away? I know it’s tempting, but please know that we thank you for your years of service and move on.

  2. Icarus says:

    Icarus // Jul 13, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    Do we are at least agree that McCain will concede before Mac Collins will?

    Icarus, uniting PeachPundit since 2006.

  3. bowersville says:

    There have been rumors that Nathan Deal of Gainesville wasn’t going to seek re-election, I certainly have no idea if that’s true…but, is that the reason Mac move to Dahlonega? Or is it some other district?

    I honestly don’t know, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

  4. bowersville says:

    You’re right Chris, I did, but that brings up more questions if ya’ll will indulge me. Does this mean Marshall is running for the Senate? And will Max run for Deal’s seat if Deal doesn’t run for re-election.

    Perhaps RJL will let us know on Marshall, Fogle on Burns.

    I freely admit I don’t know.

  5. Icarus says:


    Mac is just being Mac. I wouldn’t read anything into his apparent decision to run (or not stop running) as to whether Marshall has decided on re-election or a Senate run.

    As for Max, he’s taken over as the Chair of the business department at North GA College. While he may be looking at Deal’s seat eventually, I’d be suprised if the ‘powers that be’ that brought him into that postion would be supportive of an immidiate congressional run.

  6. steelfist says:

    Mac’s report is pretty pathetic. All that report shows is that he has ZERO supporters in the 8th District. He didn’t get a single PENNY – not a penny – from a single donor. Not even his Ways and Means friends in Washington gave him a contribution.

    Mac should have spent the $100k in 2006 that he hoarded away to pay himself back from his failed Senate run and he would be in Congress now. Mac’s report even shows he transfered some of the money he just loan his congressional campaign to pay off more Senate debt.

    Mac thanks for your service but it’s Goddard’s turn now.

  7. steelfist says:

    By the way, Deal is seeking re-election. Burns is the Associate Dean of the School of Business and the Department Head of the Business Administration program. I don’t think he is going any where right now.

  8. gatormathis says:




    what Mr. Mac might wanna do is think about running for Governor, a something a little closer to his “home” even……..

    Kinda reminds me of the chant before Mel’s big fight in “Thunder Dome”……………

    …….”two folks enter…..one comes out……….two folks enter….one comes out…….”

    Two folks might enter……….basically both from firms listing “Trucking” as an interest.

    Which one would you wanna trust???????????

    The world may never know…………..

  9. gatormathis says:

    Since the State has taken on a more business like approach to business, we keep having people come here wanting to do “business”.

    The car plant closure was a whole lot more due to 30,000 dollar cars than it was the “State”.

    Georgia, our Great State has a lot going for it. A little “fiscal” restraint has us moving back from 9/11 at a rapid pace, yet on solid ground.

    Hopefully it will continue to motor along.

  10. jsm says:

    I understand the sentiment behind comments telling Mac to give up and move on, but I’m gonna be the one glutton for ridicule to stand up for a fine man. Anyone who has had the privilege of getting to know Mac knows he is one of the most sincere, honest, truly conservative public servants to grace the halls of congress. It’s just too bad that campaigning is not his strong suit. He’s not a member of the U.S. Senate because he doesn’t have the charisma to get crowds pumped up with “feel good” speeches. He tells the truth about what’s happening in Washington, and it’s just too much for the Joe Lunchbox republican to find interesting.

    If Mac runs again, I can’t help but root for him. He is the epitomy of what this country needs in Washington. There may be other sparkling candidates that politicos are pushing, and I can’t fault their desire for an exciting personality. However, I know Mac. I’ve seen him in action. I’ve spent time with members of his former congressional staff. He’s the real deal. Too bad today’s sound-byte voters can’t see that.

  11. gatormathis says:


    My sentiments exactly. Mac was one of the few folks in DC who was from the “small business” side of the isle.

    When it comes to taxes, regulations, and other things that are stifling the business world, he understands from a personal perspective what to many undo regulations and taxing powers do to struggling businesses.

    When all the businesses have been re-located overseas, then it will be to late.

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