Couple of thoughts on the Mayor’s race in Macon

I know many of you are tired of me talking about this. Sorry. But it’s local politics in my city.

I spoke to a friend yesterday who made some sense and thinks Robert Reichert will win, probably without a runoff.

I personally think such thinking is delusional, but given the perceived dynamic that black voters will vote for the black candidate and the white voter will vote for the white candidate, I treat this more credibly because my friend is black and involved heavily in the community.

He says the perception that black voters will only vote for the black candidate is as wrong as saying the white voters will only vote for the white candidate. After all, he points out, only white people will be voting in the Republican primary and Arlan Gibson, the black candidate in that race, is going to stomp the white candidate in the race.

In the Democratic primary, more black voters will vote than white voters. He says that who a black voter votes for has much more to do with who has helped his community than who is from his community. The example he gives is Robert Reichert versus Anita Ponder, though he says it is applicable to the other candidates as well. In Reichert’s case, apparently Reichert has helped the black community for a long time — willing to not just pick up the phone to help, but give money, time, etc. He says he compares this with Anita who, though from the community, has spent most of her time building the Tubman African American Museum and not a whole lot else, other than a once a year feed the hungry event.

The point he was making relates to Christ’s admonition to be private in your charity. Reichert, he says, of most of the candidates, has done a lot for the black community without bragging. A lot of the other candidates have done less, but bragged more. He says, based on that and everyone knowing that, that Reichert can expect sizable support from the black community


  1. SpaceyG says:

    There are barbarians at the gate, Erick dear. If you keep boring ’em all to tears, then don’t say I didn’t warn you when they stage a massive, uh, something or whatever, however one throws a Web 2.0 tantrum, here.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    With four other candidates, I just don’t see this making it without a runoff. In order to force a runoff, the four candidates only need to average 12.5% of the vote each.

    If Radall gets 35% percent, the other three only need 5% each.

    Plus, early voter polling uses a self selecting group, and isn’t anything that could be remotely described as random. (The 49% black figure demonstrates that fault).

    I agree with you that thinking Reichert will win without a runoff is delusional.

    Also, talking about this race is a lot more interesting than that Whitehead-Broun race.

  3. Erick, Maybe Vice Pres Cheeney can make an endorsement from Saxby’s fund raiser in Atlanta on Monday to sway our Mayoral Election… Maybe a photo op at Plant Scherer?

    “ATLANTA –Vice President Dick Cheney will swing through Georgia on Monday to help fill U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ campaign warchest.

    Cheney has been a lightening rod for critics of the Bush administration. A June CBS News poll put Cheney’s job approval rating at 28 percent. It was only slightly higher in the bedrock Republican South, where it stood at 34 percent.”

  4. I think there have been some studies that show black voters will vote for a white candidate at a higher rate than white voters will vote for a black candidate.

    But it was like in a white vs black race, whites supported the white candidate at like 90% while blacks supported the black candidate at 80%. Still very high levels of support for like kind.

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